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Librarians with expertise across academic disciplines work with the Digital Scholarship group. Your subject librarian will gladly consult with you about the books, manuscripts, images, data, etc that might be available to help with your project. And, if the talk turns to the digital, they'll bring us in. Or, start with us and we'll bring them in for consultation when necessary.

Content Management and Metadata Specialists: Julie Coy, the Visual Resources Librarian, brings expertise in describing photographs, works of art and other visual resources. She works as part of a metadata team devoted to describing material so that it can be identified and accessed when called upon. She and her team offer consultation services to work with you on project metadata needs.

Special Collections Staff: Sarah Horowitz manages the rare and unique materials within the Haverford Library, and, together with Mary Crauderueff, maintains one of the finest collections of Quaker materials in the country. The team also includes College Archivist Krista Oldham, who makes sure that the records and archives of the college thrive.


Mike Zarafonetis 
Coordinator for Digital Scholarship and Research Services
(610) 896-4226

Adam Crandell
Web Coordinator
(610) 896-1169


Digital Scholarship Students

Shahzeen Nasim

Graduation Year: 2015

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, and general design and layout strategies

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2]#[Q8&&N='Xc]eJkyRc}qy'

Twitter Handle: @englishcl4ss

Fun Fact: My first email address was ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2EbU-$F6S`]#[A27sT9MdgSoNj|s0$L}|6P3qmOtCN.

Nathaniel Rehm-Daly

Graduation Year: 2016

Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Various art software

Office Hours: N/A

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2Eb]#[L@-xR1M\BOaNj|FngpGr$X

Twitter Handle: @nrehmdaly

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching Japanese samurai films.

Blair Rush

Graduation Year: 2016

Skills: Web design

Office Hours: N/A

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2]#[@B=#X5'Xc]eJkyRc}qy'

Twitter Handle: @blaiwoo

Fun Fact: Blair can't pronounce his r's, which is why his Twitter handle is so funny.

Madeleine Hodges

Graduation Year: 2019

Skills: Web design

Office Hours: N/A

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2Eb]#[K00!I4QcBOaNj|FngpGr$X

Twitter Handle: 

Fun Fact: 


Kelly Waychoff

Graduation Year: 2018

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2EbU]#[IE&/H5[Vh}h5{oRed~y?%GK

Twitter Handle: @CiaoKella

Fun Fact: Kelly will major in math, and Rice Krispies treats are her favorite food.


Taylor Cross

Graduation Year: 2018

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2]#[R-=!XD'Xc]eJkyRc}qy'

Twitter Handle: @taylorjocross

Fun Fact: Taylor is from Simi Valley, California and plays for Haverford's Women Soccer Team.

Isfar Munir

Graduation Year: 2018

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2]#[G7A~NC'Xc]eJkyRc}qy'

Fun Fact: Isfar is from the San Francisco Bay Area and play on the Haverford Varsity Cricket Team.

Alliyah Allen

Graduation Year: 2018

Skills: Python (Django), HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Omeka, Neatline Tools

E-mail: ]MK5dPko%f!W*/_~t1=2E]#[?7&|Q2Z+jHv9wpOqY=zq7

Twitter Handle: @alliyahmaee

Fun Fact: I am a die-hard Beyoncé fan!