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Aimwell School Records, 1796-1935
Ms. Coll. 1183

(3 boxes). The Aimwell School in Philadelphia was founded in 1796 by Anne Parrish (1760-1800) for the purpose of providing "a good English education" in the "primary and grammar grades" for poor girls. It was instituted by the Society for the Free Instruction of Female Children and operated under the management of the Society of Friends.

Subjects: Aimwell School (Philadelphia, Pa.); Society of Friends -- Education; Women -- Education

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove papers, 1947-1991
Ms. Coll. 910A

(1 box). Memoir of nuclear physicist, Fay Ajzenberg-Selove (1926-2012) who taught physics at Haverford College and elsewhere and, as translator of Les Rayons Cosmique (The Cosmic Rays) by Louis Leprince-Ringuet, correspondence with the author and publisher regarding her English translation of his book.

Subjects: Ajzenberg-Selove, Fay, 1926-

Henry Haines Albertson papers
Ms. Coll. 1110

(2 boxes). Includes letters, many of which are by and to William Hodgson (1804-1878). All or most of the letter writers are Friends; a number of them are British Friends. Topics often include visits to other Friends, attending Meeting, health, religious or philosophical reflections, and because of the period of writing, often refer openly or obliquely to the Wilbur-Gurney controversy.

Subjects: Albertson, Henry Haines; Albertson, Henry; Hodgson, William; Hodgson, Elizabeth

Allen and Roberts family papers, 1846-1931
Ms. Coll. 1155

(5 boxes). Primarily the letters of the interconnected Philadelphia-area Quaker families, Allen and Roberts in the period 1846-1931. The predominant letter writers are Sarah H. Roberts Allen and her daughter, Susan Janney Allen and Lillie Allen, as well as Lizzie Roberts, though there are a considerable number from Samuel Allen, inventor of some agricultural tools as well as the "flexible flyer" sled.

Subjects: Allen family; Roberts family; Quakers; Allen, Samuel Leeds, 1814-1918; Allen, Sarah H. Roberts, 1843-1928; Allen, Susan Janney; Roberts, Elisha, 1819-1906; Roberts, Lizzie

Allinson family papers, 1710-1939
Ms. Coll. 968

(22 boxes). Papers include correspondence, poetry, commonplace books, journals and diaries, deeds, marriage certificates, diplomas, legal and financial papers, genealogical material, memorials, pictures, silhouettes, maps, scrapbooks, and clippings relating to the extended Allinson family in the Philadelphia region. Letters include those of thirty-one family members as well as Anthony Benezet, Patrick Henry and George Washington. Journals and diaries include William Allinson's Journal describing visit to Indians in New York State in 1809 and Rebecca Jones' journal for 1788-89, and her diary aboard the Pigou in 1788.

Subjects: Allinson, Samuel; Allinson, Margaret; Allinson, William; Allinson family; LettersDiaries; Commonplace books; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Society of Friends; Poetry; Burlington Company Association; Temperance; Indians of North America -- Missions; Philadelphia Free Produce Association of Friends

Allinson family scrapbook of Silhouettes and Other Depictions
Ms. Coll. 975B

(1 volume).

Subjects: Allinson family; Scrapbooks; Portraits

American Friends letters collection, circa 1682-1986
Ms. Coll. 851

(19 boxes). The collection is composed chiefly of letter of members of the Society of Friends in the United States from the 17th to the 20th centuries; there are also documents, clippings, published articles, and miscellaneous manuscripts.

Subjects: Brown, Moses, 1738-1836; Churchman, George, 1730-1814; Coffin, Elijah, 1798-1862; Grant, Elihu, 1873-1942; Grellet, Stephen, 1773-1855; Groth, Mary Coates; Harris, J. Rendel (James Rendel), 1852-1941; Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830; Hunt, John, 1711 or 12-1778; Jones, Esther B. (Esther Balderston), ca. 1890-1967; Kersey, Jesse, 1768-1845; Ladd, Benjamin W. (Benjamin Whitehead), 1783?-1851; Mendenhall, Joseph, 1829-?; Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Nicholson, William H. (William Hopkins), 1827-1908; Pleasants, Robert, 1723-1801; Rhoads, James E. (James Evans), 1828-1895; Russell, Elbert, 1871-1951; Savery, William, 1750-1804; Turner, Joseph, 1765-1841; Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892; Woolman, John, 1720-1772; Masters family; Sharpless family; Slavery and the church -- Society of Friends; Society of Friends -- Education; Society of Friends -- Business; Society of Friends -- Indian affairs -- History; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Japan; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy; Spiritual life -- Society of Friends; Women -- Suffrage -- United States -- History

Ms. Coll. 988D-R

Subjects: Quakers -- Attitudes

Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs records, 1758-1929
Ms. Coll. 1003

(8 boxes). The Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs originated in 1869 in answer to President Grant's Peace Policy, officially giving management of the Indians in the Central Superintendency (Kansas and the Indian Territory) to the Orthodox branch of the Society of Friends. These are primarily letters, reports and some miscellaneous manuscripts chiefly addressed to the chairman of the committee, Edward M. Wistar; articles, plans, maps and statistics related to the committee's work. Most of the material deals with the work of Friends in running mission stations in Oklahoma among the Iowa, Modoc, Kickapoo, Oto, Shawnee, Osage and other Indians.

Subjects: Indians of North America -- Missions; Indians of North America -- Oklahoma; Indians of North America -- Government relations; Kickapoo Indians -- History; Modoc Indians -- History; Osage Indians -- History; Oto Indians -- History; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Shawnee Indians -- History; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941

Richard Mead Atwater papers, 1862-1922
Ms. Coll. 950

(20 items). Biographical and autobiographical information relating to Richard Mead Atwater, including a diary kept while he was a student at Providence Friends School in 1962.

Subjects: Atwater, Richard Mead

Iwao Frederick Ayusawa papers, 1918-1964
Ms. Coll. 969

(2 boxes). Iwao Frederick Ayusawa, (1894-1972), graduated from Columbia University in 1920, went to Geneva, Switzerland to serve the Japanese Delegation to the Internation Labor Organization. In 1934 he returned to Japan to take the position of Director of the Tokyo Branch Office of the ILO until 1939 and the advent of WWII. After the war, he served on the Central Labor Relations Board until 1948. In 1952 he joined the faculty of International Christian University in Japan. Almost all the letters in this speak of the frienship Ayusawa had with Edward and Margaret Thomas, which grew out of their taking him "under their wing" while he was a young student in N.Y. City. Primarily personal in nature, the letters give insights into his beliefs (pacifism, etc.) and include information on his work in Geneva and Japan.

Subjects: Ayusawa, Iwao, 1894-1972; Society of Friends -- Japan; International Labour Organization; Kokusai Kirisutokyō Daigaku; World War, 1939-1945; Pacifism; Thomas, Margaret

Bacon family papers, 1725-1993
Ms. Coll. 1226

Biographical and genealogical materials relating to the Bacon family; letters and diaries of Margaret Bacon and S. Allen Bacon and other family members, including Francis Bacon in Germany.

Subjects: Bacon family; Photography; Bacon, Margaret Hope; Bacon, S. Allen; Quakers -- Pennsylvania; Correspondence; Travel; American Friends Service Committee

Bacon family papers, 1807-1987
Ms. Coll. 1156

(28 boxes, 1 package). Correspondence, diaries and photographs relating to the 20th- century Quakers Edith Farquhar Bacon and Francis Rogers Bacon, their families, forbears, friends and colleagues.

Subjects: Edith Farquhar Bacon, 1892-1988; Francis Rogers Bacon, 1888-1965; Samuel Allen Bacon, 1848-1908; Esther Farquhar Kamp, 1895-1994; Alfred Lowry, 1888-1935; Grace Scattergood Lowry, 1891-1964; American Friends Service Committee; Quakers -- Family relationships; Quakers -- United States -- 20th century; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; World War, 1914-1918 -- Civilian Relief

Joshua L. Baily papers, 1818-1917
Ms. Coll. 1032

(4 boxes). The papers of Joshua Longstreth Baily (1826-1916), a Philadelphia Quaker merchant, include his correspondence, speeches, notebooks and articles on topics relating to peace, penal reform, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and contributions to African American causes.

Subjects: Baily, Joshua L. (Joshua Longstreth), 1826-1916; Temperance; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Kansas Freedmen's Relief Association; Philadelphia Society for the Employment and Instruction of the Poor

Esther A. and Lloyd Balderston papers, circa 1885-circa 1931
Ms. Coll. 1185

(2 boxes). Genealogical and autobiographical materials of Lloyd Balderston, letters and other papers from Japan of Esther A. Balderston Jones, letters of the Germantown, PA family of Lloyd and Mary Balderston, as well as photographs from Japan and China.

Subjects: Balderston, Lloyd, 1863-1933; Balderston, Mary F.; Cadbury, Catharine Balderston; Diaries; Jones, Esther B., ca. 1890-1967; Jones, Thomas Elsa; Photographs; Quakers -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- 20th century; Society of Friends -- Missions -- China; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Japan

Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox) records, 1673-1979
Ms. Coll. 1116

Includes Minutes and statistics of Baltimore Yearly Meeting and all of its subsidiaries in Maryland and Virginia. Also, material concerning Friends in Barbados and Europe, conscientious objectors, the Separation of 1827-1828, slavery, reconstruction in the Southern states after the Civil War, Indians, Quaker education, memorials extracts from the Journal of Thomas Story, the letterbook of Robert Pleasants, and records of the Lynch family.

Subjects: Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Society of Friends -- Maryland; Society of Friends -- Virginia; Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877); Pleasants, Robert, 1723-1801; Story, Thomas, 1662-1742; Society of Friends -- Education

Barclay letters, 1688-1794
Ms. Coll. 909

(1 box). Primarily letters of Robert Barclay, a Quaker of the 18th and early 19th century, who established a brewery in England, on topics ranging from financial affairs and land transactions to personal matters.

Subjects: Barclay, Rachel, 1743-1792; Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690; Barclay, Robert, 1751-1830; Parke, Thomas, 1749-1835

Anthony Benezet letters, 1750- 1936
Ms. Coll. 852

(1 box). A collection of letters of Anthony Benezet (1713-1784), a prominent Friend, philanthropist and teacher. These letters, which are addressed to various persons, reflect cultural and religious aspects, the efforts of Friends to abolish slavery, interest in education, opposition to intolerance and war, missionary work, and observations on the Indians. Mention is made in the letters of Conrad Weiser, George Whitfield, Samuel Wetherill, and others; and there are frequent references to publications in which Benezet was interested.

Subjects: Weiser, Conrad, 1696-1760; Wetherill, Samuel; Whitfield, George; Indians of North America -- Government relations; Slavery and the church -- Society of Friends; War tax resistance; Benezet, Anthony, 1713-1784

Lewis Benson papers, 1932-1986
Ms. Coll. 1162

(31 boxes). The Lewis Benson Papers document the life and service of Lewis V. Benson (1906-1986), a Quaker and recorded minister of New York Yearly Meeting. His in-depth reading and study of the writings of 17th century Quakers gave him the venue to bring their message to a modern audience. This he did through his own writings and lectures.

Subjects: Benson, Lewis; Society of Friends -- Ministry; Church -- Apostolicity; Society of Friends -- History

Edward Bettle papers, 1824-1911
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Papers include a journal and diaries of Jane (Temple) Bettle (1824-1840); letter from Samuel Bettle concerning the Separation of 1827-1828 in Ohio; accounts of religious experiences; testimony for Elizabeth Fry; poem by Caroline Sawyer (1857); copybook fragment, containing letters and sermons by William Penn, Sophia Hume, Samuel Fothergill, others; essay by Oliver G. Owen (1874); speeches (some given at Haverford College) and essays of Edward Bettle; material concerning the founding and history of the William Penn Charter School.

Subjects: Bettle, Edward, 1841-1912; Haverford College -- History; William Penn Charter School -- History; Diaries; Bettle, Edward; Bettle, Jane Temple

Douglas Borgstedt cartoons, 1965-1982
Ms. Coll. 836

(5 boxes). Political cartoons by Douglas Borgstadt, 1965-1982, concerning the United States and world politics of the late 1960's and 1970's. Major themes include communism, diplomacy, war, and government corruption or ineptitude. Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Henry Kissinger are frequently featured.

Subjects: Carter, Jimmy, 1924-; Kissinger, Henry, 1923-; Middle East -- politics and government; Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994; United States -- politics and government -- 20th century; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Cold War; United States -- foreign relations -- Soviet Union; World politics -- Caricatures and cartoons

Bowles family papers, 1896-1974
Ms. Coll. 1161

(28 boxes, 1 rolled object). The papers document the lives of service of Quakers Gilbert Bowles (1869-1960) and Minnie Picket Bowles (1868-1958) who ministered in Asia and Hawaii for over 60 years, from 1896-1960.

Subjects: Bowles, Gilbert, 1869-1960; Bowles, Gordon Townsend, d. 1991; Bowles, Herbert E.; Bowles, Jane; Bowles, Minnie, 1868-1958; American Friends Service Committee; Friends Girls School (Tokyo, Japan); Honolulu Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Japan Peace Society; Japan Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Japan Committee; Friends' Centre (Shanghai, China); Tokyo Friends Center; American Peace Society of Japan; Japanese Americans -- Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945; Society of Friends -- Japan; Quakers -- Japan; Quakers -- Hawaii

Bowles family papers, 1922-1960
Ms. Coll. 1212

(3 boxes). Consists of correspondence from Gilbert and Minnie Pickett Bowles to their son Gordon Townsend Bowles from 1922 to 1932 and to Gordon Townsend and Jane T. Bowles from 1932 to 1960. This correspondence is essentially family correspondence, but also includes information regarding the Bowles' Quaker relief work, their views on Quakerism and their day-to-day activities.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Friends World Committee for Consultation; Society of Friends -- Japan; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox : 1827-1955); Society of Friends; United Nations Association; Correspondence; Society of Friends -- Missions; Bowles, Gilbert, 1869-1960; Bowles, Gordon Townsend; Bowles, Jane T.; Bowles, Minnie, 1868-1958; Quaker missionaries; Quaker women; Refugees; World War, 1939-1945; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction

Anna S. Cox Brinton family papers, 1825-1960
Ms. Coll. 1228

(30 boxes). The papers of the family of Anna S. Cox Brinton, a notable Quaker educator, activist and minister. Her family includes Joel and Hannah E. Shipley Bean, the founders of the Beanite branch of Quakerism, as well as Catharine M. Cox Miles, who was active with the American Friends Service Committee in Germany after World War I. Other family members are also included.

Subjects: Brinton, Anna Cox; American Friends Service Committee; Society of Friends -- Germany; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Pendle Hill (School : Wallingford, Pa.); Bean, Hannah E. (Hannah Elliott), 1830-1909; Bean, Joel, 1825-1914; Cox, Catharine E. Bean; Cox, Charles E.; Cox, Lydia Shipley Bean; Miles, Catharine Cox, 1890-1984; Miles, Walter R. (Walter Richard), b. 1885

Howard Haines Brinton and Anna Shipley Cox Brinton papers, 1859-2005
Ms. Coll. 1189

(57 boxes, 2 rolled objects). The papers of Howard Haines Brinton and Anne Shipley Cox Brinton, two 20th -century Quaker educators and prolific authors whose area of expertise included the physical sciences and the Classics. Notably, they also worked for the American Friends Service Committee in Europe, for Friends Center in Tokyo, Japan, and as directors of Pendle Hill, an adult study center in Wallingford, PA. They were both recorded ministers in the Religious Society of Friends. Also, materials of other Brinton, Bean, Cox and Shipley Family, members.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Bean family; Brinton family; Classical studies; Poland -- History; Silesia (Poland : Voivodeship) -- History; Philippines -- Social Life and Customs; Philippines -- Photography; Cox family; Earlham College; Friends Center (Tokyo, Japan); Haverford College; Guilford College; Mills College; Pendle Hill (School : Wallingford, Pa.); Photography -- History; Quakers -- Education; Shipley family; World War, 1914-1918 -- Territorial questions -- Silesia; Society of Friends -- Japan; Westtown Boarding School; Diaries; Bean, Hannah E. (Hannah Elliott), 1830-1909; Bean, Joel, 1825-1914; Bowles, Minnie, 1868-1958; Brinton, Anna Cox; Brinton, Edward; Brinton, Howard H. (Howard Haines), 1884-1973; Brinton, Ruthanna; Brinton, Yuki; Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974; Cox, Alvin J., 1907-; Cox, Charles; Freund, Hans; Fry, Joan Mary; Hartshorne, Anna C. (Anna Cope), 1860-1957; Hobhouse, Stephen, 1881-1961; Irie, Yukio; Jones, Mary Hoxie; Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; Kraus, Hertha, 1897-1968; Lachmund, Margarethe; Miles, Catharine Cox, 1890-1984; Miles, Walter K., 1914-; Steere, Douglas V. (Douglas Van), 1901-1995; Worcester, Dean C. (Dean Conant), 1866-1924

British Friends' letters, 1650-1985
Ms. Coll. 861

(5 boxes). Letters of English Friends containing information on Quaker history and throwing light on religious and cultural activities. The collection also includes letters relating to the activities of early Friends, including a 1690 letter from Robert Barrow (d. 1697), telling of the death and burial of George Fox, 2 letters, 1661, of William Dewsbury (1621-1688), written while imprisoned in York castle and a 1716 arrest warrant for Thomas Story (1662-1742), for preaching in Kilkenny.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- England; Letters

Edwin B. Bronner papers regarding Friends World Committee for Consultation, 1952-1978
Ms. Coll. 1171

(11 boxes, 1 package). Papers from the Fourth World Conference of Friends (Quakers) which was held at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1967. Edwin Bronner was chair of the Executive Committee of the American Section, but there was worldwide representation by Friends and guests. A well known speaker at the conference was U.N. Secretary General U Thant.

