Sarah Horowitz


My first library job was in middle school; I volunteered to help shelve books not because I was thinking about a career path, but because it was a way to get out of study hall. Later, I had a summer job at a local university library where I pasted labels on the spines of books. That summer, the library acquired the collection of a nearby seminary which had closed its doors, and the director asked me to look through the books and attempt to catalog them. These books were mostly from the sixteenth through eighteenth century, and they were like no books I had ever seen before: the paper was thicker, the bindings were plain but sturdy, and the text was a fascinating mix of fonts, languages, and strange spacing. So when I was thinking of what to do with my English degree after college, I remembered that experience and decided to apply to library school. I attended Indiana University, where I was privileged to work with the incredible collections at the Lilly Library. There, I discovered that while I love books and manuscripts, what I most enjoyed was connecting students and researchers with materials. After library school, I worked for six and a half years as a special collections librarian at Augustana College in Illinois, where I taught many classes with primary source materials, helped to coordinate the college’s sesquicentennial, and oversaw a renovation of the special collections space. I joined the Haverford College Libraries in 2014.

My research interests include primary source literacy, image/text interaction (especially in 19th century illustrated novels), assessment of student learning in Special Collections, and teaching with primary source materials.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing (mostly ballet), trivia, baking, knitting, cooking, exploring the Philadelphia area, and reading.


MLS, Indiana University

MA in English, Western Illinois University

BA in English, Carleton College