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Prize-Winning Theses

Listed below are theses that have been awarded prizes by their respective departments. Click on the department name to expand the section and view the theses.

(The access column indicates whether the thesis is available online, in print or not held in the archive.)


Wyatt MacGaffey Thesis Award

Year Author Title Access
2016 Kaziah Grace White Speaking Abortion: Understanding Stigma, Support Networks, and Faith Within the Lives of Abortion Care Providers
2015 Eve Fisher Gutman Cerros Falsos: Rembering and Dreaming of One's Place in Valparaiso, Chile
2014 Kathleen Marie Ulrich Problematizing the Future: Brazil, Biofuels, and Basic Science
2013 Jemma Rachel Benson Revolutionary Transgressions: Gendering the Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade
2013 Susannah Lee Butters Production of the Past: Understanding Durham, N. Carolina’s History in the Tobacco Industry
2012 No prize awarded
2011 Joy Heller

(NB: All Anthropology theses are held by the department.)


Daniel Gillis and Joseph Russo Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Nathaniel Rehm-Daly Framing Classical Objects through Comic Book Theory
2015 Marielle Elizabeth Boudreau Jeeves and the Servus Callidus: Scheming Servents in Wodehouse and Plautus
2014 Shannon L. Horn The Battlefield of History: Megara, Athens, and the Mythic Past
2013 Jacob Leland Horn "Legends Malleable in His Intellectual Furnace": Nathaniel Hawthorne's Wonder Book, Mythological Adaptation, and Children's Literature
2012 Hannah Rose Silverblank Dangerous Fugues: Sirens, Divas and the Dangerous Voice
2011 Alexander J. Lopatin The Pivotal Theios Aner: (Re)invented Conservatism in Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana
2010 Meghan LeFrancois Love as Recollection in Plato's Symposium

Comparative Literature

Barbara Riley Levin Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Honglan Huang The Narrativity of the Medium: the Architecture of Book Space in Picture Books
2015 Catherine Casem There are Frogs falling from the sky: Divining the Essence of Lived Experience through Creative Acts in Magnolia and Proust
2015 Anna Louise Pedersen So is This the End?: The Unfinishability of Quixotic PLay
2014 Brian Christopher Brown Pais de Ganadores: Tracing the Roots of Neoliberal Propaganda from Chile’s Si Campaign to Iron Man
2013 Jacob Leland Horn "Legends Malleable in His Intellectual Furnace": Nathaniel Hawthorne's Wonder Book, Mythological Adaptation, and Children's Literature
2013 Daniel James Ikeda Between Ser and Parecer: Reality and Subjectivity in Cervantes, Unamuno, and Borges
2012 Elizabeth Mary Pierson Revealing the Flaws in National Narratives through Stories of Individual Trauma: Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried and Arturo Fontaine’s La vida doble
2012 Hannah Rose Silverblank Dangerous Fugues: Sirens, Divas and the Dangerous Voice
2011 Thea Hogarth A Process of Becoming: Wandering, Identity, Authorship
2010 Maya Elizabeth Cabot Life from Death
2010 Rebecca Lynn Miller [Im]pure : Investigating the Relationship between Language and Nation in Amin Maalouf's Les Identites meurtrieres and Milan Kundera's Le Livre du rire et de l'oubli
2009 Not Awarded
2008 Gina Paller Delvac The story of a wound that cries out : Trauma and Storytelling in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried and Nellie Campobello's Las Manos de Mamá
2008 Jennifer U. Lin History, Memory and Power
2007 Megan E. Finn From "Il y'avait une fois ..." to "En ce temps-là ..." : childhood, children's literature, and the early Avant-Garde
2007 Anna Velia Mancusi Investigating the "postcolonial" : tracing the body and voice connection in L'Amour, la fantasia and Meatless days
2006 Anne Marie Flor-Stagnato Reconciliation and Creation: Literary syncretism in the Testimonio and the Slave Narrative
2006 Christopher Baxter Leonard Kozey ...And Survived to Tell the Tale: Trauma and Personal Narrative
2005 Ana Salzberg
2004 Rebecca Lynne Fullan This is My Body: Spiritually Inspired Gender-Crossing in The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse and the poems of San Juan de la Cruz
2003 Vasiliki Despnia Ariston Theater of the Disaster: Performing Apartheid and Authoritariansim in Athol Fugard's The Island and Griselda Gambaro's Information for Foreigners
2002 James Saunders Carr II Toward an Architectural Literature and a Literary Architecture: Reflections on Kahn, Nabokov and Borges
2001 Katherine Lowery Leuschke A Truth with Points of View
2001 Ruth A. Palmer Cross-dressed narratives : gender, genre and nationality in The Female Review and Hasta no verte Jesús mío
2000 Juliet Sara Nusbaum Reading Between the Lines: Intertextuality and the Freedom of Interpretation in A.S. Byatt's Possession: a Romance and Umberto Eco's Il nome della rosa
2000 Suzanne Anna Scala How to use a User's Manual and ignite a Pale Fire: the relationship of hypertextuality to metafiction in Perec's La Vie mode d'emploi and Nabokov's Pale Fire
1999 Emily Ann Vides Literature's criticism; an intertextual exploration of Jorge Luis Borges's "Pierre Menard, autor del Quixote" and John Barth's "Echo"
1998 Mamiko Cynthia Suzuki
1997 Sarah Elizabeth Marx
1996 Elisabeth Martinson Fogt
1996 Juan Manuel Mora y Araujo
1995 Amanda Elizabeth Irwin Connecting Time in Proust and Stoppard
1994 Amy Lynn Keltner
1993 Allison Gallaudet Cohen The Antifederalists: Democrats or Aristocrats?


Holland Hunter '43 Economics Department Thesis Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Jeanna Helen Kenney Neighborly Competition in Real Estate Transactions
2016 Walid James Young Nashashibi Supporting the Whiteline: Differences in the Probability of being Fined in the NFL by Race
2015 Joshua Benjamin Nadel Equilibria in Firearm Ownership: Modeling a Partially Coordiated Market
2015 Caleb Klein Wroblewski The Tariff-Jumping Effect Revisited: Regional Integration, Trade Costs, and Competition for Foreign Direct Investment
2014 Isaac Mason Anthony E-book Overcharge: The Effect of U.S. v. Apple Inc. et al. (2013) on e-book Prices
2014 William Oscar Riiska, Jr. On the Effectiveness of Central Bank Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market: The Case of Slovakia, 1999-2007
2013 Matthew Michael Mazewski Nash Equilibria in a Hotelling-Type Model with Non-Uniform Consumer Density
2013 Yue Shao Banking Competition and Access to Finance in Developed Countries
2012 Joshua Michael Weiss Exploring Income Inequality in the U.S. and the Effects of Selection Bias
2011 Kathleen Ann Bui The impact of macro-economic conditions on transitions into and duration of self-employment
2011 Nicholas Ford Reynolds Exploring the effect of wealth distribution on efficiency using a model of land tenancy with limited liability
2010 Douglas Charles Edelman Modeling voter responses to campaign expenditures
2010 Bard Thopson Ricciardi Female-Led Firms and the Gap in Executive Compensation: A Study of Pay and Promotion Practices in the Financial Sector
2009 Paul Augustine Anand Minnice Heterogeneous national allocation plans in the EU Emission Trading Scheme under imperfectly competitive markets
2009 Munik Kumar Shrestha Behavioral growth theory : a neoclassical approach
2008 Daniel William Sacks Stuck for life : a firm-specific human capital explanation of the male marraige [i.e., marriage] premium
2007 Nathaniel Marc Ballenberg Clutch pitching in baseball : does it exist?
2007 Jessica S. Pevzner Hospital conversions to for-profit status : implications for charges, patients, and communities
2006 Adam Matthew Shapiro Jim Cramer's Mad Money : effects on stock returns
2005 Caitlin Goldwater Coslett Can women have it all? : gender differences in the relationship between career and family for top corporate executives
2005 Andrea Robbett Behavioral economics and the Coasian result: an experimental test of fairness


Newton Prize in English Literature

Year Author Title Access
2016 Jessica Hayden Libow Prosthesis Repurposed in Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People” and “The Lame Shall Enter First”
2015 Sydney Unell Jones Bodies Under Construction: Architectures of Pleaseure and Whiteness in Chesnutt's Po Sandy
2014 Joshua Bucheister Vanity Fair and the Ethics of Staying Put
2013 Cole K. Fiedler-Kawaguchi Dickinson's Sound Machine
2012 Lydia Fiske Emery "A line there, in the centre": Temporality, Narrative, and the Rewriting of Loss in To the Lighthouse
2011 Karina Puttieva Myth and its double : re-reading, re-vision, and repetition in Angela Carter's The Sadeian woman
2010 Andrew James Lanham Shakespeare contra Nietzsche or how to playwrite with a hammer
2009 Daniel P. O'Toole "A word is also a picture of a word": the imagistic consciousness and historical representation in Don DeLillo's Libra
2008 Daniel Theodore Guilfoyle Mark Twain's literary unconscious(ness): humor, textuality, and deadpan performance
2007 Brittany E. Pladek Gewritu secgað: "the sensible inscription" in Old English poetry
2006 Ross Benjamin Lerner Loss, Interruption, and Melancholia in Miltonic Lyric
2005 Michael H. Rowe A blackface masque: blackface and the 'claim' of lyric identity in John Berryman's 77 Dream Songs
2004 Matthew Jackson Weiss Not so simple tales : the historicity and ambiguity of Equiano's anecdotes
2003 John K. Frisbee Breaking up the border: Ciaran Carson's urban narratives
2002 Daniel Robert Block
2001 Stephen Michael Yeager
2000 Suzanne E. Warren
1999 Eleanor Lowenthal
1998 Brent S. Sirota
1997 Jason Wayne Stevens
1996 Nathaniel Michael Zimmer
1995 Hilary Allison Edwards On the submission to narrative and the sufficiency of ruin: memory, madness and museums in Ruskin's last years
1994 Teresa Carol Parker
1993 Juan J. Rivero
1992 Nicholas Benjamin Tsocanos
1991 Leslie India Lefkow
1990 Anna Elisabeth Engle
1989 Diane M. Castelbuono
1988 Katherine C. Dwyer
1987 Naomi Elizabeth Morgenstein
1987 Kate Kennedy Shatzkin

Terry M. Krieger '69 Memorial Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Eve Gamble Gillison The Stoner Witch Chronicles
2015 Stephen Jacques Profeta The earth was locked up tight: Reading Cat's Cradle Through Climate Criticism
2014 Daniel James Wriggins alt-country: poems
2013 Lucia Marie Kearney Life like Smoke: Stories
2012 William Schwab Stone Technophiles and the Savage Machinery of Loss in Blood Meridian
2011 Kyle Michael McCloskey Draughts of space : an original screenplay
2010 Noel David Capozzalo Senior Thesis for the Haverford English Major with Creative Writing Concentration
2009 Emma Eisenberg This is Not the Whole Story
2008 Ben Lansky The ox-cart
2007 Julia Erdosy "On screen" : Shakespeare and the adaptive lens in Star trek VI: The undiscovered country
2006 James Reid Weissinger Text-cremental Visions: The Body as Locus for Intertextual Negotiation in James Joyce's Ulysses
2005 Jesse N. Mesner-Hage Children of the flux: the individual and collective consciousness in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
2004 David Laurence Fask Stains
2003 Susannah Marian Morrow The desire for Orpheus and Eurydice: returning to the end to return to the beginning
2002 Beth Ellen Ziemacki
2001 Helena Elizabeth Levitt
2000 Jason Scott Fritz The leaves referred to when shaking
2000 Lamon Harkness Jewett
1999 John Arden Tracy
1999 Isaac Berkman Zaur
1998 MacKenzie Cadenhead
1997 Sonam Singh
1996 Tara Meinhard
1996 Julia McLean Napier
1995 Melisa Ann Frederick
1994 Daniel Charles Rafferty
1993 Arvin Wagas Casas
1992 Leslie A. Power
1991 Anthony John Philips
1990 Anya Krugovoy


Year Author Title Access
2016 Sunny Zheng “Image”-ing Otherwise: the Ambivalent Politics of Asian American Visual Self-Representation in the post-1965 Era
2015 David Maximillian Findley Laboratories of the American Century: How Coral Atolls Became Models for American Environmental Thought
2014 Neilay Bharat Shah The Luce-Celler Act of 1946: White Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, and the Cosmopolitan Elite
2013 Charlotte Bianca Bax The Empire of Appearance: Imagery, Identity, and Autonomy in La Toilette of Eighteenth-Century France
2012 Nathan Kaplan Karnovsky The Other Cultural Revolution : The Academic Uprising of the American China Scholar in the 1960s
2011 Meaghan Ryan The exceptional body of Veronica Franco : gender, art, and power in 16th-Century Venice
2010 Noel Day Ottman License to cure : policing women's healing in the trials of Ysabel de Montoia
2010 Avi Wolfman-Arent Dance floor democracy : American Bandstand and the formation of a youth body politic
2009 Eric James Lundblade "The fruits of imperialism, be they bitter or sweet ..." : "America's mission" and the rhetoric of the imperialism debate (1898-1900)
2008 Henry Alexander Wiencek "An alien or a Frenchman or an Irishman" : William Duane, the Federalists and conflicting definitions of national identity in early American politics
2007 Joshua Adam Kass A royal disappointment : the private scandals of George IV, 1785-1820
2006 Veronica T. Faust Music has learn'd the discords of the state' : the cultural politics of British opposition to Italian Opera, 1706-1711
2005 Marisa Miriam Wilairat Myths of Mau Mau: the construction of nationalism and the contested legacy of Mau Mau in independent Kenya
2004 Jonathan Michael Rosner Edelson Minds the dead have ravished: shell shock, British society, and the military death penalty
2003 Celeste Day Moore Black like Boris : Boris Vian's fictions of identity in post-World War II Paris
2002 Caroline Stratton Boyd Beyond the line of redemption : the Philadelphia waterfront in urban life, 1790-1820
2001 Mary Ryan Stryker Queen Elizabeth I as the 'Virgin Queen': Visualizing Power and Legitimacy Through Pageantry and Portraiture
2000 Davis Hoskins Forsythe
1999 John P. Papay Differential Disease Experience in the Atlantic Slave Trade: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the Atlantic Plantation Complex
1998 Scott Richard Heacock