Subjects: Bronner, Edwin B., 1920-; Barton, William E.; Hadley, Herbert M.; Indire, Filemona; Hollister, Barrett; Kikaya, David; Lung'aho, Thomas; Rumsey, Robert J.; Waddilove, Lewis E.; Yamanouchi, Tayeko; Thant, U., 1909-1974; Friends World Committee for Consultation; Friends World Committee for Consultation. Section for the Americas; World Council of Churches; Society of Friends -- Congresses

Brotherhood Cooperative Records, 1947-1964
Ms. Coll. 950

The Cooperative was started in 1940 when a few people working for the American Friends Service Committee found camaraderie amongst themselves, had no place to live and found a run-down house in North Philadelphia which they were able to rent. They formed a cooperative and these are the rcords the group kept from 1947-1964.

Subjects: Brotherhood Cooperative; Collective settlements -- United States.

Moses Brown papers, 1808-1909
Ms. Coll. 1024

(2 boxes). Correspondence, legal, land and estate papers (wills, powers of attorney, deeds, mortgages, bonds, etc.), account book, ms. book, and other papers of the Quaker Brown family of Philadelphia and New Hampshire.

Subjects: Brown, Moses, 1793-1879; Brown, Mary Wistar, 1807-1842; Deeds; Land titles; Brown family

Thomas Wistar Brown papers, 1699-1917
Ms. Coll. 1025

(3 boxes). Although the central figure in this collection is the Philadelphia Quaker businessman and philanthropist, T. Wistar Brown (1826-1916), it also includes materials relating to his father Moses Brown, mother Mary Wistar Brown, and wife Mary Farnum Brown, along with other members of the Brown family. Among the papers are correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks and deeds.

Subjects: Brown, Mary Farnum; Brown, Mary Wistar, 1807-1842; Brown, Moses, 1793-1878; Brown, Thomas Wistar, 1826-1916; Gurney, Eliza Paul, 1801-1881; Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs; Haverford College -- History; Indian Rights Association; Letters; Deed

John G. Bullock memorial collection, 1867-1940
Ms. Coll. 1173

(17 boxes). Primarily the photographs of John Griscom Bullock (1854-1939), but also include manuscripts and some correspondence, biographies and memorabilia of his son John Emlen Bullock (1891-1970), and materials relating to other family members.

Subjects: Bullock, John G., 1854-1939; Photography

The John G. Bullock HC 1874 Collection, 1799-1947
Ms. Coll. 1251

(4 boxes). A collection of materials relating to John Griscom Bullock (1854-1939), a photographer and member of the Photo Secession group. These materials include photographs by John G. Bullock of his daughter Marjorie Bullock at various points in her life from birth in 1889 until 1907, as well as genealogical materials of the Griscom, Bullock and related families.

Subjects: Bullock, john G., 1854-1939; Bullock, Marjorie; Photography

Edward S. Burd and Eli K. Price papers
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). These papers are the product of a law firm in Philadelphia, run by Edward Shippen Burd (1779-1848) and Eli Kirk Price (1779-1884). The papers date from 1805 and 1855. The papers are primarily correspondence among lawyers, and between lawyers and clients, although some are personal correspondence. Also included are legal documents such as various types of contracts, court filings, and wills.

Subjects: Law firms; Burd, Edward Shippen, 1779-1848; Price, Eli K. (Eli Kirk), 1797-1884

Cadbury - Brown family papers, 1804-1900
Ms. Coll. 1177

(2 boxes). Letters of the interrelated Brown and Cadbury families about family, business and Quaker issues including personal news, health, the sheep and merino wool business of John Brown, a visit of Elias Hicks to the meeting at Dover, New Hampshire, education and attendance at Meeting.

Subjects: Brown family; Cadbury family; Brown, John, 1783-1841; Cadbury, Richard, 1825-1897; Cadbury, Sarah Shinn, 1855-1876; Society of Friends -- Social life and customs

Addition to the Cadbury - Brown papers, 1849-1919
Ms. Coll. 1177

(3 boxes). This addition consists of over 240 letters between Caroline Cadbury (1851-1914) and Thomas Kite Brown (1851-1929) during their engagement. There are also letters between Caroline's parents Richard Cadbury (1825-1897) and Lydia Comfort Shinn (1828-1904) during their own engagement, as well as later letters from Caroline to her family.

Subjects: Brown, Caroline Cadbury, 1851-1914; Brown, Thomas Kite, 1851-1929; Courtship -- Religious aspects -- Christianity; Marriage -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Correspondence; Quakers -- Family relationships; Quakers -- Travel; Westtown Boarding School; Brown family; Cadbury family

Addition to the Cadbury - Brown papers, 1850-1914
Ms. Coll. 1177

(15 boxes). Much of this addition is comprised of letters from Caroline Cadbury Brown (1851-1914) to her parents, husband, and children. Additionally, there are letters from her mother, Lydia Comfort Shinn Cadbury (1828-1904), her husband Thomas Kite Brown (1851-1929), and all of their six surviving children.

Subjects: Brown, Caroline Cadbury, 1851-1914; Brown, Thomas Kite, 1851-1929; Brown, Thomas Kite, 1884-1944; Cadbury, Anna K. (Anna Kaighn), 1846-1923; Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974; Cadbury, Lydia Caroline, 1889-1978; Cadbury, Lydia C. Shinn, 1828-1904; Cadbury, Richard, 1825-1897; Correspondence; Quakers -- Family relationships; Quakers -- Travel; Westtown Boarding School; Haverford College; Bryn Mawr College; Brown family; Shipley family; Cadbury family

Emma Cadbury papers, circa 1894-1963
Ms. Coll. 1017

(2 boxes). Emma Cadbury (1875-1965) was committed to the international aspect of Friends' work and visited Vienna several times where she served the Quaker Center there. She was chairman of Wider Quaker Fellowship of the American Section of the Friends' World Committee from 1943-1963. Much of the collection relates to Cadbury's work with Friends' discussion, study, reading and round table groups and includes correspondence, programs, essays, notebooks, clippings, notebooks kept by Cadbury while attending summer schools at Haverford, Bryn Mawr and the George School and notebooks kept by Cadbury while attending Women's Yearly Meetings.

Subjects: Cadbury, Emma, 1875-1965; Society of Friends

Henry Joel Cadbury papers, 1910-1974
Ms. Coll. 1121

(60 boxes). Papers of the notable Quaker Biblical scholar Henry J. Cadbury (1883-1974), a founder of the American Friends Service Committee and Nobel Prize winner on behalf of AFSC. Cadbury taught at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges as well as Harvard Divinity School.

Subjects: Fox, George, 1624-1691; Bible. Gospels.; Quakers -- History; Society of Friends -- Barbados; Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974

Addition to the Henry Joel Cadbury papers, 1866-1987
Ms. Coll. 1121

(14 boxes). Henry Joel Cadbury (1883-1974) was one of the foremost American Quaker scholars of the 20th century. He published in the fields of Quaker and biblical history, served as a teacher and philanthropist. This addition to the papers of Henry Cadbury includes biographical materials, correspondence, diaries, writings, such as his The Book of Acts in History and photographs of Cadbury and his family.

Subjects: Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974; Cadbury, Lydia Caroline Brown, 1889-1978; Cadbury family; American Friends Service Committee; Harvard University; Haverford College -- History; Pendle Hill (School : Wallingford, Pa.); Food relief -- Germany; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Society of Friends -- Jamaica; Society of Friends -- West Indies; Bible. Acts.; Bacon, Margaret Hope

Richard T. Cadbury papers, 1780-1878
Ms. Coll. 954

(1 box). Letters of English and American Friends written at the end of the 18th century on topics relating to travel in the ministry in England and the North East corridor of the U.S., Friends, and health. Almost all the letters are directed to Quaker minister, James Thornton.

Subjects: Cadbury, Richard Tapper; Society of Friends -- Antislavery movement; Family -- Religious life -- Society of Friends; Thornton, James, 1727-1794

William Warder Cadbury papers, 1877-1951
Ms. Coll. 1160

(3 boxes, 3 packages, 1 rolled object). The papers of William Warder Cadbury who was a Quaker medical missionary in China in the first half of the 20th century.

Subjects: Cadbury, Catharine Balderston; Cadbury, William Warder, 1877-1959; Henry, James M.; Jones, Elizabeth B. (Elizabeth Bartram), 1871-1952; Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; Canton Christian College; Canton Hospital (Canton, China); China -- History -- 20th century; Hospitals -- China; Ling nan da xue (Guangzhou, China); Society of Friends -- Missions -- China; Missionaries, Medical -- China -- Guangzhou; Quakers -- China; Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945; Universities and colleges -- China; Medical education -- China; World War, 1939-1945 -- China; Red Cross and Red Crescent

William Warder Cadbury and Catharine J. Cadbury papers, 1893-1967
Ms. Coll. 1192

(97 boxes). The principal creators in the collection are Quakers William Warder Cadbury (1877-1959) and Catharine Jones Cadbury (1884-1970) who spent most of their lives in China, witnesses to history of place and medicine. William Warder Cadbury came to China as a medical missionary in 1909.

Subjects: Cadbury family; Quaker Physicians -- China; Quakers -- China; Addresses; Diaries; Letters; Maps; Photographs; Posters; China -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union; China -- Politics and government -- 1949-; Ling nan da xue (Guangzhou, China); Cadbury, William Warder, 1877-1959; Ling nan da xue (Guangzhou, China); China -- History -- 20th century; Leprosy -- China; Medicine -- China; Missionaries, Medical -- China; Missionaries -- China; Missions -- China; Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945; Society of Friends -- Missions -- China

Mary G. Cary and John R. Cary papers, 1780-1920
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Letters, documents and photographs of 18th, 19th, and early 20th -century family members of the mostly Quaker Cary, Cope, Elkinton, Gilpin, Newlin, Stokes and Waln families.

Subjects: Scott, Roderick, 1885-; Stokes, John, 1800-1868; Cary family; Cope family; Elkinton family; Evans family; Gilpin family; Newlin family; Stokes family; Waln family; Conscientious objection -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Family -- Religious life -- Society of Friends

Stephen G. Cary papers, 1930-2002
Ms. Coll. 1240

(33 boxes). This is a collection of the professional and personal papers of Stephen G. Cary. Materials include: correspondence, memos, and reports on American Friends Service Committee's activities and programs, pamphlets and brochures; minutes, grant applications, and correspondence related to the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership; subject files on such topics as civil rights, the Germantown Friends School, and the Friends Association for Higher Education; and notebooks and appointment books. Materials related to Cary's association with Haverford College include: correspondence; drafts of speeches; minutes of various committees; records related to the "Honor Code"; and clippings on Cary's tenure as acting president. The collection also includes a small batch of letters from Cary to his father, C. Reed Cary, and letters to and from his grandchildren.

Subjects: Friends Association for Higher Education (U.S.); American Friends Service Committee; Friends General Conference (U.S.); Friends World Committee for Consultation; Haverford College; Quakers; Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements -- United States; War tax resistance; Cary, Stephen G.

Harold Chance papers, 1938-1964
Ms. Coll. 1214

(13 boxes). Correspondence, journals, writings, mailings, reports, and materials on the Friends Peace Service. Also included are Harold Haines Brinton's (1884-1973) lectures and course notes on topics such as history and religion, mysticism in various religions, religion and social change, and the philosophy of pacifism.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Emergency Peace Campaign (U.S.); Friends Peace Service; Institute of International Relations; Society of Friends; Correspondence; Diaries; Speeches; Brinton, Howard H. (Howard Haines), 1884-1973; Chance, Harold J., 1898-1975; Pacifism; Quakers; Religion -- Study and teaching

Quaker Charts, certificates, deeds, documents, diplomas, marriage certificates
Ms. Coll. 990B

Subjects: Certificates; Deeds; Marriage certificates

Chase-Cromwell-Underhill family papers, 1782-1952
Ms. Coll. 1238

(5 boxes). The collection is concentrated on the period of 19th to early 20th century and includes the correspondence, diaries, genealogies, wills, deeds and scrapbooks of the Quaker Chase, Cromwell and Underhill families.

Subjects: Chase family; Cromwell family; Underhill family; Chase, Thomas, 1827-1892; Cromwell, Lincoln, -1952; Chase, Alice Cromwell, 1837-1882; Bowery Savings Bank of New York; Kissel, Eleanora; World War, 1914-1918

Thomas Chase papers, 1843-1947
Ms. Coll. 965

(2 boxes). Correspondence, portraits, photographs, clippings, articles, addresses, lecture notes, diary and misc. papers related to Thomas Chase, (1827-1892), his family and his years at Haverford as professor and president of the college.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Chase, Thomas, 1827-1892

Civilian Public Service publications, 1941-1946
Ms. Coll. 1236

(6 boxes). This collection consists primarily of the publications of conscientious objectors (Cos) working at Civilian Public Service camps in the United States during World War II, performing "work of national importance" in lieu of combat.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Civilian Public Service; Pacifism; World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious Objectors -- United States

Benjamin Coates African Colonization records, 1848-1880
Ms. Coll. 1190

(2 boxes). Letters to Benjamin Coates (1808-1887), an American Quaker reformer, relating to the emigration of free Blacks to the West African colony of Liberia and establishment of Liberian institutions. Coates work toward the abolition of slavery led to a relationship with many prominent people connected to Liberia, a colony established to offer a new home and a fresh start away from slavery to free Blacks in the mid-19th century.

Subjects: American Colonization Society; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Liberia -- History; Bassett, Ebenezer D., 1833-1908; Blyden, Edward Wilmot, 1832-1912; Coates, Benjamin, 1808-1887; Cary, Mary Ann Shadd, 1823-1893; Coppinger, William, 1828-1892; Crummell, Alexander, 1819-1898; Douglass, Frederick, 1817-1895; Freeman, Martin, 1826?-1889; Garnet, Henry Highland, 1815-1882; Hilles, William S. 1825-1876; Pinney, John Brooke, 1806-1882; Roberts, Joseph J. (Joseph Jenkins), 1809-1876; Tracy, Joseph; Whipper, William, 1804?-1876

Collins family papers, 1780-1965
Ms. Coll. 1237

(5 boxes). The collection primarily consists of the journals of trips taken and recorded by Anne Collins in the period 1936-1965. In addition, there are a diary and trip journal kept by Anna Albertson in 1907 and another trip journal kept by Anna A. Collins in 1912, as well as a few earlier items.

Subjects: Collins family; Travel; Diaries; Latin America -- Description and travel; Asia -- Description and travel; Europe -- Description and travel

Rebecca Singer Collins papers, 1824-1886
Ms. Coll. 1196

(1 box). Letters and diaries of Rebecca Singer Collins (1804-1892), a nineteenth-century Quaker well known for her religious philanthropic work.

Subjects: Collins, Isaac, 1787-1863; Collins, Rebecca, 1805-1892; Longstreth, Mary Anna, 1810-1884; Pease, John, 1797-1868; Correspondence; Diaries; Quakers -- Family relationships; Quakers -- Genealogy; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy

William Wistar Comfort papers, 1867-1941
Ms. Coll. 1195

(6 boxes). Papers of William Wistar Comfort (1876-1955), president of Haverford College in a particularly sensitive time between two world wars and scholar of French literature. Comfort was a prolific writer and speaker on Quaker topics, but also on such diverse subjects as William Cowper, children's stories, education and music.

