Borrowing Tablets

You may borrow tablets from the Libraries, namely iPads and Nexus 7s. If you would like to borrow a tablet, you must read and sign the lending agreement. Also make sure to read Haverford’s Acceptible Use of Information Technology Resources.

Key items to note:

  • Tablets are only available for checkout by Haverford students on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Loan period is 1 week with 1 week renewal. After that two-week time, you must return the tablet.
  • If you sync the tablet with your personal account(s)—such as iTunes, iCloud, or Google Play—you must unlink those accounts before returning the tablet. Be aware the device will be wiped upon return, so make sure to sync purchased apps with your personal computer.
  • If you set a passcode, you must turn the passcode off before returning the tablet.

If you need help or have any further questions, please email v]JqIKZ~uj4D`gxCm1%G]#[_A*[8#qgWat3GWk~vqf9.