Linguistics Prize in Linguistic Theory

Year Author Title Access
2016 May Helena Plumb Conjunction in Colonial Valley Zapotec
2016 Melanie Louise Bahti (Bryn Mawr College)
2015 Mariana Irby (Bryn Mawr College)
2014 Micah John Walter Morphosyntax and Semantic Type of Noun Phrases in Turkish
2014 Mattie Grace Wechsler The Stacking Behavior of Valence-Increasing Verbal Extensions and Their Arguments in Shona
2013 Elizabeth D. Wiseman More than C's and V's: A Moraic Approach to Phonological Templates for Japanese Mimetics
2012 Rebecca Lincoln Knowles Vowel Harmony: Statistical Methods for Linguistic Analysis


Charles Schwartz Memorial Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Dylan James Verner-Crist Scenographies of Sexuality: Laplanchean Seduction and Racialized Desire
2015 Zachary W. Gabor Extending, Expanding, and Laying Bare: A Unified Account of Generalization in Mathematics
2013 Ashley Nicole Vanderbeck Having a (Fregean) Sense of Concepts
2012 Erin Islo In Nature and in God: Spinoza and Blessedness
2011 Sydney May Keough Having a taste for what's there
2010 Andrew James Lanham Shakespeare Contra Nietzsche or How to Playwrite with a Hammer
2009 Joseph Paul Bernardoni Knowing Nature Without Mirrors: Thomas Kuhn's Antirepresentationalist Objectivity
2008 Eva Glenn Rodriguez Making Sense of Socrates in a Dialogue of Contradictions: Studies in Plato's Protagoras
2007 Jonathan C. Pober The multiplicity of the moment : an analysis of the ethical aspect of temporality in Nietzsche and Levinas
2007 Alexandra Lindsey Smith There's no place like home : an analysis of borderland identity as an alternative to the psychic home
2006 Michael Dov Kassler-Taub Me and my surveillance-image: structuring disciplinary subjectivation in the new space of techno-surveillance
2005 Lilian Burgler Speak: What Ought I to ________? : Freedom Revealed in Radical Inquiry
2004 Robert Joseph Jones Beckett and the Philosopher
2004 Andreja Novakovic Uncovering the Conditions for Understanding Another : An Examination of Translation, Interpretation, and Understanding in Gadamer's Truth and Method
2003 Daniel J. Elstein The social construction of species and the moral indefensibility of speciesism
2002 Daniel Robert Block From mourning to melancholia : voicing authorship in its loss
2002 Nathan S. Zuckerman Rorty and McDowell: two therapeutic takes on traditional epistemology
2001 Anthony James Minko Should Philosophy Provide Procedure for the Political Process or Constraints for its content? Political Liberalism and the fact of Pluralism
2000 Matthew Sorenson Philosophy and the Standpoint of Absolute Knowing
1999 Samuel David Floyd Kant's Moral Theory and Its Relationship to Aristotelian Ethics
1998 Stephen Michael Vasil
1997 Andrew H. Gilman Toward a Relativized Epistemology: Three Logical Frameworks and the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction
1996 Sarah Clark Miller Touch pleasuring, eros becoming: Moving toward a new sexual dynamic
1996 Jessica Joanna Ruegg Becoming Subjective: Theories of Knowledge in Coleridge and Wittgenstein
1995 Not Awarded
1995 Stephen Andrew Whitton Self-Deception and the Ironic Consciousness
1993 Not Awarded
1992 Mary Elizabeth Cunnane Making Sense of Sense
1991 Benjamin P. Siegel A Prolegomena to a Possible Future Pedagogy
1990 Jean-Gabriel Neukomm
1990 Brian Knatz The Virtual Self and Others
1989 Henry Chang
1988 Mark E. Chaiken Why the Future is Not: A Logical and Metaphysical Investigation
1988 Kenneth A. Richman Persons and Space: Space, the Self, and Identification of Objective Particulars
1987 Charles Mario Russell
1986 Martha Kendal Woodruff
1985 Jyl Kely Gentzler
1985 Molly Finn
1984 Lawrence A. Holmberg
1984 Amy Morgan Schmitter
1983 Michael Angelo Dignazio
1983 Kevin Michael Foley
1982 Alfred H. Essa
1982 Geoffrey Martin Rockwell
1981 Farid Rafael Maluf
1981 Jonathan D. Polkes

Political Science

Herman M. Somers Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Dhario Walter DeSousa Every Nation’s Refugee? A Comparative Analysis of Asylum Policies towards Syrians among Hungary, France, and Germany
2016 Ty Eireann Joplin Doing the Right Thing: Investigating How Individuals Radicalize
2016 Dylan Samuel Reichman Affect and the Individual Post-9/11: Societies of Control, Spinoza, and the Homeland Security Advisory System
2015 Larissa Grace Eyman Antonisse Overcoming Partisan Opposition to Federal Policy Implemantation: The Role of Interest Groups in State Fights to Expand Medicaid
2015 Ian Ross Athelstane Oxenham A Game of Preference: The Origins of U.S. Unwillingness to Commit to Signicantly Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2014 Elizabeth Lily Carp Habitation or Domination: Land Ownership and Subjectivity
2014 Daniel Arthur Gordon Up to Eleven: How For-Profit Colleges “Tapped” Political Channels to Inhibit the Department of Education
2014 Jacob Alexander Lowy Good Fences Do Not Alone Make for Good Neighbors: A Call for Enlightened Immigration Reform
2014 Dylan T. Runde The Return of the Franchise: Resurgence in the Domestic Insurgencies of al-Qaeda Affiliates
2013 Rupinder K. Garcha A Slippery Slope: State Approaches to Water Management and Development Policies
2013 Sarah Jessica Guyer Above and Beyond Bureaucracy: Examining the Association Between Motivation and Prosocial Behavior in the United States Border Patrol
2013 Daniel Aaron Salem The Tides of Nationalism: Accounting for the Successes and Failures of Regional-Nationalist Political Parties and Coalitions in Catalonia and Galicia, Spain
2012 Gabrielle Christiane Logaglio Violence without Borders: An Analysis of State Responses to Threatening Transitional Violent Non-state Actors
2012 Molly Minden From Withdrawal to Engagement: Civil Society Participation in Transitional Justice Mechanisms in Argentina
2011 Chris Joseph Chasin Path Dependence and Amtrak: How the Nation's Passenger Railroad Has Stayed On Track
2011 Rachel Alyssa Schwartz Mobilizing Victimhood: Reparations as a Site of Contentious Politics in Post-Conflict Guatemala
2010 Julia Emmet Heald Decoupling: Ensuring Access to Entitlements After Welfare Reform
2010 Rosalyn May Mendenhall Al-Qaeda: Who, What, Why? : Database Applications for the Al-Qaeda Statements Index
2010 Nicholas W. Sher When Power Fails: The Causes of Authoritarian Strong State Defeat in Asymmetric War
2010 Benjamin Thomas Takemoto Constituting a Rational Public Sphere: The Tea Party Counterpublic
2009 Rachel Clare Van Tosh The public sphere and the "non-place": investigating the affect of controlled architecture on discourse in the Reading Terminal Market and the Greyhound Bus Station
2009 Christopher William Pasakarnis Public challenges, private solutions: defining the link between private military companies and democracies
2008 Devon Amanda Hercher The primary question: is the presidential nominating process sufficiently democratic?
2008 Brian Michael Till Ghosts of Afghanistan: lessons from the return of the Arab Afghans in the post-Soviet period
2007 Jeremy N. Babener Presidential Political Rhetoric: A Case Study in George W. Bush's Social Security Reform Campaign
2007 Ellen J. Mooney Towards an End Result: Comprehensive Health Care Reform in Massachusetts and California
2006 Claire Fawcett The Zapatista conflict: Mexico's political paradox
2005 Andrew Gordon Williams Planning Albuquerque: land use reform in the urban southwest
2004 Jennifer Constantino Of black squirrels, purple cows, and flying dutchmen: a political and economic analysis of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
2004 Ye Jin Lee Terrorist or revolutionary? : an enquiry into the moral and legal grounds for political violence
2004 Kyle Edward Amoriya Smiddie Laundromat politics : Why don't poor people participate in politics?
2003 Jennifer Rene Lucas The crafting of democratic institutions & justice : analyzing the role of peace agreements in the peace processes of Northern Ireland and South Africa
2002 Ilya Edward Enkishev harter schools: a Philadelphia study
2001 Ersbak, Jamie Indigenous resources, elite division, and the emergence of the 1989 pro-democracy movement in China
2001 Kaufman, Joseph J. American Grand Strategy and Peripheral Aspirant Regional Hegemonic States: U.S.-India Security Relations in the Early 21st Century
2000 Bernard Fischlowitz-Roberts The Politics of Enacting Environmental Tax Reform in the U.S. Obstacles, Strategies, and the Movement for Sustainability
1999 David L. Axelrod Influencing Congress: Big Tobacco's Pipe Dream?
1999 Zoe N. Rind Educating for Radical Power: Rethinking Notions of Democracy and Citizenship
1998 Benjamin Duda Cutler The 1996 Tax Break for the Massachusetts Mutual Fund Industry: A New Model for Public-Private Sector Interactions
1997 Philip Perilstein The Miserly Politician vs. The Good Doctor: Two Governors, Two States, Two Radically Different Programs for Medicaid Reform
1997 Asim Rehman Islam & Democracy: The Compatibility of Islamic Government and Democracy in Theory and Practice
1997 Fred Bentley Overhauling Medicaid: The Managed Care Experiments in Tennessee and California
1996 Orion Kriegman The Potential for Democratic Enterprises in the United States
1995 Jessica R. Piombo Uncovering the Legacies of the Past: The Significance of Truth Commissions in Democratic Transitions
1994 Dustin Ballard Can Habitat Conservation Planning Solve the Problems of the Endangered Species Act?
1993 Peter Andrew Furia Humanitarian foreign aid and morality in international relations
1993 Benie D. Colvin Minority-majority districts: addressing representation and equality in government through districting
1992 Benjamin Weber Human Rights and American Foreign Policy
1991 Henry J. Ehrsam
1990 John Marshall Cook The South African Business Community and their Role in the Erosion of Apartheid
1990 David Richard Jones
1989 Robyn Sue Gilman The Demographics of Voting for Black Men and Women, In the Presidential Elections: 1964-1988
1989 Arthur Hinton Rosenfeld
1988 Thomas E. Hartmann The 1987 Soviet Electoral Experiment and its Impact on Local Government in the USSR
1987 Susannah Ruth Goodman Reagan and Thatcher: The Politics of Individualism and Inequality


Year Author Title Access
2016 Jeremy Benjamin Steinberg “Here is a people that dwells alone, and that does not consider itself among the nations”: Balaam ben Beor and the National Boundaries of Ancient Israel
2016 K.C. McConnell (Bryn Mawr) “Everybody Knows ‘She is Mataji:’” The Relationships of Jain Sadhvis as Instruments of Empowerment and Identity Formation
2015 Maya Nojechowicz I am a Wall and My Breasts are towers: Female Resistance to Patriarchal Oppression in the Song of Songs
2015 Lindsey Reed Palmer Reading Rumi: The Collapse of the Real, the Imaginal, and the Literary in Jalal al-Din Runi's Masnavi i-Ma'navi
2014 Violet Baron Pluralism, Hegemony and Communitas: Moishe House and the Changing American Jewish World
2014 Mary Alice Freeman Familial Loss in the Context of Quaker Faith
2013 Waleed Shahid Building Faith: The Postwar Moment, Cold War Diplomacy, and the Islamic Center of Washington D.C.
2012 Candace Yasmeen Nicole Jordan Resentment and “Ressentiment”: Resentment as a Valuable Moral Sensibility
2012 Cecelia Blair Sizoo-Roberson Constructing Sacred History: The Islamic Conquest of Jerusalem 638 CE and the Narrativization of Religious Identity
2011 Margaret Ernst You Can't Chop down a Tree without Exposing its Roots: Slavery, Multiculturalism, and the Possibility of Anti-Racism in a High School History Textbook
2011 Katharine Bakke "The Opposite of Poverty is Not Plenty, but Friendship:" Dorothy Day's Pragmatic Theology of Detachment
2011 Diane Sarah Tracht Identity, morality, and politics : American Reform Jews and the State of Israel
2010 Adam Pendleton Lewis Reconceptualizing Khomeini: The Islamic Republic of Iran and U.S. Democratization Policies in the Middle East
2009 Jessie Lauren Post Writing Against the Grain: Representations of Muslim Women in Leila Aboulela's Minaret
2008 Elana Rose Bloomfield Conceiving Motherhood : The Jewish Female Body in Israeli Reproductive Practices
2007 Jeanne M. Dreskin Deconstructing Primitivisions: appropriations of black religiosity and the subversive aesthetics of juxtaposition in Georges Bataille's Documents
2006 Katherine E. Cheng Beyond Looking: Sebastião Salgado's Religious Response to a World in Crisis
2005 Kira Rachel Intrator The Day of the Dead and the Devil: The Act of Assimilation and Appropriation in the weavings of the Tarabuco Jalq'a.
2005 Frank Harrill Pittenger John Crowe Ransom and the Sacralization of the Aesthetic
2004 Patricia A. Blaha Israel, the Niddah: an exegesis of Ezekiel 36:16-17
2004 Promise B. Partner Valiant Warrior & Worthy Herald: Aimee Semple McPherson's Automobile as an Evangelical Tool
2003 Anna Amelia Mudd Fathers in Christ: an Analysis of Kinship Rhetoric and Celibate Priestly Identity in Documents of the Second Vatican Council
2002 Heidi L. Witmer The serpent as healer: religion and the vernacular translation of peacebuilding theory in Rwanda
2001 Jeffrey Sherman Meyer Action-Guiding Principles: Gandhi's Use of the Bhagavad-Gita in his Movement to Eliminate Untouchability
2001 Katharine M. Gordon Anti-Triumphalist Theology of Liberation: Juan Luis Segundo's Appropriation of Pauline Introspection
2000 Abigail Emily Graseck Through the Mouth: Creating Navajo Identity The Emergence of Wind from Thought to Speech
2000 Laura Elizabeth McTighe Painting Memory: Mural Painting in Northern Ireland: Windows to the Past, Images of the Present, Visions for the Future
1999 Susan N. Russell-Smith Bistami and Metatron: Mystics Cut From the Same Primordial Mold Deal With the Legacy of God's Image
1998 Alan Joseph Smith Martin Luther King Jr.: Re-Telling the American Story
1997 Ashley Walker The Wiles of Women: the Slander Against A'isha and the Seduction of the Prophet Yusuf
1997 Kristen Rudisill From Darkness into Light: Illuminating the Relationship of Agni and Sita in the Ramakatha
1997 Nina Maria Cinquemani Poetic Structure as Theology: Gerald Manley Hopkins
1996 David M. Sasson Judaism as a Rhetorical Device in Augustine's Literary Construction of Pelagianism
1996 Ann Christine Rivera God Must Dance: Exploring Santeria Through the Ritual of Dance
1995 Skaidra Genovaite Blanford
1994 Patrick Kevin McCulloch The Martyrdom of Misunderstanding: Mark Taylor, Søren Kierkegaard and the Context of Faith
1993 Anna Maika Blau A Theology of Tension: Kart Barth on Israel and the Church
1993 Kathryn Allison Felmet Alterity and Obligation in M.M. Bakhtin's "Author and Hero in Aesthetic Activity"
1992 Sean M. O'Brien
1992 Namratha Kandula Miraculous Deliverance and Malicious Mischief: a Narrative of Gender Reversal in the Mahabharata
1991 Benjamin Hoorn Barton Ode to the incommensureable : Kierkegaard's paradox in a dialectical lyric
1991 Frederick Stephen Colby The Flight of the Innermost Heart: Sufi Terms, Images and Concepts in The Mi`raj of Abu Yazid al-Bistami
1990 Victoria Nixon The Disappearance of Dinah: Marginalization and Deception in Genesis 34
1989 Elizabeth Shanks The Kol Nidre: an Analysis of Liberation
1988 Kenneth Alan Fromm Raskolnikov as Lazarus Figure in Fedor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment
1988 Peter Alexander Kay Midrashic Hermeneutics: An analysis of the Rabbinic reading of Koheleth
1987 Naomi Elizabeth Morgenstern
1987 Seemi Yasmin Ghazi