Subjects: Benezet, Anthony, 1713-1784; Cowper, William, 1731-1800; Grellet, Stephen, 1773-1855; Penn, William, 1644-1718; Haverford College -- History; Quakers -- Education; Christian literature for children; Comfort, William Wistar, 1874-1955

Friends Conferences
Ms. Coll. 1004A, 1004B, 1004C

(4 boxes). The collection consists of the records of three Friends' conferences, the first, the All American Friends Conference held in Oskaloosa, Iowa in 1929; the second, the Friends World Conference of 1937 held in Swarthmore and Haverford, PA and the third, the Friends World Conference held in Oxford, England in 1952.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Congresses; Friends World Conference -- 1st -- Oskaloosa, Iowa; Friends World Conference -- 2nd -- Haverford, Pa.; Friends World Conference -- 3rd -- Oxford, England

E. Newbold Cooper - Margaret Hawkins papers, 1820's-1979
Ms. Coll. 1180

(9 boxes). Represents in large measure, the Cooper and Wills families on his side of the family and the Green Hawkins and Sharpless families on her side of the family.

Subjects: Cooper, E. Newbold, 1898-1957; Cooper, Dorothy Nyhart, 1898-1990; Cooper family; Green, Albert Lamborn, 1845-1947

Caleb Cope family papers, 1832-1892
Ms. Coll. 1222

(4 boxes). Letters and papers of the interrelated Cope and Howard families in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although the Cope family had Quaker roots, most of the members of these two families were probably not Quaker.

Subjects: Earl Moore; Cope family; Howard family; Physick family; Porter family; Warner family; Cope, Caleb, 1797-1888; Cope, Porter Farquharson, 1869-1950; Howard, Rebecca Porter; Howard, Memucan

Cope - Collins - Morris family papers, 1825-1880
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Primarily the letters by Mary Ann Cope Morris and Eliza Cope Collins, including the letters of the latter's husband, William M. Collins, all 19th century Philadelphia Quakers with connections to Quakers in Newport, RI.

Subjects: Collins, Elizabeth C. Cope, 1812-1880; Collins, William M., 1811-1864; Morris, Mary Ann Cope, 1803-ca. 1884; Quakers -- Philadelphia -- 19th century; Quakers -- Family relationships

Edward Drinker Cope papers, 1817-1895
Ms. Coll. 956

(1 box). Letters, notebooks, notes and sketches related to Cope's work in paleontology and related natural sciences. Also sketches of birds, reptiles, and amphibians, some colored. Letters on various scientific subjects from Alexander Agassiz, Louis Agassiz, Alexander Graham Bell, Pliny Earle Chase, Havelock Ellis, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Arnold Henry Guyot, Joseph Henry, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas Henry Huxley, Maria Mitchell, Sir Richard Owen, Robert Edwin Peary, Herbert Spencer and others.

Subjects: Paleontology; Cope, E. D. (Edward Drinker), 1840-1897; Paleontology; Natural history

Cope - Evans family papers, 1732-1911
Ms. Coll. 1170

(16 boxes). Letters (with accompanying poetry, acrostics, drawings, clippings, etc.), marriage certificates, photographs, friendship book, estate related papers and account books, computer disks. Primarily letters of the closely related Quaker families of Cope and Evans of Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.); other families include Brown, Drinker and Haines.

Subjects: Cope family; Evans family; Cope, Thomas Pim, 1823-1900; Evans, Jonathan, 1843-1911; Evans, Rachel C.; Cope, William D. (William Drinker), 1798-1873; Cope, Clementine; Cope, Francis Reeve, 1821-; Cope, Anna Stewardson, 1822-1916; Cope, Elizabeth S., 1848-1937; Letters

Marmaduke Cooper Cope papers, 1843-1874
Ms. Coll. 1022

(2 boxes). Letters to and from the Quaker Marmaduke Cooper Cope (1804-1897) of the prominent Philadelphia Cope family on various important issues of his day.

Subjects: Allen, John, 1790-1859; Coffin, Elijah, 1798-1862; Cope, Marmaduke C., 1804-1897; Cope, Sarah; Day, Mahlon, 1790-1854; Forster, Josiah, 1782-1870; Green, Priscilla; Grellet, Stephen, 1773-1855; Jones, Sybil, 1808-1873; Lindsey, Robert; Nicholson, Mary; Pease, Edward; Pease, John, 1797-1868; Seebohm, Benjamin, 1798-1871; Stacey, George

Cope packet ships logbooks, 1817-1876
Ms. Coll. 975A

(9 volumes). Manuscript copies of the letters of captains of eight packet ships, 1817-1876.

Subjects: Cope, Thomas P., 1768-1854; Merchant ships; Commerce

Thomas P. Cope family papers, 1795-1896
Ms. Coll. 1013

(6 boxes). Letters, legal, business and financial papers, accounts, minutes, diary, portraits and other papers chiefly related to the Cope family of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Topics include business and civic interests in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting committe aiding German Separatists led by Joseph M. Bimeler (Baumler), Separation of 1827-1828, slavery and immigration of free blacks to Haiti, War of 1812, etc. Letters (1854-1857) of Thomas Garrett (1789-1871) discuss his work assisting fleeing slaves.

Subjects: Cope, Thomas P. (Thomas Pim), 1768-1854; Philadelphia (Pa.). City Council; Cope, Alfred, 1806-1875; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Garrett, Thomas, 1789-1871; Slavery -- United States; United States -- History -- War of 1812; Shipping; Haiti; Quaker businesspeople

John H. Davison, 1938-1999
Ms. Coll. 839.1

(61 boxes). John Davison (1930-1999) was a prolific composer who taught music at Haverford College from 1959 until his death in 1999. Several of his compositions were performed and recorded by orchestras throughout the United States. Within this collection are drafts of many of his compositions, including Robert Burns: Poems and Songs, an anthology which he completed with John Ashmead. Also included are audio recordings of a couple dozen of his and students' pieces. This collection is an addition to the John Davison Papers, HC.Coll.839.

Subjects: Eastman School of Music; Haverford College -- History; Correspondence; Scores; Sound recordings; Burns, Robert, 1759-1796; Davison, Elizabeth; Composers; Music -- Instruction and study; Piano

John H. Davison, 1938-1999
Ms. Coll. 839

(182 boxes). Written scores and recordings, correspondence and personal materials collected by Davison throughout his life. Other materials found in the collection are clippings, concert posters and programs, framed certificates and photographs, as well as audio and video such cassette tapes, reel-to-reel, long playing records, and VHS tapes. The collection is divided into two series: "John Davison Materials" and "Materials by Others."

Subjects: Eastman School of Music; Harvard University; Haverford College; Julliard School of Music; Correspondence; Scores; Sketches; Sound recordings; Video recordings; Haverford (Pa.); Davison, John (John H.); Gerber, Steven R.; Townsend, Wilson; Composers; Education; Music -- Instruction and study; Opera; Orchestra; Piano

Mahlon Day papers, 1787-1936
Ms. Coll. 1129

(3 boxes). The Mahlon Day papers center on the West Indies journals kept by Day on his spiritual trip with Joseph John Gurney in 1839-40, and his letters which touch on a range of topics from religious to political to business and family.

Subjects: Mahlon, Day, 1790-1854; Society of Friends -- West Indies; Gurney, Joseph John, 1788-1847; Day, Mary K.; Day, Susan B.; Day, Anna B.; Day, Edward M. ; Thurston, William B.

Deeds of Haverford College, 1682-1985
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

(5 boxes). Guide to five boxes of deeds and other legal papers relating to the college.

Subjects: Haverford College

Quaker Deeds and legal documents
Ms. Coll. 990B-R

Subjects: Legal documents; Deeds; Marriage certificates

Divotees Golf Club records, 1921-1995
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). The records of the Divotees, a largely Quaker golf club, dating 1921-1995, include the names of members and officers, minutes and records of tournaments, sketches and photographs, songs and plays. These seem to form a publication, the Divotee Mirror, later the Divotee Record.

Subjects: Balderston, Robert L.; Business -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Golf

Dodge, Starin and Wistar family papers, 1841- circa 1950
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Papers of the Dodge, Starin, White, and Wistar families primarily of the 19th century.

Subjects: Dodge, Sarah; Starin, Grace White (1845-); White, Mary Dodge; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941; Wistar, Margarey, 1853-1937; Dodge family; White family; Wistar family

Elizabeth and Henry Drinker letters, 1777-1778
Ms. Coll. 854

(1 box). Correspondence between Henry and his wife Elizabeth relates to his arrest, imprisonment and resulting forced exile to Winchester, Va. during the American Revolution. His letters discuss his physical and spiritual well-being, concern for his children, news of other exiled Friends and efforts to present their case before Pa. and Va. authorities. Elizabeth Drinker's letters to her husband relate family and neighborhood news, Friends' visits and efforts on behalf of the exiles and her constant concern for her husband.

Subjects: Drinker, Elizabeth Sandwith, 1734-1807; Drinker, Henry, 1734-1809; United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783

Correspondence of Henry Drinker, 1785-1840
Ms. Coll. 950

(30 items). Correspondence, 1785-1840, primarily concerning lands belonging to Henry Drinker (1734-1809) near Southport, PA and with financial matters.

Subjects: Drinker, Henry, 1734-1809; Letters

Dunn - Osborn - Battey family papers, 1744-1927
Ms. Coll. 1163

(9 boxes, 2 volumes). Correspondence, account books, receipts, bills and other financial papers, notebook, printed items, and other miscellaneous papers primarily of the Dunn, Osborn and Battey families. Letters of Nathan Dunn (1782-1844) discuss trade with China and his experiences there. Household and farming bills and receipts of Restore S. Lamb, Rhoda O. Lamb and Phebe Osborn. Letters of Nancy S. Battey, 1864-1865, some while teaching free black children in Yorktown.

Subjects: Dunn family; Dunn, Nathan, 1782-1844; Battey family; Osborne family; Battey, David; Battey, Smith; Battey Ruth; Lamb, Restore; Lamb, Rhoda Osborne; Osborne, Phebe

Albert J. Edmunds papers, 1887-1941
Ms. Coll. 1152

(2 boxes). Correspondence and manuscripts of Albert Edmunds primarily relating to Buddhism and Christianity.

Subjects: Harris, J. Rendel, (James Rendel), 1852-1941; Buddhism -- Study and teaching; Christianity -- study and teaching; Edmunds, Albert J. (Albert Joseph), 1857-1941; Haverford College -- History

Elfreth family papers, 1832-1892
Ms. Coll. 1221

(2 boxes). The collection spanning the period 1832-1892 consists primarily of the letters written to Joseph Elfreth (1824-1898), a Quaker, many of which relate to family matters, including health and the birth of children, and occasionally indicates the connections among Quaker families. There are also financial accounts, miscellaneous letters, documents and a few photographs.

Subjects: Gurney, Eliza Paul, 1801-1881; Quakers -- Pennsylvania; Elfreth family; Cowperthwaite, William C.; Elfreth, Caleb P., 1828-1855; Elfreth, Jacob R., 1789-1870; Elfreth, Joseph, ca. 1824-1898; Harris, William; Hill, William; Marsh, Rolph C.

Elkinton family papers, 1731-1902
Ms. Coll. 1220

(3 boxes). A collection of various materials including papers of Nathaniel Peabody Rogers (1794-1846), a writer on antislavery topics, and miscellaneous Quaker documents, as well as some relating to the Institute for Colored Youth (now Cheyney University).

Subjects: Elkinton, Joseph Scotton, 1830-1905; Rogers, Nathaniel Peabody, 1794-1846; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Institute for Colored Youth

Elkinton, Waring family papers, 1815-2006
Ms. Coll. 1239

(27 boxes) The story of multiple generations of the Elkinton and Waring families, concentrated on two generations: that of Howard West Elkinton (1892-1955) and his wife, Katharine Wistar Mason Elkinton (1892/3-1961) and their daughter, Theodora Elkinton (1927- ) who married Thomas Waring (1921-2001). It is a story of life choices made by these Quakers: for Howard and Katharine Elkinton, to serve under the American Friends Service Committee in Europe after World War I and during World War II providing relief aid and for Theodora and Tom Waring to continue this tradition serving in Finland after World War II and then in the field of education in the United States.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Haverford College -- History; Nitobe, Inazo, 1862-1933; Waring, Theodora Elkinton; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Civilian Public Service -- History; Quaker businesspeople; World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious Objectors -- United States; Elkinton, Howard W. (Howard West), 1892-1955; Elkinton, Katharine Wistar, 1892-1961; Waring, Thomas; Elkinton family; World War, 1914-1918; World War, 1939-1945

Ellis family papers, 1798-1884
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Letters, deeds, surveyors' maps, wills, accounts, other; mainly papers of William Cox Ellis (1787-1871) and Charles Ellis (1800-1974) pertaining to administration of family affairs.

Subjects: Ellis, Charles (1800-1874); Ellis, William Cox (1787-1871); Ellis family

Emlen and Jones family papers, circa 1767-circa 1976
Ms. Coll. 1194

(10 volumes). Ancestral information on the Quaker emlen and Jones families going back to the time of William Penn and Francis Daniel Pastorius in the 17th century and comprised of genealogy and biography, letters, documents and photographs.

Subjects: Biddle, Clement, 1740-1814; Dillwyn, George, 1738-1820; Emlen, James, 1854-1922; Emlen, John T. b. 1878; Emlen, John T. (John Thompson), 1908-1997; Emlen, Samuel, 1730-1799; Emlen, Sarah Foulke Farquhar, 1787-1849; James, Abel, -1790; Thompson, Jonah, 1702 or 1703-1780

Emlen Institution for the Benefit of Children of African and Indian Descent, 1765-1956
Ms. Coll. 999

(4 boxes). The Emlen Institution for the Benefit of Children of African and Indian Descent was the result of a bequest from Samuel Emlen, Jr., a Burlington, N.J. Friend who dided in 1837. Emlen left money ($20,000) for the "education, maintenance and instruction in school learning and in agriculture and mechanical trades or arts, of free male orphan children of African or Indian descent..."

Subjects: Emlen, Samuel, approximately 1765-1837; Emelen Institution for the Benefit of Children of African and Indian Descent; African Americans -- Education; Native Americans -- Education

Evans family papers, 1752-1958
Ms. Coll. 1007

(5 boxes). Included in this collection from the Quaker Evans family spanning two centuries (mid-18th-mid-20th), are the journals and diaries of Charles Evans (1870-1958), as well as genealogical and other information on the Bacon, Barton, Carter, Cope, Harlan, Jackson, Rhoads, Shoemaker and Warrington families.

Subjects: Evans, Charles, 1870-; Evans, William; Letters; Diaries; Geneology

Charles Evans papers, 1681-1860
Ms. Coll. 1006

(2 boxes). Jonathan Evans' papers, ca. 1818-38, throw light on the religious, doctrinal controversies, and differences arising among the members of the Society of Friends related to the preachings of Elias Hicks, Nicholas Brown, and Elisha Bates. There are also letters of the Cope and Evans families relating to the Hicksite Separation.

Subjects: Evans, Jonathan, 1759-1839; Society of Friends -- Hicksite separation; Evans, Charles, 1870-

Christopher Evans, collector, papers 1698-1855
Ms. Coll. 950

(4 folders). Includes correspondence of Thomas Chalkley (1675-1741), Henry Cope (1793-1865), Thomas Evans (1798-1868) and Daniel Offley (1756-1793).

Subjects: Cope, Henry, 1793-1865; Evans, Thomas, 1798-1868; Offley, Daniel, 1756-1793; Chalkley, Thomas, 1675-1741; Evans, Christopher

Hannah Bacon Evans letters, 1888-1925
Ms. Coll. 1252

(3 boxes). The letters of Hannah Bacon Evans (1839-1939) written almost exclusively to her niece, Edith Wistar Stokes Silver (1873-1949) offering a picture of the life of an unmarried Quaker woman in Philadelphia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Also letters to other family members, primarily on family life, but also missionary work and other topics. The letters have been transcribed.

