Young Academic Alumni Lecture Series

The Young Academic Alumni Lecture Series (YAALS) presents lectures by alumni who have chosen careers in academia and are in the final stages of writing their dissertation, are doing post-doctoral work, or are in their first few years of academic employment. Lectures are sponsored and coordinated by the Library.  The Library partners on individual lectures with the corresponding academic department, the John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Center for Global Peace and Citizenship, Athletics, the Office of Alumni Relations or other administrative units as the lecture topic suggests.

For more information, please contact Terry Snyder.


Past Lectures









Stephon Alexander '93          
"Some Common Elements in Doing Music and Physics"

Kevin Crisp '98          
"The Cellular and Molecular Basis of a Simple Form of Learning in the Leech"

Shamus Khan '00       
"The Production of Privilege: Life at an Elite Boarding School"

Aaron Ritzenberg '98 
"A Touch of Miss Lonelyhearts"


Craig B. Arnold '94   
"Laser Processing and Transport in Materials from Photonics to Bioengineering"

Tara Brendle '95         
"Mapping Class Groups: Progress and Problems"


Kate Carte Engel '94  
"The Terrible Obscurity of Being Quaint: What Bethlehem's Moravians Can Tell Us about Religion and Economic Life in Early America"

Ranjan Kaparti '93     
"The Two Sphere Universe"

Sonam Singh '95        
"Democracy versus Bohemia: The Sex Life of 1930s Political Literature"

Noel Watson '97        
"Human Behavioral Dynamics in Supply Chain Management"


Jessica Piombo '95     
"Terrorist Financing and Government Response in East Africa"

Lynne Raschke '98     
"A Sharper View of Nearby Galaxy Cores: Results from Adaptive Optics and the Hubble Space Telescope"

Jason Stevens '97       
"The Bible and the Gun: Robert Penn Warren's Suspicion of Prophesy"

Jeremy Wallach '92    
"Vampires and Mosh Pits in the Global Village: Producing an Indonesian Rock Music Video"

Amanda Irwin Wilkins '95     
"Surviving 1918: The Ghost of War in Mrs. Dalloway"


Matt Hedstrom '92     
"Rufus Jones and Mysticism for the Masses"

Cara Hersh '97           
"Trwe mon trwe restore: Restitution, Reconciliation, and the Carnivalesque in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

David Lippel '94        
"The Model Theoretica Perspective"


Jonathan Burton '89   
"Before Orientalism, after Orientalism: Approaching Islam in the Renaissance"

Adinah S. Miller '91   
"Sex and the Città: Jews and Prostitution in Early Modern Venice"

Leon Sachs '89           
"Experimental Psychology and Experimental Theater in Fin-de-Siècle France: The Case of François de Curel's ‘La Nouvelle Idole'"


Gwendolyn Alker '92
"Quaker Silence and Performing Postmodernity"