Manuel J. and Elisa P. Asensio Prize

Year Author Title Access
2016 Kelly Boylan Una institución penetrable: agencia y disidencia en comunidades de subalternos durante la Inquisición en el Nuevo Mundo (1569- 1780)
2015 Marcela Sbongile Niemczyk Breaking the Norms: An Analysis of the Impact of the Catalan Independence Movement on the Spanish Political System
2014 Siena Claire Williams Mann El poder de la poesía política: La poesía de Vidaluz Meneses, Michele Najlis y Daisy Zamora en la Revolución Sandinista
2013 Kate Oliver Irick Acérquense pibes, Washington Cu-culto va a contarles la verdad: Lo canónico, lo nuevo y lo radical en la obra de Santiago Vega
2013 Jacob Wiesenthal Mentiras y malanga: Un análisis de la evolución del testimonio
2012 Ivana Regina Evans La autoconstrucción de Sarmiento: un sistema de educación entre la civilización y la barbarie
2011 Grace Samantha Smith Viduarre
2010 Noel Day Ottman Las enemigas de honestidad : la Inquisición de la Curandera-Alcahueta en los casos de la Centella y la Celestina
2009 Andres Daniel Plaza La educación bilingüe como herramienta para superar la reproducción de desigualdad causada por la hegemonía lingüística
2008 Isaac Benjamin Anders Osceola Cote Lutze
2008 Rebecca Anna Rudnick Zeldin
2007 Alison Ivy Stoffregen Raices desenterradas: El esencialismo estrategico en la poesia mapuche
2006 Samara Renee Thomas Representaciones, reflejos y reflexiones : el triunvirato de la desconstrucción del mito de Carmen en la pelicula Carmen de Carlos Saura
2005 Nicholas Rashad Jones Dentro de la Iglesia San Martín le dicen Ay, negrita, vente tú, danos consuelo! : las visiones y las oraciones de Catalina Muñoz
2005 Erica Katherine Knight La política del abismo, coronaci{226)}on y la libertad de Hannah Arendt
2004 Michael E. Sweeney Infinitos caballeros : Quijano, Welles, Gilliam
2003 Sara Elizabeth Wolf
2002 Caroline Stratton Boyd
2001 Megan Elizabeth Lancaster
2000 Ari Jacob Wassner
2000 Brendan Harrison Lanctot
1999 Sarah DeWitt Gilbert

Senior Theses Held in Special Collections (1897-1918)

Listed below are older senior theses dating 1897-1918, which are held in Special Collections.