Subjects: Silver, Edith Wistar Stokes, 1873-1949; Quakers -- Family relationships; Evans, Hannah Bacon, 1839-1939

William Bacon Evans papers, 1787-1963
Ms. Coll. 1020

(9 boxes). The papers of Quaker William Bacon Evans (1875-1964), a traveler to the Middle East, including Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and to Europe. His letters and journals are complemented by letters to him from a number of prominent people.

Subjects: Brinton, Howard H. (Howard Haines), 1884-1973; Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958; Keller, Helen, 1880-1968; Libby, Frederick J. (Frederick Joseph), 1874-1970; Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993; MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982; Muste, A. J. (Abraham John), 1885-1967; Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962; Carter family; Evans family; Quakers -- Middle East; Middle East -- Description and travel; Evans, William Bacon, 1875-1964; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Syria; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Lebanon

John Ewer letters, 1772-1776
Ms. Coll. 957

(1 box). Letters of John Ewer to Owen Biddle of Philadelphia. Ewer was supplying Biddle, a Philadelphia merchant, with fabric of various kinds and patterns. Most of the letters deal with shipping this merchandise to Biddle and payment for same. There are references to the increasing difficulties between Great Britain and the Colonies in Ewer's letters of 1775-76.

Subjects: Correspondence; Biddle, Owen, 1737-1799; Ewer, John; Textile industry

Families of Philadelphia collection, 1700-1942
Ms. Coll. 1184

(46 boxes). Papers of the Philadelphia families Bloomfield, Coates, Cresson, Emlen, Gumbes, Horner, Howel, Lloyd, Macomb, Moore, Vaux and Wetherill families from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of these families were Quaker, including Coates, Emlen and Vaux; others had some Quaker family members, including Cresson, other families (as represented in this collection, including Gumbes and Wetherill, did not remain Quaker.

Subjects: Bloomfield family; Coates family; Cresson family; Emlen family; Gumbes family; Hornor family; Howell family; Lloyd family; Macomb family; Moore family; Ramsay family; Vaux family; Wetherill family; Bloomfield, Isabella Macomb; Bloomfield, Joseph, 1753-1823; Coates, Benjamin; Coates, Benjamin Hornor, 1797-1881; Coates, George M., 1845-1894; Coates, Rebecca Hornor, 1781-1853; Coates, Sarah Hornor, 1825-1912; Coates, William Morrison, 1845-1937; Coppin, Fanny Jackson; Cresson, Caleb, 1775-1821; Cresson, Francis Macomb, 1867-; Cresson, George Vaux, 1836-1908; Cresson, Isabella Bloomfield Gumbes, 1844-1913; Cresson, Mary B.; Cresson, Sarah E., 1787-1870; Cresson, Susan Vaux, d. 1890; Cresson, William Penn, 1814-1892; Grellet, Stephen, 1773-1855; Gumbes, Frances; Gumbes, Rebecca W., 1789-1869; Gumbes, Samuel Wetherill, 1813-1865; Hornor, Benjamin, 1737-1823; Hornor, Benjamin 1769-1810; Hornor, Benjamin, C., 1806?-1875; Hornor, Sarah, 1767-1848; Muhlenberg, William Augustus, 1796-1877; Wetherill, Isabella, 1807-1871; Correspondence; Deeds; Diaries; Photographs; Haverford College -- History; Quakers -- Business; Quakers -- Travel; Society of Friends -- Pennsylvania

Female Association of Philadelphia for the Relief of Women and Children in Reduced Circumstances record, 1800-1999
Ms. Coll. 831

(4 boxes, 3 packages). Records of a women's charitable Quaker organization based in Philadelphia spanning the 19th and 20th centuries.

Subjects: Female Association of Philadelphia for the Relief of Women and Children in Reduced Circumstances

Female Society for the Relief and Employment of the Poor
Ms. Coll. 1234

(6.25 linear feet). Records of a Philadelphia organization established in 1795 by Quaker Anne Parrish (1760-1800) with a mission and an opportunity for improvement in quality of life for women widowed by the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793.

Subjects: Catherine Street House of Industry; Female Society for the Relief and Employment of the Poor; Friends House for Older Neighbors; House of Industry; Philadelphia Center for Older People; Philadelphia Senior Center; Philadelphia Society for the Instruction and Employment of the Poor; Parrish, Anne, 1760-1800; Charities

Abby Kelley Foster papers, 1837-1887
Ms. Coll. 1139

(4 boxes). Photocopies of letters by and to Abby Kelley Foster (1811-1887) and her husband, Stephen S. Foster (1809-1881), along with some manuscripts.

Subjects: Foster, Abby Kelley, 1811-1887; Foster, Stephen S. (Stephen Symonds), 1809-1881; Antislavery movements -- United States -- History -- 19th century; Women's rights -- United States -- History -- 19th century

George Fox papers, 1660-1952
Ms. Coll. 862

(2 boxes). Portraits, photographs, illustrations, articles, clippings, pamphlets, and a map concerning the life and times of George Fox. Topics covered include Fox's itinerary of his trip to America, the Dutch Bible Fox carried with him on his trip to Holland in 1677, pictures of places associated with Fox, birthplace, funeral and grave of Fox. Includes material from the George Fox tercentary of 1924 (on the 300th anniversary of his birth).

Subjects: Fox, George, 1624-1691

Murray F. Freeman papers, 1950-2001
Ms. Coll. 843

(22 boxes, 95 volumes) This collection consists of documents belonging to Murray F. Freeman (1927-2000), a Haverford alum and mathematical engineer. They record his work to develop standards for programming languages such as SQL and FORTRAN, for information interchange and interpretation, and for describing specifications outside of programming languages. They also record his work at Bellcore, General Electric, and Philco. Some personal and miscellaneous documents are included as well.

Subjects: Freeman, Murray F., 1927-2000; American National Standards Institute; International Organization for Standardization; National Committee for Information Technology Standards; Freeman, Aileen Sollom; FORTRAN (Computer program language); Quality control -- Standards; Technology -- United States -- Information services

Friends Charity Fuel Association records, 1847-1982
Ms. Coll. 1176

(15 boxes). Charter paper, minute books and minutes, promotional pamphlets, cash books, check stub books, securities book, securities transactions records, treasurer's reports, Philadelphia wage tax and Federal tax forms, receipts, bills, bank and account statements, correspondence, trust and legal papers, annual reports, annual meeting notes, embosser, and other miscellaneous papers.

Subjects: Friends Charity Fuel Association

Friends Historical Association records
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). A collection of manuscripts and graphics, primarily from the 19th century. These include photographs of William Lloyd Garrison, Sybil Jones, William Still, John Greenleaf Whittier and others.

Subjects: Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879; Jones, Sybil, 1808-1873; Still, William, 1821-1902; Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892; Friends Historical Association

Friends Hospital (Frankford, PA) records, 1812-1943
Ms. Coll. 975A

(36 packages). Minutes of individuals and boards of Friends Hospital (originally The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of their Reason), 1812-1943, collectively providing the history of this Quaker organization.

Subjects: Hinchman, Morgan, fl. 1840-1849; Friends' Asylum for the Insane; Friends Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa.); Psychiatric hospitals -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia; Hospitals -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia; Diaries

Friends Institute records, 1876-1970
Ms. Coll. 1197

(2 boxes, 5 packages). The Friends' Institute in Philadelphia was established in the late 19th century to afford a reading room for Quakers coming from surrounding areas into the city. Records include correspondence, minutes, financial accoutns, membership records, annual reports and building plans.

Subjects: Friends' Institute for Young Men (Philadelphia, Pa); Friends' Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.); Quakers -- Social life and customs; Hall, Peace Canby; Jones, Mary Hoxie; Reich, Virginia; Reading rooms

Friends Medical Society records, 1950-2006
Ms. Coll. 1199

(14 boxes). The worldwide medical issues confronting the Friends Medical Society, a Quaker organization that was founded in 1950, along with information on its members who were predominantly medical doctors.

Subjects: Vaughan, Deborah; Medicine -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Friends Medical Society; Plummer, William; Stokes, Joseph, 1896-1972; Stokes, Samuel (Samuel Emlen), 1922-; Vaughan, Victor C. (Victor Clarence), 1851-1929; Westover, J. Huston

Friends School Haverford archives, circa 1885-1985
Ms. Coll. 1142

(37 boxes, 15 volumes, 4 framed items). Minutes, reports, newsletters, correspondence, photographs, lists, financial records, curriculum records, notes, printed material, school publications, book manuscript and drafts, clippings and other papers of Friends School, Haverford.

Subjects: Friends School (Haverford, Pa.) -- History

Friends Select School records
Ms. Coll. 950

(2 folders). Ten sections of materials toward the writing of the history of the school prepared by Richard Wood.

Subjects: Friends Select School (Philadelphia, Pa.) -- History

John B. Garrett papers, 1853-1961
Ms. Coll. 903

(2 boxes). John B. Garrett (1836-1924) was an original member of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs. Topics discussed include appointment of agents, missionary work, Indian education and citizenship, use of military force, annuity goods, opening of Indian Territory to settlement by whites, etc. Includes minutes of the committee for 1871; letter of Garrett to his family telling of visit to Fort Smith, Arkansas as part of the Grand Indian Council in 1865, also 17 photographs of Indians present at the Council and printed reports of the meetings.

Subjects: Indians of North America -- Missions; Society of Friends; Garrett, John

Germantown Employment Society fo Women records, 1871-1957
Ms. Coll. 1023

(1 box). The Germantown Employment Society for Women originated out of a concern felt by a group of Quaker women associated with Germantown Monthly Meeting to aid women with little or no income and no way of earning money outside the home. In 1957 the Society was absorbed into the Female Society of Philadelphia for the Relief and Employment of the Poor.

Subjects: Germantown Female Society for the Relief and Employment of the Poor (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Glenn-Copeland family collection, 1940-1993
Ms. Coll. 1247

(2 boxes). A small collection of papers of educators George Willis Glenn (d. 1993) and her husband, John David Glenn (d. 1972) and singer and songwriter, Beverly Glenn-Copeland (1944-), their child.

Subjects: Glenn, John David, d. 1972; Home economics; Glenn-Copeland, Beverly; Glenn, Georgie Willis, d. 1993; Education

Thomas M. Goldstein papers, 1962-1988
Ms. Coll. 829

(5 boxes). This collection is the result of Goldstein's work as a student at Haverford College toward an independent study paper on the Vietnam War protest at the college.

Subjects: Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements -- United States

Joseph H. Greene's letters and reports from Beijing, 1984-1987
Ms. Coll. 840

(2 boxes). Letters and monthly reports from Beijin, China from 1984-1987 by Joseph H. Greene who was a Bank of America Vice-President and Representative. The papers record economic, political and cultural issues in China at the end of the 1980s.

Subjects: Beijing (China); China -- Economic conditions -- 1949-; China -- Politics and government -- 1949-; Green, Joseph H.

Stephen Grellet papers, 1796-1955, bulk 1796-1833
Ms. Coll. 967

(1 box). Letters, diary fragments and other miscellaneous papers. Primarily related to Grellet's travels in Europe, Russia and Haiti as Quaker missionary. Topics include his spiritual life, meeting leaders of religious denominations in Europe, with Friends and other religious sects (Saints), visits to schools, prisons, poorhouses and hospitals during travels, visits with members of European aristocracy, Russian nobility and Pope Pius VII (1819), social and religious situation in Haiti (1816).

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Missions; Grellet, Stephen, 1773-1855; Society of Friends -- Haiti; Society of Friends -- Russia; Haiti -- History

Correspondence of Allen Grover and Earl M. Freligh, 1941-1945
Ms. Coll. 830

(3 folders). Correspondence between Allen Grover (ca. 1903-ca. 1996) and Earl M. Freligh (1917-2005), the former on the staff of Time Magazine, the latter an ambulance driver for the American Field Service in Italy and North Africa during World War II.

Subjects: Grover, Robinson A.; Grover, Allen; Freligh, Earl; World War, 1939-1945; American Field Service

Amelia M. Gummere papers, 1849-1937
Ms. Coll. 1005

(5 boxes). Amelia Mott Gummere (1859-1937) was a noted writer on Quaker subjects. Her published works include The Quaker: a study in costume..., 1901; The journal and essays of John Woolman..., 1922; Witchcraft and Quakerism, 1908 and several other works. She was editor of the Bulletin of the Friends Historical Association and President of the John Woolman Association.

Subjects: Gummere, Amelia M. (Amelia Mott), 1859-1937; American literature -- Quaker authors; Quaker abolitionists; Quaker women; Quakers -- History; Woolman, John, 1720-1772; Penney, Norman, 1858-1933

Gummere - Mott family papers, 1715-1919
Ms. Coll. 1148

(3 boxes). Materials pertain to the Gummere family, including the 1868 diary of Francis Barton Gummere, letters of various members of the Gummere family in the mid-19th century and a manuscript "The Romance of Old Silver" possibly by Amelia Mott Gummere. Also material of the New York Mott family, including a volume of the correspondence of Richard Mott (a minister) and Abigail Field Mott (an elder) who were husband and wife.

Subjects: Gummere, Francis Barton, 1855-1919; Mott, Richard, 1767-1856; Mott, Abigail, 1766-1851; Mott, Robert F., 1794-1826; Mott, Hannah B.; Mott family; Smith family; Quakers -- Conduct of life

Hadd-Estaugh-Hopkins papers, 1676-1841
Ms. Coll. 1001

(9 boxes). Letters and documents relating chiefly to John Haddon, Quaker and anchor maker of England, to his purchases of land in New Jersey, and the founding and establishing of Haddonfield, NJ by his daughter Elizabeth who came to the colony in 1701, "to take up her father's land," and who married John Estaugh, a young Quaker preacher in 1702.

Subjects: Haddon, John, -1723; Estaugh, Elizabeth Haddon, 1680-1762; Surveys

Joseph H. Haines papers, 1917-1921
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Letters, dated 1917-1921, all written to his father William Henry Haines, report on conditions in France during World War I and give detailed accounts of a day's activities for Haines working for the Reconstruction Unit of the American Friends Service Committee, including building and repairing houses and schools, assisting local people, and altogether offering a picture of life in Gruny and other parts of France, especially Paris, during World War I.

Subjects: Haines, Joseph H., b. 1878; Haines, William Henry; International relief -- France; Reconstruction (1914-1939) -- France; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; World War, 1914-1919

Margaret Mary Clark Haines papers, 1913-1946
Ms. Coll. 950

(6 folders). Papers indicating the interests and activities in the first half of the 20th century of the English Quaker Margaret Mary Clark Haines who emigrated to Philadelphia and married Joseph Haines.

Subjects: Wilson, Rachel Haines; Haines, Margaret Mary Clark

Robert B. Haines, III, 1793-1834
Ms. Coll. 1011

(2 boxes). The collection consists almost entirely of autograph letters, signed, mostly addressed to Reuben Haines, 1793-1834, about one-third addressed to him personally, the other two-thirds addressed to him as Corresponding Secretary of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. The writers of the latter were prominent scientists, scholars, and statesmen from all over the world, notable, John James Audubon, 1785-1851, Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, Rembrandt Peale, 1778-1860, and many others.

Subjects: Haines, Ruben; Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Samuel Bunting Haines letters, 1862-1863
Ms. Coll. 950

(40 items). These letters were written primarily from army camps in Virginia and Maryland during the Civil War, mostly to his mother, Deborah Bunting Haines, and a few to his father, Josiah Lippincott Haines.

Subjects: Haines, Deborah Bunting; Haines, Samuel Bunting; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865: Letters

Hallowell family papers, 1858-1933
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). This collection contains the letters of Edward Needles Hallowell, primarily to family members, mostly from the civil war battlefield. Hallowell (1837-1871) was a Quaker moved by conscience to participate in the Civil War to help eradicated slavery.

Subjects: Quaker abolitionists -- United States; Society of Friends -- History -- 19th century; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865; Holmes, Amelia; Hallowell, Edward Needles, 1837-1871; Hallowell, Emily

J. Rendel Harris Collection, 1200-1890
Ms. Coll. 838

(80 items). The collection is composed chiefly of manuscripts purchased by J. Rendel Harris (Haverford faculty member, 1886-1891) in Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon. Manuscripts are in Hebrew, Ethiopic, Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Latin and other languages.