Author Number of Pages Title Year Published Note(s)
Brown, Richard Cadbury 29 The Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art 1897
Darligton, Morton Pennock 48 The Pennsylvania Hospital 1897
Detwiler, Frank Hughes 47 Mt. Airy Institution as Typical of the Growth of the Education of the Deaf 1897
Field, Elliot 52 The Philadelphia Society for Organizing Charity 1897
Gilpin, Vincent 93 The House of Refuge 1897 Gilpin is listed as '98 on the title page of his report, but appears in the matriculate catalog as '97. He entered in 1894, but graduated in 3 yrs.
Howson, Charles Henry 53 The Sunday Breakfast Association 1897 Author listed as "Chad" on the title page of his report, but "Charles" on the title page of the volume
Hume, John Elias 34 The Municipal League of Philadelphia 1897
McCrea, Roswell Cheney 68 The State Hospital for the Insane at Norristown 1897
Maxfield, Francis Norton 39 The Pennsylvania Society to Protect Children from Cruelty 1897
Ottis E. Mendenhall 35 Eastern Penitentiary 1897
Rodney, Warren Brown 48 pgs; unnumbered The Minister Street Neighborhood Guild 1897
Sterner, Ira Isbon 38 A Thesis on the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1897 Ira is listed as '98 in the matriculate catalog. Ira was clearly at Haverford for part of 1898 (winning a mathematics prize), but studied at Harvard in 1898 as well.
Thacher, Frank Williams 40 Civil Service Reform 1897
Thomas, Edward 19 The Free Library of Philadelphia 1897
James Edgar Butler 59 The Chester Springs Soldiers' Orphan School 1898
William Warder Cadbury 39 pgs; unnumbered The Friends' Asylum for Insane at Frankford, Philadelphia 1898
Richard Stanton Ellis 30 Girard College 1898
John Gyger Embree 26 The Rural Public Schools of Pennsylvania in their National Relation 1898
Alfred Sharpless Haines 40 The Ethical Significane of the Playground Movement in Philadelphia 1898 Haines is listed as '99 on the title page of his report, but appears in the matriculate catalog as '98. He entered in '96 and graduated in 2 yrs.
Joseph Howell Haines 45 Religious Toleration in the American Colonies from their Settlement until 1776 1898
Arthur Search Harding 32 The Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art 1898
Samuel Horace Hodgin 39 The Municipal League of Philadelphia 1898
Walter Coggeshall Janney 42 Municipal Reform and its Furtherance by Reform Organizations 1898
David Godfrey Jones 105 Original Settlements on the Delaware 1898
Morris Matthews Lee 28 Conscience 1898
Oscar Peyton Moffitt 36 pgs; unnumbered The Municipal Problem of New York City 1898
Samuel Rhoads 26 pgs; unnumbered The Boys' Parlors Association of Germantown 1898
Eldon Roxy Ross 99 pgs; unnumbered The United States Naval Academy 1898
Alfred Garrett Scattergood 36 pgs; unnumbered The Bethany Mission 1898
Frederick Stadelman 70 The Sunday Breakfast Association of Philadelphia 1898
Francis Reeves Strawbridge 19 Home of Industry for Discharged Prisoners 1898 Several blank pages numbered up to 23
Frederick Asa Swan 92 Ethical Value of the College Young Mens' Christian Association 1898
Joseph Wright Taylor 42 Evolutional Ethics 1898
Robert North Wilson 70 The South Carolina Dispensary 1898
Thomas Wistar 31 The Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry 1898
Richard Davis Wood 25 The Nature and Authority of Conscience 1898
William Aldrich Battey 66 Some Phases of Quakerism, Past, Present, and Future 1899
William John Bawden 39 Speculations of Daniel Drew in Erie Railway Stock 1899
Walter Elihu Blair 44 The Abolition of Oaths 1899
William Bode 47 American National Red Cross 1899
John Darlington Carter 71; unnumbered The Pennsylvania Hospital 1899
Edward B. Conklin 33 The Salvation Army Shelter 1899
Royal Jenkins Davis 35 A Sketch of the History of the Suffrage 1899
Benjamin Satterthwait De Cou 44 The Saloon Problem 1899
Francis Algernon Evans 55 Friends' Asylum, near Philadelphia 1899
Rufus Horton Jones 53 The College Settlement in Philadelphia 1899
Howard Haines Lowry 42 Greenbacks 1899
Edward Hough Lycett 34 The Restriction of Suffrage 1899
Alfred Collins Maule 41 The William Penn Charter School 1899
Ralph Mellor 55 Some Social and Moral Problems of Rural New England 1899
Joseph Paul Morris 38 Anthony Morris; His Life, Works, and Character 1899
Herbert Clinton Petty 62 Negro Suffrage 1899
John Howard Redfield, Jr. 31 The Life and Teachings of Socrates 1899
Elisha Roberts Richie 80 Westtown Boarding School 1899
Malcolm Augustus Shipley, Jr. 35 Reformation of Criminals 1899
Frank Keller Walter 43 The Ethical System of Emmanuel Kant 1899
Arthur Clement Wild 31 Civil Service Reform 1899
Charles Jackson Allen 39 The Modern Practice of Agricultural Implement Manufacture 1900
William Williams Allen, Jr. 43 The Referendum in Switzerland, with Examples of its Use in Constitutional Questions in America 1900
William Brown Bell 131 The Federal Government and Railroad Rates 1900 Blank page numbered 132
Robert Jones Burdette, Jr. 22 The History of the Growth of the Young Men's Christian Association in American Colleges 1900
Charles Henry Carter 39 Ethics in Beowulf 1900
John Pim Carter 94 An Account of the Conscientious Pursuit of Duty 1900
Francis Reeve Cope, Jr. 257 The Rise and Growth of Constitutional Government in Japan 1900 Blank Page numbered 258
Henry Sandwith Drinker, Jr. 71 The Religious Myths and Superstitutions of the Aboriginal Red Race of America 1900 Marked as Ethics Thesis
John Thompson Emlen 82 Immigration to the United States 1900
Frank Mercur Eshelman 46 The Industrial Education of the American Negro 1900
Christian Febiger 38 Water Filtration 1900
Edward Dale Freeman 58 The Honor System of Examinations in American Colleges 1900
Henry McLellan Hallett 61 Importance of Forestry in the United States 1900
James Smith Hiatt 53 The Ethics of the Modern American Newspaper 1900 Contains a pencilled-in table that I did not count as an illustration
Walter Swain Hinchman 55 Religious Influence of Romanism 1900
Horace Howard Jenks 84 Concerning Light, and its Influence on Plants, the Lower Animals and Man 1900
William Warner Justice, Jr. 46 Religious Liberty and its Effects in Pennsylvania 1900
Henry Lewis d'l. Levick 35; unnumbered "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself" 1900
John Eshleman Lloyd 49 Forestry in the United States 1900 Blank pages numbered 50-52
Frank Eugene Lutz 33 The Ghetto - A Study of the Condition of the Jews in Russia and its Effect on our own Country 1900
Samuel Wright Mifflin 129; unnumbered John de Wycliffe, "The Morning Star of the Reformation" 1900
J. Kennedy Moorhouse 32 Food Associations for Temporary Relief 1900
Jonathan Irving Peelle 40 Moonshiners 1900
Heber Sensenig 44 The Olympian and Pythian Games 1900
Frederic Cope Sharplesss 43 Medical Ethics 1900
Abram Gibbons Tatnall 31 The Ventilation of Hospitals 1900
Edward Ballinger Taylor, Jr. 32; unnumbered The Penal Institutions of Pennsylvania and their Needs 1900 Illustrations printed on backs of pages included in page count
Joseph McFerran Taylor 33 The Question of Race in the Government of Puerto Rico by the United States 1900
Wilfred Wallace White 31 A Defense of Napoleon 1900
William Sagehorn Baltz 35 The Principles of the Puritans 1901
Clarence Walton Bankard 43 Scandinavian Mythology 1901
Ellis Yarnall Brown, Jr. 46 The Pennsylvania Germans 1901
Howard Valentine Bullinger 43; unnumbered The Religion of a College Man 1901
John Warder Cadbury, Jr. 46 A History of the Treatment of the Insane 1901
William Edward Cadbury 46 The Beginnings of Ideality 1901
Clifton O'Neal Carey 45 The Red Cross 1901
James Keyser DeArmond 87 Anarchy 1901
Lawrence Washburn DeMotte 46 The Rise of Parties 1901
Aaron Lovett Dewees 34 Chautaugua 1901
Alfred Edgar Freeman 45 The Siberian Railroad 1901 Blank pages numbered 46-7
William Howard Kirkbride 70 Oberammeragau and the Passion Play, 1900 1901
Walter Mellor 33 The Army Canteen 1901 Small penciled table not counted as illustration
William Orville Mendenhall 41; unnumbered Education in Germany, and some Comparisons with that in America 1901 large penciled table counted as illustration
Clement Orestes Meredith 47 The Race Problem in the South from a Political and Social Standpoint 1901 Blank page numbered 48
William LaCoste Neilson 79 Slavery in the United States, 1619-1865 1901 Page numbers are off (short) by one starting on pg. 20. The author notes this twice. I've used the corrected page #s.
Richard Patton 42 Buddhism 1901 Blank pages numbered 43-4
Edward Collins Rossmassler 21; unnumbered Perpetual Motion 1901
Calvin Cicero Rush 19; unnumbered The Bacteria of Lake Winona 1901
Edward Marshall Soull 43 The Urgency of the Canal 1901
Wayne Sensenig 23; unnumbered On the Science of the Sarcens 1901
Frederick William Sharp 34 The Pension System of the United States 1901
Alexander Cooper Tomlinson 26 Lynching in the United States 1901
George John Walents 43 The Rescue Missions of Philadelphia 1901
John Leiper Winslow 39 Universal Need of Reform in Representation 1901 the last pg. # is correct, because the author left the last page unnumbered. Pg. 21 should be numbered 20, and all pages after that are numbered one two high. Two small tables counted as illustrations
William Wayne Wirgman 25 Napoleon - The Man 1901
Walter Hallock Wood 55 Mormonism 1901
William Wellington Woodward 73 "Canst Thou not Minister to a Mind Diseased?" A Treatise on Insanity 1901
Arthur Ralston Yearsley 93 China and her People 1901
Henry Lloyd Balderston 49 The Internal Structure of Steel 1902 last pg. unnumbered; counted as p.49
Joseph John Barclay 60 Codification of Roman Law by Emperor Justinian 1902
Edgar Howard Boles 51 A Study of Early Property among the Teutons 1902
Justin Emmett Brown 49 The Railway Problem for America 1902
Shipley Brown 64 The Heart and Circulation of the Blood 1902
Charles Reed Cary 63 The Physical Nature of Molecules, Atoms and Ultra Atomic Matter 1902
William Wilkie Chambers 55 The Genesis and Problems of the United States Steel Corporation 1902
Arthur Shirley Cookman 78; unnumbered The Tenement House Problem in New York City 1902
William Varney Dennis 65 The Negro as an American Citizen 1902
Charles Evans 47 Germanic Loyalty as reflected in the Nibelungenlied 1902
Edward Wyatt Evans 36 Pauperism and its Relief 1902
John Sharpless Fox 102 The Rise of the Papacy 1902
George Spencer Garrett 57 Collection and Disposal of Garbage in American Cities 1902
Wiliam Henry Grant 43; unnumbered The Mississippi River Jetties 1902
Richard Mott Gummere 39 The Roman Religion in its Essential Features, Nature, Deities, and Decline 1902
Joseph Bernard Haviland 43 Forestry 1902
Kearney Everett Hendricks 41 Modern Theories of Cosmical Evolution 1902
Tetsutaro Inumaru 180 The Cotton Industry of the United States 1902
S. Percy Jones 53 The Trees of Haverford Campus 1902
Edward Goodwin Kirk 41 The Future American Citizen 1902
William Collins Longstreth 15 The Inter-State Commerce Commission 1902
Herman Newman 48 The Alexandrian Situation 1902
William Pyle Philips 62 The Study of Moliere and his Attitude toward the Doctors 1902
William Webb Pusey, II 52 Railroad Control by State Commissions 1902
John Wallace Reeder 47; unnumbered Irrigation in the United States 1902
David Allen Roberts 55 Mechanical Equipment of a Modern Office Building 1902
Robert John Ross 45 Confederate Prisons 1902
Herbert Armitt Scattergood 52 The Development of the Typical Gas Engine 1902
Andrew Dante Schrag 41 The Merits of Immanuel Kant 1902
Norris Alexander Scott 41 Trusts 1902
Carlino Linn Seiler 40 Richard Wagner, Musician, Poet and Socialist, and his Influence on the Life of Germany 1902
Charles Harper Smith 44 Influence of the Sea upon Euripides 1902
Alexander Guy Holborn Spiers 58 Charles of Orleans and his Works 1902
John Lyon Stone 40; unnumbered The Petroleum Industry of Pennsylvania 1902
Charles Wharton Stork 39; unnumbered The Development of English Realism 1902
George Herbert Thomas 68 Ship Building 1902
Edgar Earl Trout 105 Newton's Laws of Motion 1902
Caspar Wistar 76 Atlantic Steamships 1902
Alexander Cooper Wood, Jr 52 The Truth and Fiction of Faith Healing and Christian Science 1902
Parke Lewis Woodward 30 Mohammedanism 1902
F.E. Barr 80; unnumbered The Russian Church 1903
E.B. Bateman 50 John Wesley 1903
H.J. Cadbury 35; unnumbered The Philosophy of Faith 1903
C.R. Cornman 58 The Monroe Doctrine 1903
C.W. Davis 60 Some Aspects of the Negro Question 1903
H.A. Domincovich 64 The Sale of Beer and Light Wines at Post Exchanges in the United States Army 1903
J.B. Drinker 44 Thackeray's Cynicism 1903
O.E. Duerr 40 Maturation and Fertilization of Life Elements 1903
C.V. Hodgson 75 Alchemy 1903
E.F. Hoffman 29 The Ethics of George Eliot 1903
J.E. Hollingsworth 42 The Ethics of Homer as found in the Iliad and the Odyssey 1903
H.M. Hoskins 45 The Moral Teaching and Influence of George Fox 1903
D.B. Miller 33 The Short Story 1903
G. Pierce 38 The Evolution of Conscience from a Scientific Standpoint 1903
A.J. Phillips 50 The Coal Strike of 1902 1903
E.N. Rabinowitz 46 Karl Marx 1903
R.L. Simkin 48 The Conception of God as Remote 1903
W.E. Swift 17 A Labor Saving Device 1903