Subjects: Harris, J. Rendel, (James Rendel), 1852-1941; Rogers, Robert William, 1864-1930; Wood, Walter, 1849-1934; Bible. N.T.; Bible. O.T.; Manuscripts, Arabic; Manuscripts, Armenian; Manuscripts, Ethiopic; Manuscripts, Hebrew; Manuscripts, Latin; Manuscripts, Persian; Manuscripts, Samaritan; Manuscripts, Syriac

Hartshorne family papers, 1797-1957
Ms. Coll. 1030

(13 boxes). Papers include correspondence of thirty-two members and relatives of the Hartshorne family. Of special interest are the medical notes, articles, and correspondence, 1819-1845, of Joseph Hartshorne, M.D. These are noteworthy because of his many innovation in surgery, such as the use of animal ligatures, plus his detailed descriptions of treatments for various ailments; also, the correspondence of Anna C. Hartshorne covering her missionary work in Japan, and Henry Hartshorne's "Letters from Japan," printed in the Friend Review, 1893-1894, plus sermons, etc., given by him while in Japan with Anna, 1893-1897. The bulk of the collection consists of the correspondence, medical papers, literary works, etc., of Henry Hartshorne, M.D., son of Joseph and father of Anna. papers also include genealogical material on the Bonsall, Hartshorne, Saunders, Yarnall, and Cope families as well as photographs.

Subjects: Hartshorne, Joseph, 1779-1850; Hartshorne, Anna C. (Anna Cope), 1860-1957; Hartshorne, Henry, 1823-1897; Genealogy; Hartshorne family; Society of Friends -- Japan; Medicine; Surgery; Photographs

Haverford College History Department papers, 1975-2012
Ms. Coll. 811

(31 boxes). In 1969, the history faculty of Haverford College created a seminar for its student history majors requiring significant papers concerned with historical evidence and based on documents in Haverford's manuscript collections. The papers are described here under the course number: History 361. From 1970-1992, the papers are arranged by the call number of the document (e.g. collection #720). From 1993 on, the papers are arranged alphabetically by the student's last name. In 2012, student papers from other courses, including "Picturing War: Goya to Abu Ghraib," also based on Haverford holdings, was added to this collection.

Subjects: Undergraduates -- United States

HCA- Haverford College Archives
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Haverford College Archives Audio/Visual materials
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Haverford College Archives China records in Bi-Co
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Haverford College History papers (journals, diaries, and notebooks)
Ms. Coll. 910F

(5 boxes).

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Haverford College History papers (minutes, large books)
Ms. Coll. 910H

(68 packages, 8 volumes).

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Haverford College History papers (pictures, oversized)
Ms. Coll. 910I-R

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

John R. Hawkins '56 literary manuscript , 1972-1980
Ms. Coll. 834

(2 boxes). The First Edition Society's initiative to publish a special edition of the works of more than 60 authors resulted in their correspondence with the editor of the publication, John R. Hawkins. Included are such literary lights as Simone de Beauvoi, John Cheever, John Kenneth Galbraith, Joseph Heller, Lillian Hellman, John Le Carre, Norman Mailer, James Michener, Françoise Sagan, C.P. Snow, William Styron, Barbara Tuchman, John Updike, Leon Uris and many others. Authors' typescripts for the preface to each represented work are also present in most instances.

Subjects: First edition society; Hawkins, John

HCHC- Haverford College Archives, 1831- present
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

(212 boxes). Haverford College history collection.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

HCV- Haverford College Archives
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Heemskerk prints
Ms. Coll. 988C-R

Subjects: Heemskerck, Egbert van, 1634 or 1635-1704

Theodore Brinton Hetzel papers and graphics, 1866-1987
Ms. Coll. 1168

(26 boxes). Papers and photographs of Quaker Theodore Hetzel (1906-1990), a professor of engineering at Haverford College in Haverford, Pa. whose interests led him to involvement with Native American and Quaker issues. An avid photographer, the materials in this collection are primarily photographic, as well as correspondence and documents.

Subjects: Borton, Hugh ; Coleman, John Royston, 1921- ; Deer, Ada Elizabeth ; Grant, Elihu, 1873-1942 ; Hetzel, Theodore Brinton, 1906-1990 ; Janschka, Fritz, 1919- ; McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-2002 ; Morgan, Arthur E. (Arthur Ernest), 1878-1975 ; Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987 ; Taylor, Walter ; White, Gilbert F. ; American Friends Service Committee ; Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs ; Haverford College -- Buildings ; Haverford College -- Pictorial works ; Haverford College -- Sports ; Indians of North America ; Kinzua Dam (Pa.) ; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends ; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Indian Committee ; Quaker church buildings ; Seneca Indians ; Society of Friends -- Indian affiars ; Photographs

Sarah Cooper Tatum Hilles family papers, 1791-1930
Ms. Coll. 1213

(11 boxes). Correspondence of a Quaker family who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Woodbury, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware; and other surrounding areas from approximately 1840 to 1882. A majority of the letters were written to or by Sarah Cooper Tatum Hilles; her husband, John Smith Hilles; and other Tatum or Hilles family members. There is a small sampling of assorted family papers, dating from 1825 to 1901. Included, among other items, are school report cards of William Samuel Hilles from Haverford College and an 1834 memoir of Anne Cooper Tatum, Sarah Hilles' mother. In addition, there are deeds to properties owned by the Hilles family in Delaware, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania from 1791 to 1886.

Subjects: Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Haverford College; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Indian Committee; Correspondence; Deeds; Hilles, John Smith, 1830-1875; Hilles, Margaret Hill Smith, 1786-1882; Hilles, Samuel, 1788-1873; Hilles, Sarah Cooper Tatum; Hilles, Sarah Lancaster; Hilles, William Samuel, 1825-1876; Hilles, William Samuel, 1865-1928; Tatum, Ann Cooper, d. 1834; Tatum, John Cooper; Tatum Joseph; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Quaker women; Quakers -- Education

Historic Resources Campus Survey
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

A history of the buildings on campus, their architectural style and modifications over time. This was produced by George Thomas & Associates, an architectural firm in Philadelphia, in ca. 2002. Our goal is to maintain this work as new buildings are constructed or changed.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History

Enoch Hoag Indian papers, 1865-1883
Ms. Coll. 1034

(3 boxes). Enoch Hoag (1812-1884) was appointed Superintendent of the Central Superintendency in 1869 by President Grant under Grant's "Peace Policy". Tribes under care of Orthodox Friends by whom Hoag was appointed included the Kickapoo, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Kansas, Osage, Quapaw, Sac and Fox, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Wichita, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache. Almost all of this concerns the finances of the Central Superintendency and the settling of various accounts with Washington, D.C. The papers also touch on the work of Indian agents, the transportation of tribes to the reserves, the progress and politics of getting Indian legislation through Congress, and troubles at various Indian Agencies.

Subjects: Hoag, Enoch, 1812-1884; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency

Enoch Hoag Indian letterbooks, 1871-1878
Ms. Coll. 1104

(16 volumes). These are letterpress books in which copies of letters are made by placing the original letter on a dampened tissue-like leaf of the book, the book is then placed in a press and the pressure transfers the image of the letter to the letterpress page. Because of the nature of the process, there is a great deal of variation as to the readability of individual letters. Content of this includes: letters to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs in Washington, letters to the Indian Agents under the jurisdiction of Hoag, and letters characterized as "Individual letters."

Subjects: Hoag, Enoch, 1812-1884; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency

Hoskins - Warder scrapbook of letters and documents, 1729-1863
Ms. Coll. 975A

(1 package). Letters and documents of Quaker Hoskins family members, but also such Quaker writers as Martha Allinson, George Dillwyn, Thomas Evans, Rebecca Jones, James Mott, Elizabeth Robson, Charity Rotch, John Warder, Nicholas Waln, and Daniel Wheeler on topics of religion, service in the ministry, visiting Friends and health issues.

Subjects: Hoskins, John; Hoskins, Lydia; Jones, Rebecca; Rotch, Charity; Waln, Nicholas; Warder, John; Wheeler, Daniel; Hoskins family; Warder family

Emily Howland papers, 1926-1975
Ms. Coll. 1164

(2 boxes). The collection consists of correspondence between the administrator of Emily Howland's estate, Richard C.S. Drummond, and representatives of 39 mostly southern African American educational institutions, as beneficiaries of her will.

Subjects: Bethune, Mary McLeod, 1875-1955; Drummond, Richard C.S.; Howland, Emily, 1827-1929; Howland, Isabel; Libby, Frederick Joseph, 1874-; Scattergood, J. Henry (Joseph Henry), 1877-1953; Wood, L. Hollingsworth (Levi Hollingsworth), 1874-1956; African Americans -- Education; Quakers -- Education

Gulielma M. Howland papers, 1700-1867
Ms. Coll. 1000

(12 boxes). Chiefly correspondence between related Quaker families of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (Allinson, Cox, Dillwyn, Emlen, Hill, Hilles, Howland, Logan, Moore, Morris, Smith and others). Also journals, poetry, portraits, legal and business papers. Letters chiefly discuss family, friends, health, spiritual matters and travel. Much of the correspondence is between Quaker women.

Subjects: Hill family; Howland, Gulielma M., 1822-1907; Quakers -- Conduct of Life; Letters

Sydney Hunt Collection, 1930-2004
Ms. Coll. 1235

(5 boxes). This collection consists of 101 glass lantern slides, taken by Sydney Hunt and C. (Khalil) Raad in the 1930s in Palestine. Sydney Hunt traveled through Palestine and Germany in the 1920s. He purchased some of the slides from Raad, a professional photographer, and took others himself. Also included in this collection is a draft of Hunt's book , with hand corrections. Hunt had written this manuscript in the 1930s, but by the time he had finished, publishers weren't interested in happy recollections about Germany. It wasn't published, therefore, until 2003. Hunt used a number of the slides and other images in this collection to illustrate the book once it was published.

Subjects: Lantern slides; Middle East -- Description and travel; Palestine -- Pictorial works; Raad, Khalil, ca. 1854 to 1957; Hunt, Sydney

William Huntington papers
Ms. Coll. 1181

(14 boxes). The collection relates primarily to William Huntington, (1907-1990), a 20th century Quaker peace activist and the ship The Golden Rule which Huntington and others used to protest atomic testing in the South Pacific. Included are correspondence, photographs, conference papers, newspaper articles, memoranda, and minutes.

Subjects: Brandt, Willy, 1913-1992; Branson, J. (Julia); Cary, Stephen G.; Huntington, William R., 1909-1990; Schneider, Louis W.; American Friends Service Committee; Antinuclear movement; Civilian Public Service -- History; Civilian Public Service. Camp (Big Flats, N.Y.); Golden Rule (Ketch); Nonviolence -- History; Quaker United Nations Office; Nuclear disarmament; War relief and reconstruction; Algeria -- History -- Revolution, 1954-1962; World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious Objectors -- United States; Non-Violence

Beulah Hurley and Alston Waring papers, 1917-1954
Ms. Coll. 1225

(7 boxes). The collection, primarily of correspondence of Quaker Beulah Hurley (1886-) relating principally to her relief work after World War I in Europe and Russia under the auspices of several Friends' groups and the photographs of Quaker P. Alston Waring (1895-1978) taken in Europe, East Asia, California, Central America and mainly in India between 1915 and 1954.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; California -- Pictorial works; Central America -- Pictorial works; Egypt -- Pictorial works; Germany -- Pictorial works; Hungary -- Pictorial works; India -- Pictorial works; Italy -- Pictorial works; Mexico -- Pictorial works; Poland -- Pictorial works; Russia -- Pictorial works; Famines -- Soviet Union; Quaker photographers; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Travel -- 20th century; Travel photography; Waring, Alton; Waring, Beulah Hurley

Addison Hutton papers, 1823-1926
Ms. Coll. 1122

(2 boxes, 4 packages). Papers consist of the correspondence of 19th-century Quaker architect Addison Hutton, primarily outgoing from Hutton; diaries, personal and business; and other materials.

Subjects: Hutton, Addison, 1834-1916; Architecture

Indian Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1745-1983
Ms. Coll. 1250

The records of the Indian Committee include minutes, financial papers, account books, correspondence, addresses, reports, journals, scrapbooks, legal, land and legislative related papers, maps, lists, transcripts, published items, film, video and other material. Major topics discussed in the records include Friends' 18th and 19th century visits to Indians at various locations (Oneida, Genesanguhta, Stockbridge, etc.), the settlement at Tunesassa and later boarding school (Friends Indian School), the Ogden Land Company, Buffalo Treaty fraud of 1838 and resulting land problems, legislation impacting on Native Americans, the "Salamanca Commission" (Joseph Scattergood), the construction of Kinzua Dam and efforts to stop it and the 1972 shooting by police of Leroy Shenandoah in Philadelphia.

Subjects: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Indian Committee

Janney family papers, 1800-1875
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 40 items). Miscellaneous items belonging to members of the Janney family, including John Janney (1810-1872) and Nathaniel Janney (fl. 1864-1875).

Subjects: Janney, John (1810-1872); Janney, Nathaniel (fl. 1864-1875); Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892

Elizabeth Marsh Jensen papers, 1912-1989
Ms. Coll. 1154

(16 boxes, 3 packages). Papers of Quaker Elizabeth Marsh Jensen who worked for the American Friends Service Committee in several capacities, notably with her husband, Daniel Jensen, in Mexico to assist Spanish Civil War refugees from 1940-41. She was also a businesswoman who successfully ran a ranch in Colorado and was known for her hospitality and friendship.

Subjects: Jensen, Elizabeth Marsh, 1900-1999; Spain -- History -- Civil War, 1936-1939 -- Refugees; Spain -- History -- Civil War, 1936-1939 -- Evacuation of civilians; American Friends Service Committee; Nebraska Yearly Meeting of Friends

Jones family papers, 1821-1918
Ms. Coll. 1009

(13 boxes). The papers of Eli and Sybil Jones, 19th century Quaker missionaries, most notably to the Middle East where they established missions on Mt. Lebanon and in Ramallah, Palestine; the correspondence of Charles and Ellen Jones, also 19th century Quaker missionaries in Ramallah; and the letters of Quaker James Parnell Jones, son of Eli and Sybil Jones, who fought in the Civil War.

Subjects: Jones, Eli, 1807-1890; Jones, Sybil, 1808-1873; Jones, James Parnell, 1835-1864; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Palestine; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865; Letters; Diaries; Jones, Charles M., 1844-1896; Jones, Jones, Ellen Maxfield 1853-1904

Jones-Cadbury family papers, circa 1770-1994
Ms. Coll. 1172

(140 boxes, 8 packages). Primarily correspondence. Also diaries, photographs, poetry, account books, clippings, printed material, drafts of talks, speeches, essays, reports, chapters, and books, artifacts, articles, genealogy, scrapbooks, receipts, bills, business, land and estate papers, sketch books, autograph albums, commonplace books, song books, address books, memorandum books, other notebooks, published items with handwritten annotations, linen picturebooks, guest books, play, portraits, deeds, silhouettes, card files and other papers. Bulk of is comprised of papers of the related Quaker families of Cadbury, Jones and Warder. Other families represented include Bartram, Brown, Carter, Foulke, Kaighn, Lowry, Mennell, Pearsall, Shinn, Shipley.

Subjects: Bertrand family; Brown family; Cadbury family; Carter family; Faulk family; Howard family; Jones family; Kaighn family; Lowry family; Mennell family; Pearsall family; Shinn family; Shipley family; Cadbury, Anna K (Anna Kaighn), 1846-1923; Cadbury, Benjamin, 1874-1955; Cadbury, Caroline, 1801-1868; Cadbury, Emma, 1843-1923; Cadbury, Emma, 1875-1965; Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974; Cadbury, Joel, 1838-1923; Cadbury, John Warder, 1912-1989; Cadbury, Richard, 1825-1897; Champney, Mary; Jones, Elizabeth B. (Elizabeth Bartram), 1871-1965; Jones, Mary Hoxie; Jones, Rufus Matthew, 1863-1948; Lowry, Benjamin, 1810-1873; Pearsall, Eleanor H., 1819-1885; Rowntree, Elizabeth Harvey, 1909-; Warder, Ann Head, 1758-1829; Warder, John, 1751-1828; American Friends Service Committee; American Poetry -- Quaker Authors; Quakers -- Social Life and Customs; Diaries

Rufus Jones papers, (oversided)
Ms. Coll. 990

Subjects: Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948

Rufus Matthew Jones papers, 1860-1997
Ms. Coll. 1130

(177 boxes, 1 package). The collection consists of Rufus Jones' correspondence, diaries, financial papers, manuscripts, Haverford College class notes, short talks, photographs, medals and artifacts and material relating to Jones. In addition, there are the correspondence and photographs of Elizabeth Bartram Cadbury Jones, his wife, and of Mary Hoxie Jones, his daughter. Topics of importance in this collection are Rufus Jones' teaching, his writing and editing, his religious beliefs, his efforts toward the reunification of branches within the Society of Friends, his work for various service organizations, peace issues, his friendships and his family.