I.S. Tilney 35 The Fur Trade 1903
H.M. Trueblood 52 Mathematics and Modern Engineering 1903
I. White 58 Ultimate Ideals or Supreme Objects of Life 1903
S.N. Wilson 42; unnumbered The Life and Work of Galileo Galilei 1903
F.R. Winslow 35; unnumbered Monks and Monachism in Europe 1903
J.K. Worthington 41 The Pennsylvania Railroad 1903
Fred Van Winkle Andrew 57 The Poor Laws of Pennsylvania 1904
William Parker Bonbright 72 Literature of the Tragic Conflict 1904
William Summers Bradley 32 Advancement of Agricultural Colleges and Agriculture 1904
Howard Haines Brinton 64 The Element of Mysticism in Quakerism 1904
Daniel Lawrence Burgess 48 The Song of Roland, and the Character of its Hero 1904
John Charles 48 The Production of a Greek Play 1904
Joseph Woodburn Clark 54 The Filtration System of Philadelphia, Pa. 1904
Arthur Crowell 97 Present Conditions of Labor Unions in the United States 1904
Philip Donald Folwell 71 The Scholar of the Middle Ages 1904
Chester Raymond Haig 47 Modern Aspect of Physical Education 1904
George Kingman Helbert 50 The Modern Gas Engine 1904
William Tatum Hilles 139 The Hawaiian Islands 1904
Abel Wesley Kratz 52 The Anabaptist Movement 1904
Wm. Marmaduke Cope Kimber 46 The Pennsylvania Hospital 1904
Bernard Lester 367 Wireless Telegraphy (in five chapters) 1904
Luke Lindley 44 The Judicial History of Iowa 1904
Robert Pharo Lowry 81 Henry Fielding, Realistic Novelist 1904
Thomas Jefferson Megear 67 Irrigation in the United States 1904
Charles Christopher Morris 46 The City Hall of Philadelphia 1904
Harold Hollingsworth Morris 42 German Society in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries 1904
Harold Messner Schabacker 39 Railway accidents in America 1904
Carlos Noyes Sheldon 72 The Congregational Church of New England 1904
Edgar Thomas Snipes 79 The Negro Problem 1904
James Martin Stokes, Jr. 44 Modern Advertising 1904
John Roberts Thomas 42 A History of Isthmian Canal Failures 1904
Henry Norman Thorn 55 The Cranberry Industry 1904
Bert Calvin Wells 46 An Historical Sketch of the Theory of Numbers 1904
Erwyn Porter West 61 The Alternating Current Single Phase Motor in Traction Work 1904
William Mintzer Wills 49 The Chemistry and other Phases of Iron and Steel 1904
Samuel Clayton Withers 69 The Present Status of the Labor Controversy 1904
Alexander, Charles Allison 52 The Industrial Development of Water Power 1905
Andrew, Adelbert Owen 52 Arianism 1905
Babb, Maurice Jefferis 44 Mathematics in the United States 1905
Bales, Thomas Menroy 44 What we Owe to Greece 1905
Boher, Sydney Morris 77 The Crisis of 1893 and the Subsequent Depression 1905
Bushnell, Charles Stone 46 The New York and New Jersey Railway Co's Tunnells and the New York Tunnells of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. 1905
Cates, Benjamin Harold 68 The "Sweating System" 1905
Cookman, Harold Holmes 120 The Development of Rapid Transit in New York City 1905
Cox, Henry Greer 36 Some Women of Shakespeare 1905
Downing, Thomas Stalker 95 The Manufacture of Steel 1905
Eshleman, Benjamin 50 The Pennsylvania Germans 1905
Evans, Ernest Mervyn 59 The Ephrata Kloster 1905
Fisher, Charles Worley 90 The Gothenburg System of Liquor Traffic 1905
Fleming, Montgomery Ward 60 Convict Labor 1905
Hopkins, Arthur Haddon 41; unnumbered The Simplon Tunnel 1905
Jones, Harold William 39 The Origin of Species by Mutation 1905
Jones, Paul 46 Hours of Labor 1905
Lee, Charles Smith 33 The English Government in India 1905
Morris, Joseph Howard 69 Submarine Telegraphy 1905
Murray, Effingham Cock 55 The Incorporation of Labor Unions 1905
Ohl, Frederick William 75 The Mediaeval hymn "Dies Irae" 1905
Pearson, Ralph Lincoln 32; unnumbered The Developmment of the Pennsylvania Railroad 1905
Peirce, Edmund Converse 46 Conservation of Energy 1905
Priestman, Albert Glyndon 58 The Bacterial Purification of Sewage 1905
Beagan, William J. 68 Subconsciousness 1905
Ritts, Elias 91 The History of Petroleum 1905
Seely, Leslie Birchard 17 Two Frog Distomes 1905
Seevers, Marion Bruner 80 The Growth and Development of the Present United States Navy 1905
Smith, Manning James 60 Aeilus Sejanus 1905
Spaeth, Sigmund Gottfried 90 The Development of Instrumental Music 1905
Stein, Herman Kroberger 82 Some Problems of the Panama Canal 1905
Stone, Elliot Kays 50 A belief in Spirits 1905
Teller, Chester Jacob 62; unnumbered The Social Settlement in Theory and Practice 1905
Thomas, Howard Pitner 60 Electric Traction on Steam Railroads 1905
White, Lyndon Lea 64 Montanism 1905
Edmund Fletcher Bainbridge 43 Concrete used for Building Construction 1906
Donald Cornog Baldwin 45 The Subconscious Self 1906
Frank Seneca Breyfogel 60 Welfare Work in the Factory 1906
Thomas Kite Brown, Jr. 110 The Legend of Oedipus Tyrannus 1906
Walter Carson 63 The Theory of Criminal Law 1906
Richard Lucius Cary 46 The Conservation of Energy 1906
Thomas Crowell 35 The Design and Construction of a Dynamo 1906
Aubrey Cowtan Dickson 65 Convict Labor 1906
H. Warringdon Doughten, Jr. 52 A Study of Anthractite Coal Conditions in Pennsylvania 1906
Joseph Pusey Edsall 40 The Steam Turbine. Principles and Construction. Its relative advantage over the Reciprocating Engine. 1906
James Turner Fales 52 The Development of Law as Shown particularly in the English and Roman Systems 1906
Gordon Harwood Graves 70 John Milton's Silvarum Liter done into English Verse 1906
William Henry Haines, Jr. 37; unnumbered The Gypsy. His Origin and General Characteristics 1906
Albert Weimer Hemphill 21 Solution of a Roof Truss 1906
Harry Boardman Hopper 52 Mahomet and Islam 1906
William Kennard, Jr. 60; unnumbered The Genesis of London 1906
William Gibbon Lindsay 49 The Industrial Development of North Carolina 1906
Arthur Tilghman Lowry 60 Progress in Flying Machines 1906
Warren Koons Miller 130 The Amendments to the Constitution of the United States 1906
James Monroe 55 The Development of the Telephone 1906
Francis Bolton Morris 69 The History and Development of the Internal Combustion Engine 1906
Joseph Walton Mott 30; unnumbered The English in South Africa prior to 1880 1906
Spencer Gilbert Nauman 44; unnumbered Church and State and Development of Religious Education 1906
Jesse Duer Philips 57 Child and Female labor 1906
Henry Pleasants, Jr. 54 The Vaso-Motor Nerve System and its Relation to Human Life 1906
David James Reid 54; unnumbered Mosquitoes. Their Life History and Relation to Disease 1906
Elliott Bartram Richards 66 The Literary Art of Oedipus Tyrannus 1906
Ralph William Sands 71 Industrial Peace. The Trade Agreement and Trade Conciliation Boards 1906
Daniel Herbert Schweyer 46 The Marble Producing Industry in the United States 1906
Roderick Scott 144 Prolegomena to Conversion 1906
Franklin Gates Sheldon 60 Vermont in the Civil War 1906
Raphael Johnson Shortlidge 56 Religious Instruction and the Public School System 1906
Albert Keith Smiley, Jr. 41 The Value of Color in Animals 1906
John Alfred Stratton 18 The Importance of Geographical Conditions on the Course of American History 1906
Francis Richards Taylor 79 French Protestant Persecutions and the Camisard War 1906
Joseph Tunney 92 Papal Infallibility. Its Meaning and Significance 1906
Walter Albert Young 52 Our Immigration Problem 1906
Joseph Cooper Birdsall 67 Horace: A Study of the Roman Satire and its Development 1907
Arthur Emlen Brown 77 International Peace 1907
Paul Willits Brown 70 Welfare Work in Industries 1907
George Brinton Comfort 71 The American Gasoline Automobile for 1907 1907
George Craig Craig 45 The Distribution, Growth, and Methods of Lumbering Timber in the United States. 1907
Walter Lewis Croll 81; unnumbered The Discovery and Development of the Periodic Law 1907
Ira Jacob Dodge 19 The Relations of Nerve and Blood Vessels in the Auxilliary Region of the Opossum. Didelphia Virginiana. 1907
William Stauffer Eldredge 34 Swift -The Reformer 1907
Harold Evans 44 Industrial Arbitration and Conciliation 1907
Francis Downing Godley 40; unnumbered A History of Fire Insurannce 1907
Samuel J. Gummere 44 The United States Diplomatic Service: a few facts concerning it, the need for it, and reforms needed in it 1907
Wilbur Hamilton Haines 53 The Comparative Anatomy of the Stomach in the Mammalia 1907
Charles Ruglas Hoover 37 The Constitution of Portland Cement 1907
Ernest Fuller Jones 51 Forest Effects on Water Supplies 1907
Charles Frederick Lee 67; unnumbered Prolegomena to the Concept 1907
Raleigh Cabell Lindsay 61 The Industrial South and its Social Problems 1907
James Phineas Magill 58 The Grounds for Believing that the Hague Court will become a Substitute for War 1907
Joseph Cornell B. March 35 The Utility of Colors in Animals with especial Reference to Protective Coloration 1907
Michael Henry March 35; unnumbered The Aborigines of North America 1907
Howard Mitchell, Jr. 33 The Development of the Christian Ministry during the First Three Centuries 1907
Alfred Balch Morton 68 The Cotton Market 1907
John Whitall Nicholson, Jr. 27 Prices 1907
Jose Padin 70 Gustavo Adolfo Becquer: A Study 1907
Richard Arnold Ricks, Jr. 75 The Relations of Tariff to Labor in the United States 1907
William Ryle Rossmaessler 40 Raw Silk 1907
Howard Hey Shoemaker 44; unnumbered The Influence of Locke's "Two Treatises on Government" 1907
Edward Comfort Tatnall 46; unnumbered The Open-Hearth Process of Steel Manufacture 1907
Emmett Robinson Tatnall 52; unnumbered A History of Banking in the United States 1907
Charles Clayton Terrell 63 A Study of the Araneae of Haverford 1907
Alexander Nes Warner 60 The "Haverford" Automobile 1907
William Butler Windle 43 The Origin and Establishment of the Supreme Court of the United States 1907
George Hallock Wood 85 The Panama Canal and its Problems 1907
Baily, Fisher Corlies 76 World Unity 1908
Brown, Carroll Thornton 86; unnumbered An Investigation of the Religious Experiences of the Early Friends in England 1908
Burtt, Howard 72 The Fehmgericht of Westphalia 1908
Bushnell, Joseph 3rd 40 Modern Shop Management 1908
Carroll, Dudley DeWitt 39 Child Labor in the South 1908
Clement, John Browning Jr. 36 The Boy Problem 1908
Crites, Jesse William 80 The Mountain People of Kentucky; their Customs and Social Conditions 1908
Drinker, Cecil Kent 83 Military Sanitation in the United States 1908
Edwards, Edward Aiken 48 The Design and Construction of a Modern Sea Going Yacht 1908
Elkinton 78 International Peace and the Means of Securing It 1908
Emlen, George Williams Jr. 40 The Tristram and Iseulo Legend and its Treatment by the Modern Press 1908
Eill, Thomas Rothwell 75 The Electric Storage Battery and its Commercial Applications, with a Test of a Small Battery in Use at Haverford College 1908
Hobbs, Allen Wilson 34 The South and the Liquor Question 1908
Lewis, Walter E. 52 The French States-General to 1614 1908
Linton, Morris Albert 92 The Theory of the Alternate Current Transformer 1908
Longstreth, Thomas Morris 56 A Suggestion to My People 1908
Miller, Charles Lichty 60 Martin Luther 1908
Morriss, Walter Haviland Jr. 56 Mental Therapeutics 1908
Musser, Frederick Omar 50 The Child of the Slum 1908
Petry, Loren Clifford 40 Series: Their Origin and the Development of Their Uses 1908
Sargent, Winthrop Jr. 73 On Museau: The Tale of Hero and Leander 1908
Scott, Carl Forse 61 The Theormodynamics of the Steam Turbine 1908
Shoemaker, Walter Rodman 48 Witchcraft in Europe 1908
Strode, George King 54 The Mendelian Principle and its Effect on Heredity 1908
Thomas, James Carey 2nd. 44 Religion vs. Christianity 1908
Whitson, Walter Wilkin 64 The Tenemant House of New York and Philadelphia, in Relation to the Law 1908
Wing, Stephen Remington 67 The Mathematical Theory of the Induction Motor 1908
Woodard, Raymond Clarence 81 The Historical Development of the Sacraments 1908
Wright, Edwin 80 Financial Troubles and Problems of 1907 1908
Bard, George Smith 44 Portable Four-Cycle Gas Engine Design 1909
Brey, Robert Newton 40 The Importance of Electro-Chemistry in the Manufacture of Aluminium 1909
Bryne, Andreas 57 Goldoni and Italian Comedy 1909
Crowell, James White 56 The Congo Free State 1909
Deacon, Gerald Hartley 46 The Clearing House System of the United States 1909
Doak, Henry Andrew 46 The Problem of Inland Waterway Improvement 1909
Fay, Percival Bradshaw 74 The Novels of V. Blasco Ibáñez 1909
Febiger, William Sellers 47 Victor Hugo's Revolt from the Classic School 1909
Hamilton, Frederick Clifford 46 Design of a Short Span Highway Bridge 1909
Killen, Clarence Creadick 59 Chaucer's Use of Classic Materials 1909
Kitchen, Paul Cliff 44 Some Facts and Conclusions about the Earlier Middle Ages 1909
Lewis, Thomas Krapfel 43 A Comparative Study of the Skin of Vertebrates 1909
Lowry, Alfred Jr. 118 Two Quaker Problems 1909
Lutz, Howard Milton 87; unnumbered The Development of the United States as a World Power since 1898 1909
Martinson, Charles Gilbert 31 Irrigation in Kansas and California as Representative States 1909
Miller, Paul Van Reed 55 The Problem of the Tenement 1909
Moore, Lawrence Clayton 72 The Medecinal Value of Psychotherapy 1909
Morris, Glenn Whinery 45 Some Factors in the Conservation of Coal 1909