Subjects: Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; Haverford College -- History; Mysticism; Society of Friends; American Friends Service Committee; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Letters; Diaries; Society of Friends -- History

Journals, diaries, etc [standing on shelves], 1683-1954
Ms. Coll. 975A, 975B, 975C

(circa 700 volumes). This collection consists of manuscript books of all descriptions - journals, diaries, commonplace books, scrapbooks, account books, memorandum books, collections of letters, typewritten copies, and other miscellaneous items.

Subjects: Diaries; Commonplace books; Scrapbooks; Letters; Account books

Leon Kanegis papers, 1940-2003
Ms. Coll. 1193

(21 boxes). The papers of Quaker Leon Kenagis who deliberated over some of the challenging issues of the 20th century, such as civil rights, religion and education.

Subjects: Friends Meeting of Washington (Washington, D.C.); Quakers -- Education; Civil rights; Pacifism; Kangis, Leon, 1916-2003; Society of Friends

Thomas Raymond Kelly papers, 1915-1947
Ms. Coll. 1135

(12 boxes). The papers of Thomas R. Kelly (1893-1941) pertain not only to his work as a Quaker in Germany representing the American Friends Service Committee before and during World War II, but also to his personal strivings as an academic, as well as to his close ties with his family. There is also material relating to the biography of Kelly written by his son, Richard Kelly.

Subjects: Kelly, Thomas R. (Thomas Raymond), 1893-1941; American Friends Service Committee; Society of Friends -- Germany; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; Haverford College; Mysticism; YMCA of the USA

Naomi and Rayner Kelsey papers, 1803-1952
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Papers of Rayner W. Kelsey and Naomi Kelsey which reveal their Quaker interests and connections, primarily through correspondence, a diary, and sermons.

Subjects: Kelsey, Naomi; Kelsey, Rayner; Kelsey, Sherma; Kelsey, Wilfred; Jones, Elizabeth B.; Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; Ly, J. Usang; Scott, Roderick; Sharpless, Isaac, 1848-1920; Wilson, Albert H.; Church work with Indians -- Society of Friends; Haverford College -- History; Indians of North America; Diaries

Rayner W. Kelsey notes on American and agricultural history, 1919-1930
Ms. Coll. 1108

(3 boxes). Rayner W. Kelsey (1879-1934) was professor of history at Haverford College (1909-1934). In 1922 he was named curator of the Quaker collection at Haverford. Kelsey was the author of Friends and the Indians (1917) and editor of the journal of Theophile Cazenove (1740-1811). This collection is comprised of notes, extracts and transcripts from primary and secondary sources related to American colonial history and Pennsylvania agricultural history of the colonial and early Federal periods. Includes 2 file card boxes of notes, arranged by topic by Kelsey, of his research on PA agricultural history. Also notes, extracts and transcripts of letters and documents (petitions, proclamations, etc.) relating to British colonial tea and sugar trade, also the Stamp act of 1765; includes transcripts of letters (1797-1799) of Theophile Cazenove related to Holland Land Company transactions.

Subjects: Kelsey, Rayner; Agriculture -- United States -- History; Cazenove, Theophile, 1740-1811

Kirk family collection, 1688-1884
Ms. Coll. 1150

(1 box). A collection of legal documents and other papers, including land deeds, wills and surveys from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, primarily relating to the Kirk family. All the deeded property was in Darby Township, PA.

Subjects: Kirk family; Darby (Pa.); Deeds

Kite family papers, 1820-1879
Ms. Coll. 1111.5

(1 box). Members of the Kite family and others discuss 19th century Quaker issues, family and attending Meeting.

Subjects: Walton, Rebecca, 1814-1859; Kite, Lydia B. (Lydia Bassett), 1813-1872; Kite family; Walton family; Quakers -- History -- 19th century; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy; Diaries

Lantern slides (miscellaneous Quaker portraits and Henry J. Cadbury travels)
Ms. Coll. 850.5

(1 box). Subjects depicted on the glass lantern slides are Haverford College, portraits of Quakers, views of Barbados and Quaker sites in the West Indies.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Quakers -- Portraits; Society of Friends -- West Indies; Society of Friends -- Barbados; Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974

Josiah W. Leeds papers, 1882-1907
Ms. Coll. 1102

(22 volumes). Twenty-two scrapbooks of correspondence (circa 2,000 letters) of Josiah Woodward Leeds (1841-1908) with persons involved in the social reform movements of the late 19th century as well as tracts and clippings of articles and editorials written by Leeds and articles on topics of interest to him.

Subjects: Leeds, Josiah W. (Josiah Woodward); Scrapbooks; Letters; Capital punishment; Temperence; Prison reformers; Social reformers

Morris Evans Leeds family papers, 1696-1953
Ms. Coll. 1127

(12 boxes). The papers of Morris Evans Leeds (8169-1952), a Philadelphia Quaker who graduated from Haverford College and became president of Leeds & Northrup Company, manufacturers of precision instruments. He was also an inventor and developer. Leeds was a member of the Board of Haverford College and active on the School Board of Philadelphia.

Subjects: Leeds, Morris Evans, 1869-1952; Leeds family; Maule family; Haverford College; Education -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia

Morris Evans Leeds papers, 1862-1944
Ms. Coll. 1014

(1 box). A collection that focuses on two dates: 1862 & 1942. In the former, Lewis W. Leeds' invention of the window envelope is detailed with contracts, bills, correspondence and samples of the envelope. In 1942, his descendant, Morris E. Leeds corresponds with E. Tudor Gross who has become interested in the invention and ends with the article entitled "The Window Envelope," which appeared in the Collector's Club Philatelist in April of that year.

Subjects: Gross, E. Tudor (Edward Tudor), b. 1878; Leeds, Barclay R., 1834-1918; Leeds, Lewis W. (Lewis Walker), ca. 1827-1896; Leeds, Morris Evans, 1869-1952; Wood, L. Hollingsworth (Levi Hollingsworth), 1874-1956; Envelopes (Stationery); Inventors; Quaker businesspeople

Leeds and Tatum families collection, 1829-1925
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Primarily photographs of late 19th-, early 20th-century Quakers in the Leeds and Tatum families, there are other families depicted. As well, there are commonplace books of Sarah Mickle Tatum (1817-1896), Lewis L. Tatum (1874-1932).

Subjects: Tatum, Lewis Leeds, 1874-1932; Tatum, Sarah M., 1817-1896; Leeds family; Joseph Sturge First Day School; Tatum family

John Letchworth papers, 1755-1870
Ms. Coll. 1198

(1 box). Letters and journal entries of John Letchworth (1749-1843) of Pennsylvania, a minister in the Society of Friends who is called to journey in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to attend various Friends' Meetings, as well as to be present at Indian Councils.

Subjects: Quakers -- Family relationships; Lay ministry -- Society of Friends; Letchworth, Elizabeth Kite, d. 1843; Letchworth, John, 1759-1843; Correspondence; Indians of North America -- Missions; Quaker missionaries; Travel

Letters of Friends (unsigned, unattributed, and/or undated)
Ms. Coll. 865

(1 box). Included are letters of Friends unsigned, unattributed and/or undated. In addition, there is a memorial to Samuel Fothergill; a letter to Phin, possibly Phineas Garrett, and two poems, one to the memory of a Richard Jordan (written in the 19th century), the other to the memory of Tacy Bates (written in the 19th century).

Subjects: Bates, Tacy, d. ca. 1813; Fothergill, Samuel, 1715-1772; Jordan, Richard

Lewis family papers, 1853-1960
Ms. Coll. 1010

(2 boxes). Papers of the midwest Quaker Lewis Family, which included Enoch Lewis, M.D. and his brother Jehu Lewis, M.D. and Enoch Lewis' daughter, Alice Lewis Pearson, an educational missionary in Japan in the 20th century.

Subjects: Lewis, Enoch; Lewis, Jehu; Lewis, Mary H.; Pearson, Alice L.; Society of Friends -- Japan; Lewis family

Lloyd and Baily family papers, 1795-1879
Ms. Coll. 1219

(1 box). Primarily commonplace books of Susan H. Loyd (1802?-1857), there is also a diary of Loyd's (1818-1828) and a book of financial receiptsfor William Brown, 1795-1818, as well as a commonpace book kept by Sarah Loyd.

Subjects: Lloyd family; Loyd, Susan H.

Dean Putnam Lockwood papers, 1st century A.D.-1960
Ms. Coll. 835

(27 boxes, 4 artifact boxes, 1 package). The papers of Latin scholar and professor of Latin at Haverford College, Dean P. Lockwood include primarily textual materials on topics relating to Greek literature and the history of Haverford College, but also a collection of his art and artifacts.

Subjects: Benzi, Ugo, 1376-1439; Bertalot, L.; Fuchs, Otto, 1893-; Haskins, Charles; Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham, 1879-1934; Lockwood, Dean Putnam, 1883-; Art, Roman; Greek literature; Haverford College -- History; Latin literature

Longstreth family papers
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). Papers of the 19th century Longstreth family of Pennsylvania, especially William Collins Longstreth.

Subjects: Longstreth, William C.

Gilbert MacMaster papers, 1901-1968
Ms. Coll. 1016

(4 boxes). Gilbert MacMaster (1868-1967), a Quaker, was involved in charitable work in post-World War II Europe. The papers include his letters, photographs, and especially his diary covering his and his wife's 30 years of service, 1920-1950, with the A.F.S.C. child feeding mission in Germany, after World War I, as head of the Friends Center in Hamburg, during Hitler's rise to power, and as American Friends' representative in Basel, Switzerland, during World War II and later.

Subjects: Brown, H. Tatnall, Jr., 1900-1983; Jones, Margaret E., 1895-1984; MacMaster, Gilbert, 1869-1967; Pickett, Clarence, 1884-1965; Scattergood, Alfred Garrett, 1878-1954; Steere, Douglas V. (Douglas Van), 1901-1995; American Friends Service Committee; Quakers -- Germany -- History -- 20th century; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; World War, 1939-1945

James Phineas Magill papers, 1911-1974
Ms. Coll. 1128

(6 boxes). The papers of James P. Magill, a Quaker investment banker and philanthropist, dedicated to his alma mater, Haverford College, and with a great interest in the arts in the Philadelphia area. His circle of acquaintances included respected archaeologists, authors and artists.

Subjects: Magill, James P., 1855-; Philanthropy and education; Haverford College; Art

Quaker maps
Ms. Coll. 995R

Subjects: Maps; Society of Friends

Quaker maps
Ms. Coll. 995

Subjects: Maps; Society of Friends

Quaker marriage certificates
Ms. Coll. 990B-R

Marriage certificates included in this collection are dated between 1680-1883.

Subjects: Marriage certificates

Mason, Smith, Ewing Family papers, 1809-1970
Ms. Coll. 1223

(8 boxes). The collection presents a detailed picture of several generations of Smiths, Masons and Ewings, Philadelphia families, at least some of whom were Quakers, portraying their daily lives and concerns. The primary authors are Edith Mason Smith (1857-1944) and her husband, Joshua Cowgill Smith (1857-1911), their children Elizabeth Newlin Smith (1884-1977) and her husband J.M. Sharpless Ewing ( - 1960), Mildred Smith (1888-1973) and Jean Smith (1883-1966). The concentration of the collection is the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.

Subjects: Ewing family; Mason family; Smith family; Mason, Samuel, IV; Quakers -- Pennsylvania -- Social life and customs; Smith, Edith Mason, 1857-1944; Smith, Joshua Cowgill, 1857-1911; Smith, Elizabeth Newlin, 1884-1977; Ewing, J.M. Sharpless; Whitall, Mildred Smith, 1888-1973; Smith, Jean, 1883-1966

Masters Theses
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

There have been three named masters' programs at Haverford, all of them in the 20th century: the T.Wistar Brown program concerned with biblical and teaching studies in the teens and early 20s; the Relief and Reconstruction program of the 1940s and Social and Technical Assistance Program in the 1950s. All graduates of these programs produced a thesis and a full list of authors and titles is provided here. All these theses are located in the archives within Special Collections. In addition, print copies of senior theses from 1897 to 1918 and a few more recent ones either based on materials found in our collections or relating to Haverford history are also located in the archives.

Subjects: Haverford College

Matlack family papers, 1685-1900
Ms. Coll. 1120

(3 boxes). The collection includes miscellaneous historical and genealogical documents of the Matlack and other Quaker families focused on the 18th and 19th centuries and notable for its variety of formats, including commonplace books, diaries, account books, correspondence and poetry.

Subjects: Benezet, Anthony, 1713-1784; Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830; Keith, George, 1639?-1716; Pemberton, Phineas, 1650-1702; Tuke, Esther, 1727-1794; Woolman, John, 1720-1772; Matlack family; Roberts family; Stackhouse family; Quakers -- Diaries; Quakers -- Genealogy; Commonplace books

T. Chalkley Matlack notebooks, circa 1930s & 1940s
Ms. Coll. 1106

(2 boxes). Histories and some photographs of Quaker Meetings and Meetinghouses located primarily in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Maryland prepared by T. Chalkely Matlack.

Subjects: Matlack, T. Chalkley (Thomas Chalkley), 1858-1945; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Quaker church buildings -- Delaware; Quaker church buildings -- New York; Quaker church buildings -- New Jersey; Quaker church buildings -- Maryland; Quaker church buildings -- Pennsylvania; Photographs

T. Chalkley Matlack papers, 1938
Ms. Coll. 1106a

(2 volumes). Brief historical sketches concerning Friends Meetings within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting written by T. Chalkley Matlack.

Subjects: Matlack, T. Chalkley (Thomas Chalkley), 1858-1945; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Willard E. Mead papers, circa 1852-1914
Ms. Coll. 826

(1 box). Letters from some of the outstanding Western members in the fields of cultural and social leaders of the 19th century written to Sir Francis Joseph Campbell, a notable educator of the blind.

Subjects: Abbott, Lyman (1835-1922); Bell, Alexander Graham (1847-1922); Browning, Robert (1812-1899); Campbell, Francis Joseph, Sir (1834-1914); Carnegie, Andrew (1835-1919); Choate, Joseph Hodges (1832-1917); Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock (1826-1887); Taylor, S. Coleridge; Henscel, George, Sir (1850-1934); Keller, Helen (1880-1968); Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894); Ruskin, John (1819-1900); Schumann, Clara (1819-1896); Sullivan, Arthur, Sir (1842-1900); Young, Brigham (1801-1877); Blind -- Education

Sol Mednick papers, 1946-1977
Ms. Coll. 813

(1 box). A collection of materials by and about the 20th-century photographer Sol Mednick.

Subjects: Mednick, Sol; Photography

Quaker Meetinghouses
Ms. Coll. 988F-R

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Meetinghouses

Quaker Meetinghouses
Ms. Coll. 988F

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Meetinghouses

Mekeel family papers, 1824-1851
Ms. Coll. 1138

(1 box). Correspondence of Quaker Mekeel family members and relatives in New York state, Ohio and elsewhere, 1824-51. Predominant among them are Arthur Mekeel (1826-1850), Caleb Mekeel (1743-1859), Isaac Mekeel (1823-1844), Joshua Mekeel (1795-?) and Phebe Quinby Mekeel (1800-1861).

Subjects: Mekeel, Arthur, 1826-1850; Mekeel family; Moses Brown School; Nine Partners Boarding School (Washington, N.Y.); Quakers -- New York (State); Society of Friends -- Education; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy

Joseph Mendenhall papers, 1865-1903
Ms. Coll. 950

(35 items). The collection consists primarily of lively letters by Joseph Mendenhall, a Quaker bachelor, to his cousin. They are written from Lawrence, Kansas between 1882 and 1903, on topics ranging from Quaker ministers, the possibility of less plainness in meetinghouses, and many details about episodes in his or others' lives.

Subjects: Mendenhall, Joseph, b. 1829; Society of Friends -- Kansas

Quaker Miscellaneous
Ms. Coll. 990B-R

Subjects: Society of Friends; Quakers

Quaker Miscellaneous Pictures
Ms. Coll. 988E-R

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quaker Miscellaneous Pictures
Ms. Coll. 988E

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Mitchell family letters, 1830-1911
Ms. Coll. 959

(1 box). The papers of the Mitchell family, Quakers in 19th century Philadelphia.