Mott, Richard Henry 66 Physical Exercise in Orthopedic Surgery 1909
Myers, Frederick, Jr. 57 The Popes of the Great Schism 1909
Pennypacker, Joseph Whitaker 56 Paternalism and Industry 1909
Philips, David Leon 36 America's Citizen 1909
Raiford, Edward Paul 31 The South and the Negro 1909
Ramsey, Frank McCracken 56 Modern Education in China 1909
Sandt, Walter Correll 69 "Almost a Christian," A Study of the Life and Works of Marcus Aurelius 1909
Sharpless, Thomas Kite 72 Road Construction for Country Districts 1909
Shoemaker, Edwin 58 The Development of the Papacy to a Position of Supremacy in the Church, 100 to 867 1909
Spaeth, Reynold Albrecht The Distribution of the Genus Cyclops in the Vicinity of Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. 1909
Spiers, Mark Herbert Carver 51 The Corpuscular Theory and the Periodic Law 1909
Stokes, Joseph Warrington 59 Notes on the Pines of the United States 1909
Taylor, Frederick Raymond 67 The Development, Action and Function of the Emotions in the Early Years of Childhood 1909
Thompson, Charles Baker 65 Psychotherapy 1909
Underhill, Robert Lindley Murray 86 Employer's Liability for Industrial Accidents 1909
Watson, Matthew Herbert 53 The Religiousness of the Greeks 1909
Allinson, Edward Page 42 The Servants in Molière's Comedies 1910
Barrett, Lawrence Haney 95 Labor Organizations in Their Relations to Non-Union Workmen 1910
Boyce, William Thomas 89 The Direct Tax of 1798 1910
Bryan, Julian Scott 118 The United States in the Philippines 1910
Cadbury, Earl Shinn 46 The Development of the Revolutionary Spirit in France in the 18th Century 1910
Cary, Donald Bush 63 The First Crusade and the Events Leading up to it 1910
Clark, Charles Fygis 52 The Struggle Between Charles 1st and his Parliaments which lead to the Petition of Rights 1910
Crow, Hollie Ernest 17 Monocotyle Floridanum 1910
David, Edward Wandell 50 The Ethical Grounds for Opposition to War 1910
Davis, Henry 50 Dangerous Occupations 1910
Edwards, Earle Nelson 44 The Principles of Graphic Statics and Their Application to Framed Structures 1910
Else, Ralph Roscoe 107 Origin and Development of Trial by Jury 1910
Froelicher, Charles Mitchell 37 Rudyard Kipling 1910
Furness, Harold Alan 53; unnumbered The Integrating Wattmeter Induction Type 1910
Gheen, Evan Pennock 43 China -- Japan and the United States 1910
Green, John Clinton 57 The Development and Economic Utility of Produce Exchanges 1910
Haines, Carroll Austin 48 Monasticism 1910
Hires, Harrison Streeter 46 The American Lyric of To-day - Its Value and Significance 1910
Kenderdine, John Donald 43 Theory and Practice of Welfare Work 1910
Kerbaugh, George Allen 50 The Cocoa Bean - Its History and Use 1910
Leininger, Charles Scott 68 Workmen's Compensation for Industrial Accidents 1910
Lewis, Henry Carvill 51 Some Points on the Design of a Four Cylinder, Four Cycle, Gasoline Engine for an Automobile 1910
Morley, Christopher Darlington 65 Robert Louis Stevenson: Author and Man 1910
Morris, Reginald Hollingsworth 52 Ethyl Alcohol - Its Origin and Uses 1910
Palmer, Walter 19; unnumbered The Geological Formations of Delaware County 1910
Phillips, John Phillips 122 Convict Labor 1910
Rabinowitz, Samuel Abraham 46 Apocalyptic Jewish Literature 1910
Ristine, Charles Scott 45 The Alternating Current Transformer 1910
Roberts, Alfred Stokes 29 Quaker Settlement in the Province of New Jersey 1910
Shoemaker, Comly Bird, 2nd 49 The Founding of the Iron Industry in America, and one Branch of this Industry of Today 1910
Tomlinson, Willard Pyle 69 Autobiographical Introspection 1910
Townsend, Horace Raymond 86 The Direct Tax of 1813 1910
Wheeler, Guy Samuel 38 Survey of Early English Drama 1910
Whitall, James 50 Richard Wagner: His Life and Works 1910
Williams, William Loyd Garrison 29 The Life and Works of Sidonius Apollinaris and Their Significance 1910
Ashbrook, James 44; unnumbered The Drawings of Hans Holbein, the Younger 1911
Boyer, Daniel B. 59 Facts, Figures and Statistics relating to Banking in the United States 1911
Bradway, John S. 62; unnumbered A Few Features of the Epic and Allied Literatures 1911
Clarke, James A.Jr 28 The Pennsylvania Newspaper before 1750 1911
Clark, Jefferson H.Jr. 44 A Brief Survey of Spinal Anaesthesia 1911
Deane, Philip B. 35; unnumbered Vanadium and its Application to the Iron and Steel Industry 1911
Downing, John S. 39 Development and Working of the Blast Furnace 1911
Farquhar, Benjamin 58 A Permanent Tariff Commission 1911
Ferris, Henry,Jr. 38 Measurements of Electric Oscillations and their Bearing on Radio-Telegraphy 1911
Guenther, Jacob J. 41; unnumbered The Need of a Social Church for the Needs of a Social World. (A Constructive Criticism) 1911
Hadley, T. Fred 62 Poverty Movements in the Church in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Cenrutires 1911
Hartshorne, Wm. D. Jr. 68 Victor Hugo, Dramatist of the French Romantic School 1911
Hinshaw, David S. 48 The Development and Position of the Newspaper, especially the American Newspaper 1911
Hobbs, Richard J.M. 69; unnumbered The Development of the Sentiment for Union - 1754 to 1774 1911
Jones, Le Roy 53 The Inner Light and New Quakerism 1911
Mc Kay, Howard F. 79 Gnosticism 1911
Patrick, Jesse K. 60 Longevity, with its Relation to the Ductless Glands 1911
Post, L. Arnold 47 Greek and English Epic 1911
Price, Joseph H. 36; unnumbered Thomas Nashe - English Satirist 1911
Reynolds, D. Duer 70 The Life and Important Works of Bayard Taylor 1911
Schoepperle, Victor F. 52 The Viewpoint of a Theatre 1911
Shero, Lucius R. 37 ΑΛΚIΦΡΟΝΟΣ ΡΗΤΟΡΟΣ Translated (in part) with Introduction by L.R. Shero 1911
Spaulding, Eugene R. 89 The Indian Policy of Pennsylvania to 1701 1911
Spencer, Ebenezer H. 59 The Federal Supervision of Life Insurance 1911
Stuccator, Henry B. 40 A Glimpse at the Origin and Doings of The Bank of England 1911
Taylor, Howard G. Jr. 25 The Internal Leaf Structure of some Common Spermatophytes 1911
Tostenson, Frederick C. 32 The Conception of the Devil 1911
Wadsworth, Charles 3rd 42 St. Augustine: A short treatise on his life, his thought, his work and his theology. 1911
Winslow, Caleb 47 Frederick II Emperor of the Romans, the most Modern Man of the Middle Ages 1911
Young, Alan S. 48 The Jew in the Immigrant Problem 1911
Young, Wilmer J. 40 The Boy Problem 1911
Baily, Albert Lang Jr. 60 An Inquiry Into the Flights of Certain of Our More Common Birds 1912
Baily, Joshua Longstreth Jr. 85; unnumbered Preliminary Biometrical Observations on the Evolution of Goniobasis 1912
Balderston, Mark 29 A Consideration of the Halos Sometimes formed about the Photographic Image of a Bright Object 1912
Beebe, Stacey Kile 21 Evolution and Darwinism 1912
Bowerman, Arthur Lindley 42 A Study of the Extent of Religious Liberty in Early Rhode Island, Maryland, and Pennsylvania -- With especial reference to its development 1912
Brewer, Paul Olisby Jr. 51 Concrete -- Plain and Reinforced. A few reasons why it is the best building material extant 1912
Brownlee, John Arthur 51 The Ethics of War and Peace 1912
Carpenter, James McFadden Jr. 24 The Problem of the Feebleminded 1912
Cope, Joshua Alban 35 Paul Hervieu and Le Theatre Nouveau. Being a consideration of some of the principle schools of French Dramatic Art and the heritage in them of Paul Hervieu the leader of De Theatre Nouveau 1912
Durgin, Clyde Gowen 45 Dust Prevention 1912
Elfreth, J. Benington Jr. 54 The Bank of France 1912
Falconer, Douglas Platt 53 Employer's Liability and Workmen's Compensation Systems in Europe and the United States 1912
Fansler, Ralph Lee 75 The Philadelphia Clearing-House. Its history and methods 1912
Farquhar, Francis Hunt 56 Scientific Management 1912
Ferris, Leslie Warren 47 The Chemistry of the Photographic Plate 1912
Froelicher, Hans Jr. 60 Socrates: the Significance of his Life in the History of Greek Thought 1912
Howard, William Herbert 43 The Chemistry of Milk and its Relation to the Public Health 1912
Howson, Horace 40; unnumbered The Philippine Islands 1912
Hunt, Clarence Merle 44 Subscription to Creeds 1912
Lathem, Lance Brenton 42 Great Violinists 1912
Lewis, William Evan 22 Plans and Specifications for a Plant for the Disposal of the Sewage of Haverford College 1912
Longstreth, Walter Wood 28 The Evolution of the Gasoline Motor in Automobile Construction 1912
Lowry, Herbert Mendenhall 68 Theodoric: His Influence on the History of Italy 1912
Maier, Harmon 45 Telepathy 1912
Marshburn, Albert Lawrence 44 The Fatum of Lucretius and Vergil 1912
Miller, Edward Imbrie 41 Scientific Management 1912
Miller, Robert Everts 35 Tolstoy: An Appreciation 1912
Moon, Charles Thompson 49 The Outlook for Quakerism, Past and Present 1912
Morris, Sydney Sharp 18 The Development of the Grey Patent Rolling Mill in America 1912
Murray, David Colden 31 Alexander Dumas Fils, Dramatist 1912
Nichols, Eli 48 A Survey of the Housing and Care of the Insane from Point of View of Development 1912
Parker, John Hollowell 56 A Separation of the Losses in a Direct Current Generator 1912
Poley, Irvin Corson 27 The Work of Emile Augier 1912
Renninger, John Daub 48 The Crisis and Panic of 1907 and the Important Lesson we Have Learned from It 1912
Rhoad, Kenneth Andrew 32 The Development of International Arbitration 1912
Ritts, Leonard Chase 91 The Early History of Chautauqua Assembly 1912
Roberts, William Hooten Jr. 31 A Thesis on the Principles of Scientific Management and their Application to Shop Management 1912
Shipley, Thomas Emlen 17; unnumbered The Treatment of the American Convict 1912
Smiley, Francis Gerow 44 The House Fly 1912
Smith, Lloyd Mellor 34 An Essay on Mohammedanism 1912
Steere, Walter Hopkins 68 The Science of Salesmanship 1912
Thomas, Henry Malcolm Jr. 20; unnumbered The Psychoanalysis of Dreams 1912
Wallerstein, Edward Jr. 52 Welfare Work 1912
Baker, Paul Gay 45 A Separation of the Losses in a Direct Current Motor 1913
Beatty, Joseph Moorhead Jr. 52 The English Clintons, together with a Sketch of the Life of Rev. Charles Beatty, A. M. (1712- 1772) 1913
Brown, Paul Howard 23 Soil Bacteria in Relation to Soil Fertility 1913
Crosman, Charles Henry 34 Scope and Importance of the Science of National Eugenics 1913
Crowder, William Samuel 45 State Legislates 1913
Curtis, Frederick Augustus 44 Eugene Brieux and His Plays 1913
Diament, Francis Harrar 43 History and Doctrines of the Religious Society of Friends. (Hicksite) 1913
Froelicher, Francis Mitchell 31 William Wordsworth: Poet 1913
Gifford, Philip Collins 35 History of Moses Brown School 1913
Goddard, Arthur Herbert 26 The Development of Domestic Colonial Architecture 1913
Gregory, Raymond 45 Activity 1913
Hadley, Lawrence Nathan 38; unnumbered The Effect of English History on the English Literature of the Fourteenth Century 1913
Hall, Norris Folger 58 Laughter 1913
Hare, William Yarnell 35 Recent Impressions of Eugenics 1913
Hires, Charles Elmer Jr. 31 Painting: The Modern French Schools 1913
Howson, Richard 31 Hallucinations 1913
Longstreth, William Church 26; unnumbered The Chestnut Blight 1913
Ludlam, Jesse Diverty 46 The Official Relation of the Democratic Party to the Tariff 1913
Maule, Edmund Richardson 31 The History of the Ancient Church 1913
Meader, Stephen Warren 64 The Lyric Poetry of John Dryden 1913
Mendenhall, Lloyd Hadley 61 The Development of the Science of Chemistry Previous to the Time of Lavoisier 1913
Montgomery, George 60 The Indian Peace Policy of President Grant, with Particular Attention to the Activities of the Friends 1913
Nicholson, Herbert Victor 44 Bad Housing: Its Cost to the Community and How to Remedy It 1913
Offermann, Harry 102 The idea of Φιλανθρωπία Among the Greeks 1913
Pickett, Samuel Caleb 33; unnumbered Hydraulic Gold Mining in the State of California 1913
Porter, Oliver Moore 80 Forestry and Forest Taxation 1913
Tatnall, Joseph 45 The Conscience as a Producer of Dramatic Climaxes in History 1913
Taylor, Norman Henry 21 A Superficial Study of Some of the Modern Phases of the Movement toward Criticising and Limiting the Intellect 1913
Thomas, Lester Ralston 61 Small Town Sanitation 1913
Van Sickle, John Valentine 84 The Steel Industry- A Survey 1913
Webb, William 100 Notes in American Constitutional History 1913
Winslow, Edwards Fayssoux 40 The Origin and Development of Pharmacy 1913
Winslow, George Leiper 47; unnumbered St. Paul and the Council of Jerusalem 1913
Woosley, John Brooks 48 The Realization of Personality 1913
Young, Charles Otis 62 Collid Chemistry and Some of Its Practical Applications 1913
Bell, Henry Ernest 56 Peach Raising in New York 1914
Bentley, Jules Silvanus 46; unnumbered Government Ownership of Railways 1914
Bowerman, Walter Gregory 45 Some Problems from the Calculus of Finite Differences 1914
Champlin, Carroll Dunham 92 The Message of Matthew Arnold 1914
Clarke, Stewart Patterson 65 Andrew Marvell, a Poet in Parliament 1914
Downing, George Valentine 85 The Production of Leather, and its Relation to Chemistry 1914
Edgerton, Charles Willis 46 The Isolated Electric Plant for the Farm 1914
Elkinton, Alfred Walton 24 The Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association 1914