Subjects: Letters; Business -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Quakers -- Social life and customs; Quakers -- Travel; Quakers -- Pennsylvania; Mitchell, Anna I. ; Mitchell, George Lippincott; Mitchell, J. Howard; Mitchell, Mary Ella; Mitchell, Tracy Iredell; Mitchell, George Justice

Morley family papers, 1852-1998
Ms. Coll. 807

(53 boxes). Much of this collection concerns the life of Christopher Darlington Morley (1890-1957) who reached the pinnacle of his popularity as a writer in the 1930s and 1940s. Erudite and witty, he probed every literary genre and exhibited a style of substance and facility. Christopher Morley will always hold a position of importance at Haverford, both as one of its august alumni (class of 1910), and as the son of its well-respected professor, Frank Morley, and brother of two other Haverford graduates, all three of whom were Rhodes scholars and one (Felix) who came back to Haverford to become its president.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Haverford College. Library; Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894; Dramatists, American -- 20th century; Novelists, American -- 20th century; Poets, American -- 20th century; Rhodes Scholarships; Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957; Theater -- United States -- History -- 20th century

Christopher Morley papers, 1913-1943
Ms. Coll. 810

(2 boxes). The collection consists of letters addressed to Christopher Morley by well-known people, relating mostly to books and literary affairs.

Subjects: Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957; Letters

Felix Morley papers, 1931-1952
Ms. Coll. 808

(1 box). Letters from government officials and other prominent people of the time to Felix Morley (1894-1982), both while he was editor of the Washington Post and president of Haverford College.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; League of Nations; Salvemini, Gaetano, 1873-1957; Morley, Felix M. (Felix Muskett), 1894-1982

Morley - Cain papers, 1935-1957
Ms. Coll. 809

(4 boxes). The collection includes correspondence and manuscripts.

Subjects: Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957; Authors

Morris - Sansom family papers, 1715-1925
Ms. Coll. 1008

(26 boxes). The papers of two prominent Philadelphia Quaker families, Morris and Sansom, spanning more than two centuries, from the colonial period into the 20th century, which inform of cultural and religious life and social and economic development.

Subjects: Morris family; Sansom family; Morris, Samuel, 1827-1905; Morris, Samuel Buckley, 1791-1859; Sansom, Beulah; Sansom, Joseph, 1765 or 1766-1826; Morris, H. P. (Hannah Perot), 1854-1931

Morris-Shinn-Maier collection, 1720-1975
Ms. Coll. 1191

(131 boxes). This collection spans approximately 200 years, from the late 1700s to the late 1900s, and five generations of the Morris-Shinn-Maier family, which are traced through matrilineal and patrilineal lines. They were prominent Quaker businessmen and lawyers in the Philadelphia area, and a large portion of the collection is dedicated to their legal and business material, as well as a great deal of very detailed financial material. There is also a quantity of personal material, namely diaries and correspondence, and material from philanthropic work done by later generations. Principal individuals include Paul David Irwin Maier, William Morris Maier, Anna Shinn Maier, Levi Morris and Naomi McClenachan Morris.

Subjects: Agriculture -- United States; Art critics -- United States; Child rearing -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Depressions -- 1929 -- United States; Harriton House (Bryn Mawr, Pa.); Land tenure -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Quaker businesspeople; Quaker lawyers; Quakers -- Family relationships; Yellow fever -- History; Maier family; Shinn family; Morris family; Maier, Paul David Irwin, 1874-1936; Maier, William Morris, 1909-1982; Maier, Anna Morris Shinn , 1874-1941; Morris, Levi, 1807-1868; Morris, Naomi McClenachan, 1811-1893; Maier, William Morris, 1909-1982; Morris, Caspar, 1805-1884; Morris, Catharine Wistar, 1772-1859; Morris, Catharine Wistar, 1840-1922; Morris, Henry, 1802-1881; Morris, Israel Wistar, 1807-1868; Morris, Israel, 1811-1905; Morris, Stephen Paschall, 1800-1865; Morris, Wistar, 1815-1891; Rees, Thomas, fl. 1754; Shinn, Earl Jr., 1738-1886; Shinn, Earl, 1796-1865; Thomson, Charles, 1729-1924

Richard Mott papers, 1799-1863
Ms. Coll. 961

(2 boxes). Chiefly letters (1799-1853) by Richard and Abigail Mott addressed to Margaret Allinson (later Parker), John Cox, William Rotch, Jr., Samuel B. Toby and others, as well as letters (1799-1856) to Richard Mott from Richard Carpenter, John Cox, Jonathan and Thomas Evans, Joseph John Gurney, John Pease, William Rotch, Jr. and other. Topics discussed include Elias Hicks and the Separation of 1827-1828, John Wilbur and the Wilbur-Gurney controversy.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Hicksite separation; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy; Mott, Richard, 1767-1856; Mott, Abigail, 1766-1851

Carter Nash correspondence, 1999-2000
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 folder). This collection contains the letters of Carter Nash, a Quaker inmate of a federal correctional institution, to Special Collections at Haverford College, regarding his religious beliefs and requests for books. This correspondence took place from 1999 to 2000. Eventually, this correspondence led to his publication of a September 2000 column in the publication Quaker Life. A copy of the column is also included.

Subjects: Prisons -- United States; Society of Friends; Nash, Carter

Daisy Newman papers, 1946-1985
Ms. Coll. 1144

(7 boxes). Typescripts of various works by Quaker author Daisy Newman (1905-1994) and letters from readers.

Subjects: Buck Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973; Cadbury, Henry Joel, 1883-1974; Newman, Daisy, 1904-; Vining, Elizabeth Gray, 1902-1999; Procession of Friends; Indian summer of the heart; Golden string; Rimi; Quakers -- Fiction

Newspaper collection
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

An index to the newspaper collection.

Subjects: Newspapers

New York Colored Mission records, 1865-1964
Ms. Coll. 1123

(9 boxes, 7 volumes). The records of a Quaker organization from the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries, with social and training offerings in New York, particularly to the African American community, and based on the principle of obtaining jobs and decent housing for African Americans.

Subjects: New York Colored Mission; Barton, Joshua L., 1849-1926; Wood, L. Hollingsworth (Levi Hollingsworth), 1874-1956; Social work with African Americans

Thomas P. Nichols papers, circa 1832-1844
Ms. Coll. 950

(12 items). Eleven letters addressed to Thomas P. Nichols in the 1830s and 1840s concerning the Wilburite separation in the Quaker community in Rhode Island and New York and fragment of a letterbook. The contents of this collection are all photocopies with the exception of one typescript copy. The copies were made with permission of John Alden Nichols, January 1963.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy; Nichols, Thomas P.

North family collection, 1980-1987
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 item). This collection consists of a large scrapbook, put together by Ann North Hinton, related to her Quaker ancestor, George North, and his progeny. It contains her notes, copies of original documents, her conclusions, and other research materials that she found and generated over the course of researching the history of her family in the New World.

Subjects: North family; North, Ann Hinton; North, George, 1710-1772; Genealogy

Non-Quaker Notebooks and Journals, 1628-1970
Ms. Coll. 800.5

(3 boxes, 4 packages, 4 volumes). A collection of manuscript books of all descriptions - notebooks, journals, commonplace books, scrapbooks, account books and other miscellaneous items - produced by a variety of creators.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930; Meyer, Joseph; Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894; Sheridan, Frances Chamberlaine, 1724-1766

Daniel and Emily Oliver Orphanage papers, 1907-1960
Ms. Coll. 1134

(1 box). Daniel and Emily Oliver arrived in Brummana, Syria (later Lebanon) in 1895 and were put in charge of the Friends Mission School at Ras-el-Metn. As a result of World War I, with the invasion of Turkey into Syria, and famine, many children were made orphans. In 1915, the Olivers opened an orphanage for both Druse and Christian children, educating them for careers as teachers, administrators, and the like. The children were also taught skills such as carpentry, shoe repair, sewing, painting, etc. In addition, the Olivers started a local industry of carpetmaking and needle work, the goods to be sold abroad. The papers consist primarily of correspondence between the Olivers and supporters of their work, Marriott and Jane Morris, Elliston and Ann Morris, Thomas and Ethel Potts and Grace and William Rhoads, concernig the work of the orphanage and school at Ras-el-Metn, and the schools at Brummana; also included are photographs of the buildings, some children and faculty.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Missions -- Lebanon; Society of Friends -- Education; Orphanages; Brummana High School; Oliver, Daniel, 1870-1952; Oliver, Emily Wright

Maxfield Parrish papers, 1891-1948
Ms. Coll. 1018

(4 document boxes and wrapped and framed items). The papers of artist and illustrator Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) who became enamored of art while a student at Haverford College. The collection consists of letters, original drawings and illustrations, magazines to which he contributed, catalogs, calendars and his famous chemistry notebook created while a student at the college.

Subjects: Parrish, Maxfield, 1870-1966; Parrish, Lydia, 1871-1953; Bates, Bertha Day; Haverford College; Letters; Illustration

Pemberton family papers, 1741-1789
Ms. Coll. 1036

(1 box). Correspondence (personal and business) and other papers of Israel Pemberton (1715-1779), James Pemberton (1723-1809) and John Pemberton (1727-1795), the sons of Israel Pemberton (1684-1754) and Rachel Read Pemberton of Philadelphia. Letters to and from Israel Pemberton are noteworthy for chiefly discussing "Friendly Association for the Regaining and Preserving Peace with the indians by Pacific Measures" matters and Indians; letters of James Pemberton deal almost exclusively with business matters; and letters of John Pemberton primarily discuss Friends, their activities and business matters.

Subjects: Pemberton, Israel, 1715-1779; Pemberton, Israel, 1684-1754; Pemberton, James, 1723-1809; Pemberton, John, 1727-1795; Quaker buisinesspeople; Society of Friends; Indians of North America

Samuel Pennock autograph letters collection, 1820-1880
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 item). This scrapbook contains documents connected to carious nineteenth century luminaries, collected by Samuel Pennock (1816-1903). Such documents include a signature of Abraham Lincoln, as well as documents by Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), Anna Dickinson (1842-1932), William Still (1821-1902), Ezra Cornell (1807-1874) and John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892).

Subjects: Pennock, Samuel, 1816-1903; Letters; Autographs

Perot family papers, 1684-1939
Ms. Coll. 1147

(5 boxes). A history across several generations of Quaker brewers beginning with Anthony Morris in the 17th century. As well, there is genealogical and biographical information on the Perot, Marshall, Morris, Gomey, Siter, Powell and Wilcox families.

Subjects: Morris, Anthony, 1654-1721; Perot, Francis, 1796-1885; Gomey family; Marshall family; Morris family; Perot family; Powell family; Sansom; Siter family; Wilcox family; Brewing industry -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- History; Perot, Thomas Morris, 1828-1902; Perot, Thomas Morris, 1872-1945; Perot, T. Morris (Thomas Morris), 1906-1991

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Ms. Coll. 1250

(60 linear ft.) A general meeting for Friends in the Delaware Valley area was first convened at Burlington in 1681. The first general meeting held in Philadelphia was in 1683, and in 1685, it was agreed that the meetings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania should be combined into one yearly meeting with alternate sessions at Philadelphia and at Burlington. The great Separation among Philadelphia Friends into Orthodox and Hicksite branches occurred at the Yearly Meeting of 1827. Through the course of the early 20th century, the PYMs began to draw back together until 1955 when organic union was formally approved, and a reunited PYM, the present organization, was created. Records of the annual sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting include minutes and other records such as epistles sent and received which pertain to those annual sessions. Also included are the records of those committees charged with the preparations for the annual sessions.

Subjects: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Society of Friends

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, extracts from the Minutes
Ms. Coll. 970

(1 box). Copies of extracts of minutes of meetings within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1732-1799, on such topics as church unity and discipline and the growth of Quakerism, raising such issues as slavery, Native Americans, temperance, education and religious doctrines.

Subjects: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Extracts of minues (1732-1799)

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Marriage Council records, 1933-1965
Ms. Coll. 972

(2 boxes). Records include accounts, correspondence, lists of members, minutes, reports of the committee, speeches, and the statements of function and services. Chaired by Lovett Dewees, M.D. from 1933 to ca. 1954, the committee dealth with issues such as divorce, sex education, and marriage and established a marriage counseling service in 1954.

Subjects: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Marriage Council.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Meeting for Sufferings and Representative Meeting records, 1719-1954
Ms. Coll. 1250

Representative Meeting traces its origins to the Meeting for Sufferings, a body appointed by PYM in 1756 to raise and administer relief to Friends. As the Yearly Meeting grew larger in size, the responsibilities of the Meeting for Sufferings widened to embrace all general operations of the Yearly Meeting, including the supervision and dissemination of religious publications; maintenance of statistical information on meetings and membership; and administration of bequests from Friends and trust funds from discontinued meetings.

Subjects: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Meeting for Sufferings.

William Pyle Philips papers, 1795-1921
Ms. Coll. 814

(6 boxes). Primarily the personal papers of William Pyle Philips (1882-1950), as well as a collection of 12 letters of United States presidents.

Subjects: Adams, John, , 1735-1826; Arthur, Chester Alan, 1829-1886; Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908; Grant, Ulysses S., 1852-1929; Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845; Philips, William Pyle, 1882-1950; Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869; Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850; Tyler, John, 1790-1862; Washinton, George, 1732-1799

Clarence Pickett diaries, 1933-1965
Ms. Coll. 1245

(3 linear feet). This collection consists of typescript copies of the journals of Clarence Pickett (1884-1965), prominent Friend and Executive Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee for 23 years. These journals form a record of Pickett's daily activities promoting peace worldwide between 1933 and 1965.

Subjects: Pickett, Clarence, 1884-1965; American Friends Service Committee

Pictures of Friends schools and colleges (outside U.S.)
Ms. Coll. 926

(1 box). Friends' Schools and Colleges outside of the United States as depicted in photographs and other graphics.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Education

Pictures of Friends schools and colleges (U.S.)
Ms. Coll. 922

(2 boxes).

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Education

Pictures of Indian Missions
Ms. Coll. 928

Subjects: Indians of North America -- Missions

Pictures of meetinghouses (outside U.S.)
Ms. Coll. 924

(3 boxes).

Subjects: Quaker church buildings

Pictures of meetinghouses (City of Philadelphia)
Ms. Coll. 911

(2 boxes).

Subjects: Quaker church buildings -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia

Pictures of meetinghouses (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting & outside Philadelphia Yearly Meeting but in U.S.)
Ms. Coll. 912 & 918

(13 boxes).

Subjects: Quaker church buildings

Pictures of miscellaneous Quaker groups
Ms. Coll. 928

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quaker pictures (miscellaneous)
Ms. Coll. 930

(5 boxes).

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quaker Exhibition pictures
Ms. Coll. 988A-R

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quaker Exhibition pictures
Ms. Coll. 988A

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Pike family papers, 1769-1902
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 100 items). Collection contains letters, memorials, commonplace books, miscellaneous items of the Pike family, especially Sarah Pike and letters of Thomas Scattergood to his son, Alfred Scattergood.

Subjects: Pike family; Scattergood, Thomas, 1841-1907; Scattergood, Alfred Garrett, 1878-1954; Commonplace books; Pike, Sarah; Scattergood, Thomas,

Robert Pleasants letterbook
Ms. Coll. 1116/168

(1 volume). Robert Pleasants' letterbook contains letters and other documents written over a forty-three year period by Robert Pleasants (1722-1801), an active member of Curles Monthly Meeting, Virginia.

Subjects: Pleasants, Robert, 1723-1801

Autograph albums of Irvin C. Poley
Ms. Coll. 975A

(5 volumes). Autographs of famous people, from Vera Brittain to Richard Wright, primarily sent to Irvin C. Poley, a collector and Quaker principal of Germantown Friends School.

Subjects: Brittain, Vera, 1893-1970; Bunche, Ralph J. (Ralph Johnson), 1904-1971; Carver, George Washington, 1864?-1943; Cather, Willa, 1873-1947; Coleman, John Royston, 1921-; Comfort, William Wistar, 1874-1955; Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933; Cullen, Countee, 1903-1946; Deland, Margaret Wade Campbell, 1857-1945; Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955; Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958; Frost, Robert, 1874-1963; Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967; Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; King, Martin Luther, Jr. 1929-1968; Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951; Lunt, Alfred; Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957; Mott, Lucretia, 1793-1880; Nuhn, Ferner, 1903-; Oakley, Violet, 1874-1961; Parrish, Maxfield, 1870-1966; Poley, Irvin C. (Irvin Corson), 1891-1974; Rockwell, Norman, 1894-1978; Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945; Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967; Sharpless, Isaac, 1848-1920; Stevenson, Adlai E. (Adlai Ewing), 1900-1965; Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981; Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915; Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975; Wright, Richard, 1908-1960

Portraits of American Friends
Ms. Coll. 850

(9 boxes).