Elkinton, Howard West 41 Hypnotism with Especial Reference to Post-Suggestion 1914
Elkinton, Thomas William 62 Industrial Service 1914
Ferguson, Joseph Cooper, 3d 41 The Influence of the Writings of Sir Walter Scott on the Writings of Honoré de Balzac 1914
Ferris, Malcolm 30 The Design and Construction of a Radio-Goniometer 1914
Garrigues, John Kittera 108 A Parallel Study of Greek and Roman Religious Education 1914
Green, Jesse Paul 22 The Injunction--Its Relation to Capital and Labor Problems 1914
Jones, Edward Morris 51 A Brief Account of the Main Stages in the Evolution of Landscape Architecture 1914
Kelly, Thomas Raymond 47 An Historical Sketch of the Friends Africa Industrial Mission 1914
Kelsey, Hadley Hart 84 Friends in Education with Especial Reference to the History of Friends' Colleges in America 1914
Lane, Harold Macy 74 Charles Dickens and the Reform of Social Abuses 1914
Lewis, Benjamin Jones 117; unnumbered until last page History of the Arabs in Spain 1914
Locke, Robert Allison 37 Oil Engine Practice 1914
McFarlan, Roy 13 A Type of Commercial Distribution in the United States 1914
McKinley, Rowland Paull 41 The Immigrant and the Slum 1914
Miller, Harold Schaeffer 33 The Religion of the Koran 1914
Parker, Douglas Leonard 71 The Group Spirit 1914
Pattison, William Sheppard 34 A Defense of Free Tolls for American Shipping in the Panama Canal 1914
Philips, Rowland Stanton 49 James's Pragmatism 1914
Rice, Edward, Jr. 81 Kant's Pre-critical Works 1914
Richardson, Baxter Key 91 Features of the North Carolina Proprietary Government 1914
Rogers, Robert Groves 30; unnumbered Maria Montessori and her Method 1914
Sangree, Paul Hudson 62 Electric Propulsion of Ships 1914
Smith, Robert Chapman 63 Journalism in England in the Early Nineteenth Century 1914
Stokes, Samuel Emlen 45 The Reducing Substance of Blood 1914
Taylor, Herbert William 27 The Functions and Diseases of the Suprarenal Capsules 1914
Trueblood, Charles Kingsley 20 Eustacia Vye as Representative of the Character of Thomas Hardy's Women 1914
Waples, Douglas 84 The French Problem-play: Its Origins and Development 1914
Whitall, William Henry Bacon 52 Mendelism and its Relation to Human Heredity 1914
Williams, Charles Rhoads 84; unnumbered Aesthetics and the Theatre 1914
Allen, Percival Roy 35 Electric Oscillations and Resonance as Applied to Wireless Telegraphy 1915
Baird, Donald Galbraith 31 Balzac and "Scénes de la vie de Province." 1915
Bowman, Edgar Milton 44 Labiche 1915
Brinton, Walter Carroll 25 Prehistoric Art 1915
Bye, Edgar Chalfant 61 Jesus' Own Conception of His Mission 1915
Carey, Galloway Cheston 23 Commission Government--The Most Modern Form of Government for American Cities 1915
Coleman, Nelson Bader 56 History of the Lumber Industry in the United States 1915
Crosman, Edgar Newton, Jr. 60 Railway Electrification 1915
Crosman, Loring Pickering 96 The Monotype Casting Machine 1915
Dunn, Emmett Reid 8 The Variations of a Brood of Watersnakes 1915
Falconer, Cyrus 57 Forces Concerned in the Ascent of Sap 1915
Farr, Edward Lincoln, Jr. 25 Protective and Aggressive Color in Animals 1915
Gummere, John Westcott 43; unnumbered The Probable Relation between the Japanese "No" Drama and the Ancient Greek Drama 1915
Hallett, George Hervey, Jr. 47; unnumbered The Morning Awakening of Birds During the Spring Migration 1915
Harvey, Andrew 53 On Coma and Some of the Conditions under Which it arises 1915
Helveston, Harold William 41 Watt-Hour Demand Meter--Its Development and Application 1915
Hendricks, Paul Craig 91 The History and Present Status of Injunctions in Labor Disputes 1915
Hoopes, Thomas, Jr. 28 Shall We Have Government Ownership or Government Regulation of Electrical Means of Communication 1915
Howson, Hubert Abbe 35 Development of the Modern Tungsten Filament 1915
Leland, William Henry 102 A Review of our Consular Service: with its Recommendation to the College Graduate as a Life Work 1915
Levis, Edward Megarge 42; unnumbered Lamarch's Theory of Evolution 1915
McCracken, Harlan Linneus 35 Minimum Wage 1915
McNeill, Joseph 93 Pagan Rivals to Christ 1915
Moore, Edwin Lawton, Jr. 22 The Problem of Sex Determination 1915
Morley, Felix Muskett 42 The War and the Socialist Movement 1915
Nitobe, Yoshio 34 The Foreign Policy of Japan 1915
Pharo, Eugene Morris 31 The Art of the Short-Story; A Modern Literary Form 1915
Shaffer, Elmer 29 Discocatyle salmonis, nov. spec. A New Trematode from the Gills of the Rainbow Trout 1915
Tang, Man Hoi 61 Monetary Situation since 1907 1915
Taylor, Kempton Potter Aikin 83 Some Aspects of Scientific Management 1915
Turner, Charles Brinkley 29 Control of the Stock Exchange 1915
Vail, Walter Elwood 41 Carnotite 1915
VanHollen, Donald Beauchamp 16 The Influence of Roman Law on the Court of Chancery 1915
Votaw, Ernest Nicholson 33 The German Banking System 1915
Waln, Yvo Orestes 34 A Report on Haverford College Observatory 1915
Webster, William Dampier 20 The Theory of Mutation 1915
Weikel, Malcolm Husted 23 Recent Plays of Pinero 1915
Whipple, Paul Kimball 23 The Legal Status of the Roman Freewoman 1915
White, William Alpheus, Jr. 58 Beginnings of Agriculture in Pennsylvania 1915
Allen, Wilmar Mason 52 The Problem of Death [from a biological standpoint (from title page)] 1916
Bangham, Ralph Vandervort 42 Mendelism 1916
Bray, William McKinley 16 The World's Milk Supply 1916
Buffum, Frederick Cyrus, Jr. 51 Prison Reform and Reformers 1916
Carey, James, 3d. 33 Prolegomena to Ethics by T.H. Green 1916
Cary, Frank Wing 28 The Price of Steel in Recent Years 1916
Cooper, Joseph Arthur 21 Fire Waste and its Prevention 1916
Corson, Bolton Langdon 29 Recent Development in Automobile Springs 1916
Dunlap, George Arthur 39 Stephen Phillips and the Poetic Drama with a Special Study of "Ulysses" 1916
Ellison, James Sprague 62 A Brief History of the Principle Theories of Organic Evolution: Anazimander to Charles Darwin 1916
Faries, Walter Reichner 28 The Development of a Finalistic Theory of Life 1916
Garrigues, Albert Graham 41 The Origin and Development of the Story of the Fall of Satan 1916
Hannum, William Townsend 36 The History of Forestry in Pennsylvania 1916
Hunter, Perry Ashbridge 52 Investment Bonds 1916
Johnson, Henry Alden 31 (one page labeled "20 1/2," counted as its own page) Workmen's Compensation Laws 1916
Kendig, Raymond Clare 43 The Rare Earths [in the incandescent gas mantle industry (from title page)] 1916
Kirk, William Thompson, 3d. 34 Foreign Exchange 1916
Knight, Clinton Prescott, Jr. 20 Cotton Manufacturing 1916
Knowlton, Henry Earle 14 The Distribution and Characteristics of Bufo Americanus and Bufo Fowleri 1916
Kuhns, John 20 Mithraism 1916
Leidy, Philip Ludwell 21 Edmond Rostand 1916
Love, John Gray, Jr. 37 The Crisis and Panic of 1907 1916
Lukens, Edward Fell, Jr. 41 Immigration 1916
Martwick, William Lorimer 38 An Analysis of a Shepard Ten Ton Electric Overhead Traveling Crane 1916
Maxwell, John Gordon 25 Colloids and Their Technical Importance 1916
Mengert, Ulric Johnson 43 The Peace Movement and the War in Europe 1916
Moon, Edward Randolph 62 State Banks and Trust Companies since the National Bank Act of 1863 1916
Morgan, Sherman Parker 32 Some Phases of the South American Trade 1916
Oberholtzer, Charles Herman, Jr. 30 The Juvenile Court 1916
Sharpless, Francis Parvin 15 A Study of the Price of Wheat During the Years 1890 to 1915 1916
Shipley, James Emlen 25 Advisability of the Income Tax 1916
Steere, Isaac Thomas 50 Early American Industry and the War of 1812 1916
Stokes, Joseph, Jr. 35 An Ethical Basis for Opposition to War 1916
Stone, Albert Hendrix 26 The Development of Classicism in the Poetry of John Keats 1916
Thiers, Frank Harrison 40 Modern Electric Street Lamps 1916
Wagner, Samuel, Jr. 21 The Border Ballads of Scotland 1916
Wendell, Douglas Cary 38 The Development of Classicism in John Keats as shown by his Letters 1916
Winslow, Oliver Parry 35 Electric Railroad Practice on Electrified Steam Railroads 1916
Wood, Joseph Densmore 32 Commercial Transformers 1916
Ayusawa, Iwao Frederick A Study of the Language Spoken in Japan 1917
Baily, William Lloyd, Jr. 20 Prison Reform 1917
Barker, Albert Winslow 63; unnumbered; including blueprints and illustrations The Subjective Factor in Greek Architectural Design 1917
Brodhead, Horace Beale 24 American Diplomacy in Japan 1917
Brown, Charles Farwell 57 The New York Stock Exchange 1917
Brown, Ernest Lancaster 37 The New Penology (with Certain References to the Old System) 1917
Buzby, John Howard 24 Electricity Behind the Scenes and How It Has Aided in the Development of Modern Stage Craft 1917
Chamberlin, William Henry 35 The Influence of the House of Hohenstaufen upon the History of Europe 1917
Chandler, George Donald 19 Electric Lighting and Power Rates 1917
Clement, DeWitt Crowell 43 State Banks and Trust Companies 1917
Crosman, Willard Martin Rice 22 Protection 1917
Forsythe, Jesse Garrett 22 British and American Investments in South America 1917
Gardiner, William John 36 An Analysis of the Reports of the Pennsylvania Railroad for the Years 1891- 1916 1917
Gibson, Robert 22 What is Meant by "Browning's Optimism" 1917
Greene, Joseph Warren, Jr. 34 A Study of Cotton Prices 1917
Haines, Robert Bowne, 3d. 26 The Early History of Rolling Mills in Eastern Pennsylvania 1917
Hall, Albert Winter 20 The Determination of the Electronic Charge 1917
Howland, Weston 35 The Price of Cotton in Recent Years 1917
Jones, Herbert Lawrence 39 Some Problems Connected with the Resumption of Specie Payments (1867- 1870) 1917
Klock, Harvey 15 Foreign Mission Work as a Unifying Force for Christian Churches 1917
Laverty, Maris Alexander 18 The Largest Concrete Slab Viaduct: Its Development and Construction 1917
Lawson, Mennis 26 Methods for Rectifying Alternating Current 1917
Little, William Clark 16 The Effect of Free Trade on the Conservation of Natural Resources 1917
Ly, Juwan Usang 61 A Survey of the Philosophy of Confucius: With Reference to its Relation to Confucianism 1917
McKinstry, Hugh Exton 59 Geology of the Vicinity of West Chester, Pennsylvania 1917
Marshall, Franklin Osbun 15 The Price of Beef 1917
Metcalfe, Robert Davis 32 The History of the Factory and the Development of its Management 1917
Miller, Robert Boyd 41 The Problem of Alsace-Lorraine 1917
Mitchell, Kenneth Sylvester 46 including bibliography Geographic Influences in the Civil War 1917
Morris, Fred Helsabeck 33 The Establishment of Permanent Peace at the Close of the Present War 1917
Painter, Donald Hinshaw 30 Omar Khayyam and His Rubaiyat 1917
Price, Edmund Taber 14 The Relation of Finance to Internationalism 1917
Ramsey, Lawrence Marshall 46 The Social Aspect of Disease 1917
Sangree, Carl Michael 32 Winter Birds on the Haverford College Campus 1917
Schoch, Wendell Deringer 73; unnumbered New England through the Windshield 1917
Schoepperle, Hubert Vinzens 13 The Money Market 1917
Snader, Edward Roland, Jr. 78 The Medical Art in England in the Time of Elizabeth; With a Brief History of Medicine from the Earliest Times to about 1600 1917
Spaeth, John William, Jr. 37 Alexandrinism in the Poetry of Catullus 1917
Spellisy, Arthur Emerson 33 The English Banking System with Sidelights on Bank Acceptances in the United States 1917
Strawbridge, Justus Clayton, 2d. 41 The Russian Jew in America 1917
VanDam, Colby Dorr 56; unnumbered Personality 1917
VanDam, Loring 26 The Rittman Process of Cracking Hydrocarbons 1917
Weston, Edward Mitchell 61 Cellulose and Some of Its Important Technical Applications 1917
Whitson, Thomas Barclay 52 Design, Construction and Test of a 1 K.W. Single Phase Transformer 1917
Wilson, James Gordon 29 A Defense of the Theory that Human Volitions are Determined 1917
York, Harold Quimby 17 Fire Insurance and Fire Prevention 1917
Arnold, Harrison H. 36 Don Juan, An Episode of Spanish Dramatic Characterization 1918
Barrie, Robert, Jr. 28 The Relations of the United States and Germany 1871-1914 1918
Beeson, John Henry 54 Proportional Representation 1918
Carr, H. J. 17 History and Economic Importance of the United States Steel Corporation 1918
Cooper, Bennett S. 9 The Attitude of the United States toward the Rights of Neutrals 1918
Optimist (Nom de plume) [Dewees, Alfred Henry] 31 The Tariff as a Cause for Sectional Divergence, 1816-1833 1918
Gilmour, Neil 42 The New York Stock Exchange 1918 vol. 1
Hayman, J. M., Jr. 36; unnumbered The Nature of X Rays 1918
Hynson, Matthew M. 19 The Early Berlin Romanticists 1918
Presented by Arthur A. Goodfellow [nickname?]; Lester, Evan Jones, Jr. (Writer) [added later] 27 The Attitude of the United States toward the Rights of Neutrals on the Seas from 1789 to 1815 1918
Long, Charles-Francis 41 Aulus Cornelius Celsus, Medicus 1918
Mussetter, W. 45 The Electrification of Railways 1918
Painter, Herbert J. 47 The Resumption of Specie payments, 1877-1879 1918
Schenck, H. P. 52 The Firefly and Light 1918
Tomlinson, Albert H. 21 A Determination of the Sizes and Shapes of Molecules 1918
Townsend, Alfred J. 26 Roman Private Games and Sports 1918
Missing from the volume 1918
Thacher, J. W.[Noted in pencil: B. S., 1920 as of 1918] 13 The Specific Diseases in the United States Army 1918

Commencement Speeches (1856-1893)

Listed below are commencement speeches given by graduating seniors from 1856-1893.

Year Name Title
1856 Walton, James M. oration on Grecian Mythology
1856 Beesley, Bartholomew W. oration on Pericles
1856 Comfort, Jonathan J. oration on The Cultivation of the Taste
1856 Wood, Edward R. oration on the relative Progress of the world in Morality and in the Physical Sciences
1856 Cadbury, Joel, Jr. valedictory (in Latin)
1857 Wood, Stephen, Jr. oration on Socrates
1857 Cheyney, Jesse Latin Oration: "De Româ" Augusto imperante
1857 Mendenhall, Cyrus Demosthenes the Patriot Statesman
1858 Wistar, Thomas De Reformatione (in Latin)
1858 Rhoads, William Gibbons The Discovery of Neptune
1858 Burgess, Thomas Harvey The Spirit of Law
1858 Hunt, Daniel Williams Nathaniel Bowditch
1858 Tyler, William Graham Περὶ τοῦ Περιχλεους
1858 Clark, Thomas Burke, the Legislator
1858 Yarnall, Ellis Hornor Cola di Rienzi, and the Romans of the Fourteenth Century
1858 Satterthwaite, Samuel Taylor The Patron of Education, our Truest Patriot
1859 Sampson, Edward Cobb Rome, Athens and Jerusalem
1859 Paxson, Richard C. De Amicitia (delivered in Latin)
1859 Sharpless, Abram The Moral Causes of the Fall of Rome
1859 Chase, Richard Wyatt Gibbon on the Steps of the Capitol
1859 Smith, Benjamin Hayes Περί γῶν Μν`δών γῶν Ελλψνιχῶν
1859 Sampson, George Paul of Tarsus
1859 Rhoads, Edward The Office of the Greek Drama
1860 Richardson, Francis The Wilderness and Rome
1860 Morris, Theodore H. The Moors in Spain
1860 Clark, Lindley M. The Material and Intellectual Elements of Civilization
1860 Smith, Clement L. De Alexandro Secundo, Russiarum Imperatore (delivered in Latin)
1860 Pancoast, Richard Modern Greek Literature
1860 Lindley, Cyrus Mahometanism Subservient to the Divine Purposes
1860 Corlies, William M. Thucydides and Tacitus
1860 Underhill, Silar A. The Absolutism of Louis XIV
1860 Morris, Frederick W. The Deliverance of Antioch
1860 Pinkham, John W. The Dawn of the New Philosophy
1860 Tyson, James Ad Italiam Resurgentem (a Latin ode)
1861 Potts, William Newlin De C. Juli Caesaris Caede (delivered in Latin)
1861 Bettle, Charles The Two Types of Grecian Character
1861 Wood, Isaac Francis The Late Dr. Francis
1861 Bettle, Edward The Royal Psalmist
1861 Jones, Charles Henry Η της Ελλαδος Απελεν ερωοις
1861 Broomall, William Booth The Civil Law
1861 Lamb, Thomas White The Emancipation of the Serfs
1861 Stuart, Jehu Harlan The Victories of Truth
1861 Bettle, Henry The Poetry of Cowper
1861 Thomas, John Clapp Rome and Carthage
1862 Coates, Henry Troth Still Waters run Deep
1862 Williams, Horace Copernicus
1862 Wood, Isaac Francis Men of the Time
1862 Mellor, George Brown The Elevation of the People
1862 Hadley, Samuel Allen The Poets of Judea
1863 Battey, Thomas Jesse Labor and Rest
1863 Coates, William Morrison Cicero at his Tusculan Villa
1863 Coates, George Morrison The Uncertainty of the Future
1863 Jones, Richard Thomas The Poetry of Tennyson
1863 Morris, William Henry The Druids
1863 Pinkham, Joseph Gurney Reason and Faith
1864 Ashbridge, William The Lasting Celebrity of Good Authors
1864 Wood, Randolph The Philosophy of Dreams
1864 Pancoast, Albert Ideal Relations of the Useful Arts
1864 Longstreth, Morris The Literature of Friendship
1864 Cooper, Howard M. The Historical Literature of America
1864 Roberts, Charles Statesmanship, Ancient and Modern
1864 Garrett, Albin English and American Classics
1864 Coates, Edward H. The Regeneration of the Empire
1864 Scull, Edward L. The Influence of Art
1864 Sampson, E. Pope Who is the Statesman?
1864 Angell, Franklin De Jure Civili (delivered in Latin)
1865 Nichols, David Holder The Duties of Great Men
1865 Brown, Edward Taylor Ad Americam, Emporium Gentium (a Latin ode)
1865 Wistar, Caleb Cresson Order
1865 Vail, Benjamin Augustus The Bonds of Our Union
1865 Smith, George The Poetry of Science
1865 Downing, Joseph Miller The Spaniard in Mexico
1865 Chase, James Anthony Liberty and Law
1865 Sharpless, Henry Williams The Spirit of Grecian Poetry
1865 Bringhurst, John Richardson Alexis de Tocqueville
1865 Thomas, Allen Clapp The Companionship of Books
1866 Elliott, Aaron Marshall The Progress of Liberty
1866 Valentine, Benjamin E. Man and the Universe
1866 Taber, Robert Barney Behind the Veil
1867 Crenshaw, Nathaniel Bacon De Whittier Poeta (delivered in Latin)
1867 Ashbridge, John Chief Justice Marshall
1867 Ashbridge, George The Christianization of Asia
1867 Collins, Samuel Craft Conversation
1867 Darlington, Charles Howard True Science
1867 Eshleman, B. Franklin A Congress of Nations
1867 Dorsey, William Tagart What we owe to Arabian Civilization
1867 Wood, Walter James Logan
1867 Sharpless, Charles William The Council of Nicaea
1867 Clark, William Penn New America
1867 Jones, Richard Mott College Life a Rehearsal
1868 Wills, Joseph Henry The Christ of History
1868 Cook, Edward Hanson Contest and Victory
1868 Starr, Louis Michael Faraday
1868 Satterthwaite, Benjamin Cadwallader The Fanatic and the Enthusiast
1868 Tomlinson, S. Finley Laborare est Orare
1868 Cope, Alexis T. The Science of Language
1869 Estes, Ludovic The Church and the Empire
1869 Kaighn, William B. De Barclaii Apologia (delivered in Latin)
1869 Wood, Walter The Plurality of Worlds
1869 Whitlock, James G. Confucius
1869 Taylor, William S. The Progress of Agriculture
1869 Randolph, William H. The Fate of the North American Indian
1869 Cope, Henry The Balance of Power in Europe
1869 Evaul, Henry John Bunyan
1869 Congdon, Johns H. The History of the English Bible
1869 Wood, Henry Many-sidedness
1869 Taylor, Edward B. The Great Eclipse
1869 King, Pendleton Hamilton and his Philosophy
1870 Longstreth, Thomas Kimber Paul as an Orator
1870 Owen, Oliver Goldsmith Philistinism
1870 Comfort, Howard Lowell as an Essayist
1870 Brown, J. Stuart International Ethics
1870 Coale, Alford Gable American Art
1870 Wood, Charles Scientific Atheism
1870 Hubbard, William Harrison The Mystery of Suffering
1870 Hilles, Thomas Allen Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1870 Steele, John Dutton The Age of Iron
1870 Rose, David Franklin Politics and Statesmanship
1870 Carey, John Ellicott John Ruskin
1870 Pratt, Charles Edward The Ink-Deluge
1870 Wood, Stuart The Harmony of the Sciences
1871 Haines, Reuben Trades Unions
1871 Brown, Henry Graham The Holy Roman Empire
1871 Thurston, Edward Day The Degeneracy of Modern Wit and Humor
1871 Reeves, Ellis B. Arthur Helps
1871 Moore, Walter Thomas The Literary Character of Bunsen
1871 Haines, William Henry The Ordeal
1871 Garrigues, John Sharpless The Sun
1871 Roberts, Alfred Reginald American Classics
1871 Taylor, Charles S. Augustine
1871 Winslow, Randolph Ancient North American Civilizations
1871 Hartshorne, Joseph De Jove Dodonæo (delivered in Latin)
1871 Hoskins, Jesse Franklin Pro Patria Vivere (delivered in English)
1871 Evans, William P. Biblical Revision
1872 Longstreth, William Morris The Nineteenth Century
1872 Estes, Thomas Rowland The American Scholar
1872 Haines, Caspar Wistar Heat and Light
1872 Carey, James Jr. The Castles and Abbeys of England
1872 Cadbury, Richard T. Success
1872 Downing, Thomas S. Jr. The River of Egypt
1872 Huston, Abram Francis The Age of Chivalry
1872 Kimber, Marmaduke C. The Sculptor of Cyprus
1872 Thomas, Richard H. Christianity a Pleroma
1872 Gummere, Francis B. Cicero as a Philosopher
1872 Ashbridge, Richard Jr. Charlemagne
1872 Erben, Walter The Birth and Growth of American Freedom
1872 Gibbons, William H. Valedictory
1873 Cope, Thomas Pim Jr. The Hanseatic League
1873 Comfort, James Cooper Jr. The Progress and Influence of American Journalism
1873 Fox, Joseph M. Dmitri the Pretender
1873 Haines, Henry Cope The Scots Worthies
1873 Tomlinson, Julius Lines The Scientific Uses of the Imagination
1873 Sampson, Alden Jr. The Birth-day of a Republic
1873 Emlen, George Williams Theirs and the French Republic
1873 Lowry, Benjamin Howard Daniel O'Connell
1874 Hilles, Samuel E. A Latin Salutatory, and the Friendship of Books
1874 Hartshorne, Charles R. Faith and Free Thought
1874 Trotter, Joseph Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1874 Emlen, James Unconscious Education
1874 Thompson, James B. Financial Panics
1874 Jones, John Barclay Democracy in Europe
1874 Allinson, Edward P. A Vexed Question
1874 Price, Theophilus P. Harmony of Interest
1874 Kirkbride, Mahlon Dr. Thomas Young
1874 Bullock, John G. World's Idols - Valedictory
1875 Tebbets, Charles Edwin Erasmus and Luther
1875 Hunt, William, Jr. France as a Republic
1875 Huston, Charles Lukens Count Rumford
1875 Bispham, Edward K. Leonardo da Vinci
1875 Pharo, Walter W. The Old Regime in Canada
1875 Newlin, Harold Parker Sir James Mackintosh
1875 White, Miles Jr. Political Ethics
1875 Haines, Charles E. The Republic of Venice
1875 Brown, Alonzo The Vice of Self-consciousness
1875 Davis, James Franklin Philosophic Charity; and Valedictory
1876 Allinson, Francis Greenleaf Inter Montes viget Fides
1876 Bispham, David Bacon or Shakespeare?
1876 Colton, Reuben Torquato Tasso
1876 Dudley, Henry Wilson Hamilton and the Constitution
1876 Gifford, Seth Kelley The Expansive Character of Greek Faith
1876 Hobbs, Lewis Lyndon Jonathan Edwards
1876 Holme, Richard Henry The Duty of the State as Regards Public Education
1876 Kimber Thomas William Ideals
1876 Longstreth, Charles Albert Penn's Holy Experiment
1876 Nicholson, John Whitall God in History
1876 Roberts, Percival Jr. The Coming Struggle
1876 Taylor, Frank H. Cosmic Philosophy
1876 Taylor, Howard Gardiner The Draining of Haarlem Lake
1876 Taylor, Lewis Alfred Theory and Empiricism
1877 Forsythe, Isaac Salutatory, and "The New Learning"
1877 Baily, Frederic L. France Regained
1877 Smith, Willliam F. Federalism under Washington
1877 Anderson, Isaac W. The Great Commoner
1877 Mercer, George G. Are We a Nation?
1877 Krider, James D. A Higher Culture or the Ballot
1877 Townsend, Wilson Le Due Risposte (delivered in Italian) and Valedictory
1878 Smiley, Daniel Jr. Salutatory and "Federalism"
1878 Thomas, John M.W. The Idealism of Berkeley
1878 Baily, Albert Lang The Alpine Church
1878 Baily, Henry La Venise de l'Occident (delivered in French)
1878 Comfort, Edward Thomas Italy's Greatest Sculptor
1878 Forsythe, Edward The Harmonies in Nature
1878 Eldridge, Jonathan Prescott as an Historian
1878 Crosman, Charles Sumner Milton's Masterpiece
1878 Frazier, Cyrus Piggot The Poet's Influence
1878 Hill, Samuel H. Some Guarantees of Republican Government in the U.S.
1878 Stokes, Henry Newlin Hissarlik
1878 Carey, Francis King England in America
1878 Haines, Robert B., Jr. Communism
1878 Taylor, Henry Longstreet The Russian Emancipation
1878 White, George Wilson Cosmic Life
1878 Reynolds, Lindley M.H. De Bello, Vera Virtute, Amicis (delivered in Latin) and Valedictory
1879 Gause, Charles Edward The Republic of Liberia
1879 Edwards, Levi Talbot Advantages of Compulsory Education
1879 Winston, John Clark Objections to Compulsory Education
1879 Moore, Jesse Hollowell Christianity as a Medium of National Reconciliation
1879 Hadley, Walter Carpenter Woman in America
1879 Jones, Wilmot Rufus England and the Russo-Turkish War
1880 Brede, Charles Frederic (Latin?) Salutatory
1880 Perry, William Francis The Imagination in Mathematics
1880 Corbit, Alex Peterson Kearneyism
1880 Bishop, William Why we Look at the Stars
1880 Jones, Edward Megarge Independence in Politics
1880 Gause, Charles Edward Domestic Life of the Romans
1880 Lynch, James Lewis Whence and How
1880 Edwards, Josiah Pennington Man the Elector
1880 Mason, Samuel Jr. Stability of the State
1880 Cox, Charles Ellwood Prohibition and Liberty
1880 Rhoads, Joseph Jr. Valedictory
1881 Blair, William Allen England's Mission
1881 Johnson, Isaac Thorne Sacred Literature of the Hebrews
1881 Brinton, Walter Carroll Poetical Tendencies
1881 Edwards, Levi Talbot Political Element in Education
1881 Page, William Enoch American Self-esteem
1881 Carey, Anthony Morris The Friars in England
1881 Hartshorne, Edward Yarnall The Renaissance at Florence
1881 Price, William Farmer Valedictory
1881 Kennard, Edwin Orson Latin Salutatory
1881 Cook, Joseph Horace The Eastern Question
1881 Moore, Jesse Hollowell The Decline of Spanish Supremacy in Europe
1881 Winston, John Clark The World's Indebtedness to Quakerism
1881 Forsythe, Davis Hoopes Modern Science
1881 Smith, Albanus Longstreth Government and the Railroads
1881 Collins, William Henry Astronomy, Past and Present
1881 Winslow, Thomas Newby The Influence of Neo-Platonic Thought
1882 Leeds, William Pancoast Latin Salutatory
1882 Cox, Isaac Milton Nationality in American Literature
1882 Winston, Lindley Murray The Oxford Reformers
1882 Palmer, Thomas Chalkley Ancient and Modern Science
1882 Crosman, George Loring Originality of Character
1882 Hazard, Richard Bowne Practical Education
1882 Jones, Wilmot Rufus Longfellow as a National Poet
1882 Barton, George Adam Valedictory
1882 Jones, Frederick Dilwin Why they Come
1882 Morgan, Jesse Henley Pastoral America
1882 Coffin, John Elihu Modern Northmen
1882 Randolph, Edward The Machiavellian Policy
1882 Corbit, Daniel The Greco-Russian Church
1883 Worthington, Thomas Kimber The Apathetic Position toward Reform
1883 Shoemaker, Samuel Bines Society and the Incorrigibles
1883 Stuart, Francis Bacon Political Duty
1883 Edwards, David William A National Obligation
1883 Briggs, Frank Elwood International Reform
1883 White, William Alpheus Valedictory
1884 Chase, T. Herbert Latin Salutatory
1884 Jacob, Charles Richard The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
1884 Moore, Walter Linton Wordsworth's Place in Literature
1884 Smith, Alfred Percival Practical Living in Work
1884 Bates, Orren William Webster and our Nationality
1884 Hill, Louis Taber Valedictory
1885 Murray, Augustus T. Latin Salutatory
1885 Baily, Charles W. Frederick the Wise and the Reformation
1885 Doan, Enos L. Present Aspects of Poetry
1885 Hussey, William T. Three Forces in History
1885 Jones, Rufus M. Mysticism and its Exponents
1885 Markley, Joseph L. The Teachings of Buddha
1885 Reeve, Augustus H. A Political Retrospect
1885 Hilles, William S. Valedictory
1886 Wadsworth, Edward Dorland Latin Salutatory
1886 Smith, Horace Eugene Napoleon Bonaparte
1886 Dickinson, Jonathan, Jr. Socialism in America
1886 Johnson, Guy Roche Clapp-Griffith Process
1886 White, Wilfred Walton History in Art
1886 Betts, Thomas Wade Valedictory
1887 Newhall, Barker Latin Salutatory
1887 Strawbridge, Frederic Heap The Church Reformation of the 2nd Century
1887 Garrett, Alfred Cope A Safe Philosophy
1887 Futrell, William Harrison The Question of the Hour
1887 Goddard, Henry Herbert Individuality
1887 Philips, Jesse Evans Valedictory
1888 Cox, Exum Morris Latin Salutatory
1888 Lewis, William Draper The Cause of Poverty
1888 England, Howell Stroud The Most Probable
1888 Morris, Frederick Wistar, Jr. Practical Education
1888 Hartshorne, Francis Cope Agnosticism and Religion
1888 Sharp, Joseph W., Jr. Valedictory
1889 Burr, Charles Henry, Jr. Latin Salutatory
1889 Haughton, Victor Mellet The Greek Ideal
1889 Goodwin, Warren Clarkson Country of the River Platte
1889 Fite, Warner Individualism
1889 Stevens, Lindley Murray The Destiny of Canada,-not Manifest
1889 Ravenel, Samuel Prioleau, Jr. Valedictory
1890 Burr, Charles Henry, Jr. Master's Oration: "Characterization"
1890 Angell, Edward Mott The Wages of Art
1890 Lewis, John Frazier Taylor Railroads as a Factor in Western Development
1890 Kirkbride, Thomas Story The Friars and the Towns
1890 Gilbert, Henry Lee Culture and Socialism
1891 Blair, David Hunt Our Literary Debt
1891 Morris, John Stokes Romance of the Exact Sciences
1891 Thomas, George, 3rd Civilization and Poetry
1891 Mekeel, D.L. High Speed Travel
1892 Yarnall, Stanley R. The Classics at Haverford
1892 Collins, Minturn Post Haverford Athletics
1892 Hart, Walter Morris Aesthetic Interests at Haverford
1892 Morris, John Stokes Master's Oration: "Graduate Study"
1893 Rhoades, Charles James The Homeric Question
1893 Estes, Wilbur Albert Alfred the Great
1893 Whitall, Franklin The Influence of the English Gilds
1893 Hart, Walter Morris A Plea for the Tramp

Paper Holdings (listed by department)

In addition to the electronic copies of theses available through the Digital Thesis Archive, there are also theses only in paper copies. See the grid below for locations and first year available. The beginning year does not guarantee full coverage. For example, we may not have 1978-1979 theses in Philosophy.

Most paper copies are at Magill Library, and many are already cataloged in the online catalog Tripod. You can search under author name, title, or department. You can look at paper theses in Magill Library, but you may not request them through interlibrary loan nor can we send photocopies without the thesis author's permission.

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