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quaker Portraits and photographs
Ms. Coll. 988B-R

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Quakers in portraiture
Ms. Coll. 927

(3 boxes). Friends depicted individually in photographs and other graphic media.

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Levi Arnold Post papers, 1901-1969
Ms. Coll. 1229

(11 boxes). The papers of Greek Classicist, Levi Arnold Post, 1889-1971 who spent most of his career teaching and writing at Haverford College as a professor of Greek. He was a prolific correspondent and most of the collection contains his correspondence, primarily with his peers, though there are some early letters to his mother, as well as letters by his sister, Amy, also to her mother. Renowned for his work on Plato, he was a national authority on Menander, a concentration reflected in his correspondence and prolific writing. The collection also includes some of his works in typescript and manuscript, as well as some of his lectures.

Subjects: Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo; Diodore, of Tarsus, Bishop of Tarsus, -approximately 392; Greek drama; Post, Levi Arnold; Haverford College -- Faculty; Plutarch; Menander, of Athens

Quaker postmarks
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 30 items). A collection of postmarks with Quaker associations, dating from 1804-1925.

Subjects: Postal service -- United States -- History; Society of Friends -- Social life and customs

Thomas C. Potts papers
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 40 items). Beginning with obtaining his passport in April 1920, Thomas C. Potts relays to his wife, Ethel, the entire period of his service through July 1920 to assist with child feeding in Germany after World War I under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee.

Subjects: Potts, Ethel; Potts, Thomas; American Friends Service Committee; Germany -- History -- 1918-1933; Reconstruction (1914-1939) -- Germany

Ezra Pound papers, 1955-1959
Ms. Coll. 833

(1 box). The papers of Ezra Pound, including his correspondence with Haverford College professor Howard Comfort, letters about Pound, especially about his confinement at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

Subjects: Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972; Comfort, Howard, 1904-; Martinelli, Sheri

Presidential papers, Papers from the Presidency of John R. Coleman
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Coleman, John R.; Haverford College -- History

Presidential papers, Papers from the Presidency of Robert Stevens
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Stevens, Robert Bocking; Haverford College -- History

Presidential papers, Papers from the Presidency of Tom Kessinger
Ms. Coll. un-numbered

Subjects: Kessinger, Tom; Haverford College -- History

Walter F. Price papers, 1878-1945
Ms. Coll. 1187

(1 box, 3 packages). Materials relate to Walter F. Prices' Haverford College graduating class of 1881 over time and some of his architecture; work as a member of the firm Price & Walton.

Subjects: Price, Walter F., 1857-1951; Chester County Historical Society (West Chester, Pa.); Friends Meeting of Washington (Washington, D.C.); Haverford College -- History; Architecture -- United States -- 20th century; Quaker Church Buildings

Primitive Friends records, 1657-1978
Ms. Coll. 1145

(3 boxes, 10 packages). Nineteenth and twentieth century records, especially minutes of Primitive Friends (Quakers) in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Subjects: General Meeting of Men and Women Primitive Friends of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey; Fritchley Monthly Meeting (Society of Friends); Lay ministry -- Society of Friends; Society of Friends -- Maryland; Society of Friends -- Ohio; Society of Friends -- Pennsylvania

Members of the Prison Society biographical vignettes, by Peter and Elizabeth Jonitis, 1776-1830
Ms. Coll. 975A

(2 volumes). Biographical sketches of 18th and 19th century members of the Prison Society. At least 1/3 of the early members were also members of the Society of Friends.

Subjects: Jonitis, Peter P.; Jonitis, Elizabeth W.; Prisons -- Pensylvania -- Philadelphia; Quakers -- Biography; Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons

Quaker miscellany (oversize)
Ms. Coll. 951

(1 box).

Subjects: Society of Friends

Reinhardt - Hawley - Hewes family papers, 1762-1955
Ms. Coll. 1216

(9 boxes) Correspondence; account books; certificates; diaries and household information lists; friendship books; land and insurance records; marriage certificates; miscellaneous family records; wills and estates; genealogical research; photographs; Quaker tracts and poetry; newspaper clippings; and "Acts of the Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania." Before looking into the collection, a researcher should take advantage of the book, "The Reinhardts and Hawleys of Chester County, PA: Lives and Letters, Also Including Related Families of Meredith, Mendenhall, Pugh, Etc. and the Hewes of Salem County, NJ," by Ann M. P. McCormack, which includes duplicated copies of much of this collection with family interpretation.

Subjects: Society of Friends; Account books; Correspondence; Deeds; Diaries; Photographs; Sketches; Chester County (Pa.); Haverford (Pa.); Salem (N.J.); Wilmington (Del.); Hawley, Jesse, 1806-1887; Hawley, Joseph, 1760-1856; Hawley, Rebecca Meredith, 1766-1851; Meredith, Ann Mendenhall, 1776-1871; Meredith, John, 1776-1825; Reinhardt, Anna Margaret Hewes, 1867-1955; Reinhardt, David Jones, 1867-1935; Reinhardt, Elizabeth Christine, 1878-1969; Reinhardt, Esther Meredith, 1872-1950; Reinhardt, Jesse Hawley, 1869-1939; Reinhardt, Lydia Ludwig, 1875-1967; Reinhardt, Mary Bailey, 1870-1962; Reinhardt, Rebecca Hawley, 1841-1914; Reinhardt, William Dell, 1830-1880; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Quaker women; Quakers

Rhoads family papers, 1822-1955
Ms. Coll. 1033

(3 boxes). Nineteenth century letters and papers primarily of the Quaker Gibbons and Rhoads families, often relating to abolition and the Free Produce Association.

Subjects: Clarkson, Thomas, 1760-1846; Dymond family; Potts, Ethel Rhoads, 1870-1962; Potts, Thomas Charles, 1872-1955; Rhoads, Anne Gibbons; Rhoads, Ethel; Rhoads, Samuel, 1806-1868; Rhoads, William Gibbons, 1838-1880; Sturge, Joseph, 1793-1859; Wright, Mary; Philadelphia Free Produce Association of Friends; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Commonplace books; Diaries

Esther B. Rhoads papers, circa 1895-circa 1979
Ms. Coll. 1153

(60 boxes, 2 packages). The Esther B. Rhoads Papers includes Esther Rhoads' correspondence, documents, typescripts and manuscripts, pamphlets, albums, periodicals, blueprints, works of art on paper, photographs, notebooks, notes, scrapbooks, calligraphy, clippings, yearbooks, business cards, passports, diplomas, citations, and miscellaneous items.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Bryn Mawr College; Friends Girls School (Tokyo, Japan) -- History; Japanese Americans -- Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945; Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox : 1827-1955). Japan Committee; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox : 1827-1955). Mission Board; Quakers -- Education -- Japan; Society of Friends -- Japan; Society of Friends -- Philadelphia Yearly Meeting -- Mission Board; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; World War, 1939-1945 -- Evacuation of civilians; Rhoads, Esther Biddle, 1896-1979; World War, 1939-1945 -- Japan; Akihito, Emperor of Japan, 1933-; Algeria -- History -- Revolution, 1954-1962

Sarah Wistar Rhoads family papers, 1824-1962
Ms. Coll. 1211

(19 boxes). Correspondence, financial records, diaries and journals, memorabilia, class work and notes, copied poems, prayers, sermons and versers, memorials, genealogical research, Quaker material and photographs.

Subjects: Haverford College; Society of Friends; Account books; Commonplace books; Correspondence; Diaries; Estate records; Photographs; Sermons; Gibbons, Hannah, d. 1868; Potts, Ethel Rhoads, b. 1871; Rhoads, Anne Gibbons, 1809-1890; Rhoads, Edward, 1841-1871; Rhoads, Edward, 1873-1903; Rhoads, Jane Gibbons, 1870-1897; Rhoads, Jane Gibbons, d. 1860; Rhoads, Lydia Wistar, b. 1868; Rhoads, Samuel, b. 1878; Rhoads, Samuel, 1806-1868; Rhoads, Sarah Wistar, 1839-1920; Rhoads, William Gibbons, 1838-1880; Rhoads, William Gibbons, b. 1876; Wing, Asa S. (Asa Shove), 1850-1931; Wing, Sophia Rhoads, 1850-1901; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Physicians; Quaker women; Society of Friends

John F. Rich papers
Ms. Coll. 880

(2 boxes). The papers of John F. Rich, who worked at the AFSC as a director of public relations and later founded his own public relations firm. The collection includes letters and diaries from his travels in Spain, India, and China during his years with the A.F.S.C. as well as materials from his firm.

Subjects: Rich, John F., 1902-1973; American Friends Service Committee; World War, 1939-1945 -- China; Spain -- History -- Civil War, 1936-1939; Public relations

Jonathan Richards papers, 1870-1881
Ms. Coll. 964

(1 box). Letters, invoices, vouchers, account book and other financial records related to his work as Agent at Wichita, Kansas from 1870-1876. Material deals primarily with Richards's attempts to settle government claims against him regarding a disputed balance of over $23,000.

Subjects: United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Wichita Agency; Richards, Jonathan

Roberts family papers, 1709-1937
Ms. Coll. 960

(1 box). Letters, diaries, genealogical material and legal papers of the 19th century Quaker Roberts, Hooton and related families.

Subjects: Roberts, Elizabeth Hooton; Hooton family; Roberts family; Society of Friends -- Hicksite separation

Charles Roberts autograph letter collection
Ms. Coll. 100-799

(266 boxes). Charles Roberts, a graduate of Haverford College in 1864, collected autographs, ranging from a set of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, letters of the Presidents of the United States, letters of foreign royalty, abolitionists, distinguished American and foreign authors and composers, scientists, educators and businesspeople. The letters date from ca. 1400 to the present; many are accompanied by fine prints and photographs. When Roberts' widow, Lucy B. Roberts, gave the collection to Haverford in 1902, it contained some 12,000 items. The collection continues to grow, and it now numbers over 20,000 letters and other original documents. The collection has drawn significant numbers of scholars over the years in quest of the wealth of data it contains.

Subjects: Autographs; Letters; Authors; Scientists; Politicians; Generals; Roberts, Charles

Robinson family papers, 1723-circa 1980
Ms. Coll. 1136

(9 boxes). Primarily the letters of Mary Robinson Morton (1757-1829), a member of the Society of Friends, reflecting the social and cultural attitudes of the day.

Subjects: Bowne, Amy Robinson; Morton, John, fl. 1790-1800; Morton, Mary Robinson, 1757-1829; Noailles, Louis Marie, vicomte de, 1756-1804; Robinson, Abigail; Robinson, Rowland; Robinson, Sarah Richardson; Robinson, Thomas, 1731-1817; Epidemics -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia; Philadelphia (Pa.) -- Social life and customs; Quaker women -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia; Society of Friends -- Hicksite separation; United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 -- Participation, French; Yellow fever -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia

Fred Rodell papers, 1940-1980
Ms. Coll. 827.1

(5 boxes). The papers of Fred Rodell (1906-1980), a graduate of Haverford College and long-time professor of law at Yale University. The papers consist of correspondence, a scrapbook of letters in his honor and other materials dedicated to Fred Rodell, an annotated book by Rodell, Nine Men and a collection of Rodell's published writings.

Subjects: Ghiglione, Loren; Rodell, Fred (1907-1980)

Fred Rodell papers, 1927-1980
Ms. Coll. 827

(23 boxes) Fred Rodell (1907-1980), a 1926 Haverford College graduate, was professor of law at Yale University for 41 years. Yale Law School in its philosophy was diametrically opposed to the philosophy propounded by Harvard Law School. This "Yale" modus vivendi was represented on the Supreme Court by Justices William O. Douglas and Hugo Black, while the "Harvard" doctrine was upheld by Justices Felix Frankfurter and Robert Jackson. Rodell was allied with the Yale contingent as his correspondence and writings reveal. His correspondence is mainly with Supreme Court Justices and primarily with William Douglas.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Yale University; United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century; United States -- Supreme Court; United States -- Supreme Court -- History; Rodell, Fred (1907-1980); Authors, American -- 20th century; Constitutional law -- United States; Judges -- United States -- Biography

Rodell revisited : materials for the book about Fred Rodell, 1959-1992
Ms. Coll. 827.2

(2 boxes). This is a collection of research materials collected by Loren Ghiglione for a biography of Fred Rodell: Rodell revisited: selected writings of Fred Rodell / by Fred Rodell, edited by Loren Ghiglione, 1994. Materials include correspondence, drafts, newspaper clippings, copies of many of Rodell's writings, copies of biographies of Rodell, and bibliographies of his work. The collection also includes some original Rodell items, such as typescripts and Christmas cards.

Subjects: Ghiglione, Loren; Rodell, Fred (1907-1980)

Nathaniel Peabody Rogers collection, 1800-1911
Ms. Coll. 806

(3 boxes). A collection relating to the work of anti-slavery advocate and worker, Nathaniel Peabody Rogers, and the circle of others involved, including John Greenleaf Whittier, William Lloyd Garrison and Susan B. Anthony. There are a number of issues of the Herald of Freedom of which Rogers was the editor.

Subjects: Baily, Joshua L. (Joshua Longstreth), 1826-1916; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Rogers, Nathaniel Peabody, 1794-1846

Satterthwaite family papers, 1633-1934
Ms. Coll. 950

(2 folders). Papers of the 18th century Satterthwaite family of Pennsylvania, and other related families.

Subjects: Satterthwaite family

Scattergood family papers, 1681-1909
Ms. Coll. 1100

(9 volumes, 1 package). Chiefly correspondence of Thomas Scattergood (1748-1814) with family and friends discussing spiritual matters and his travels in Great Britain, New England, North and South Carolina, Virginia, etc. Correspondents include Jonathan Binns, Josiah Bunting, John Cox, William DIllwyn, Henry Drinker, William Forster, Susanna Horne, Rebecca Jones, John Pemberton, Joseph Scattergood, Rebecca Scattergood, Rachel Smith, and others.

Subjects: Scattergood, Thomas; Scattergood, Sarah, 1751-1832; Diaries; Letters; Society of Friends -- Clergy; Melancholy

Scattergood family papers, circa 1800-1876
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 40 items). Primarily the letters of the Quaker Scattergood family detailing daily life in the Philadelphia area and touching on issues of dress, there is also a letter of Joseph Scattergood from Tunesassa, NY telling of his work with Corn Planter's Indians. As well there is a diary kept by Ann Sellers from 1853-1856 and a cookbook, ca. 1800.

Subjects: Scattergood, Joseph; Scattergood family; Quakers -- Pennsylvania -- Diaries; Quakers -- Pennsylvania -- Social life and customs -- 19th century; Diaries

Dorothy Merriman Schall papers, 1686-1897
Ms. Coll. 1182

(17 boxes). An in-depth view of 18th-century Philadelphia with especial emphasis on legal matters in which Burd, Hubley, Patterson, Schall and Shippen family members participated. The main protagonists were Edward Shippen, Sr., Edward Shippen, Jr., and Edward Burd. Some of the most prominent people in 18th-century Philadelphia are represented here as well.

Subjects: Shippen, Edward, 1729-1806; Shippen, Edward, 1703-1781; Burd, Edward, 1751-1833; Hubley, James B.; Law; Courts

Scrapbook (copyist unknown)
Ms. Coll. 975C

(1 volume). A scrapbook of Quaker materials, primarily including 19th century newspaper articles, poems and portraits of Quakers, primarily in various print-making techniques.

Subjects: Quakers -- Poetry; Quakers -- Portraits; Scrapbooks

John Sebastian papers, 1940-1974
Ms. Coll. 828

(9 packages). Musical scores for harmonica and harmonica and other instruments by such composers as Anthony Burgess, Luciano Chailly, Norman Dello Joio, Alan Hovhaness, Darius Milhaud, Alexander Tcherepnin, Heitor Villa-Lobos and others, many of them written for and dedicated to composer and harmonica virtuoso, John Sebastian.

Subjects: Sebastian, John, 1916-; Harmonica music

George Selleck papers, 1801-1980
Ms. Coll. 1146

(1 box). A collection of some papers of Quaker author George Selleck, inlcuding essays relating to his book Quakers in Boston, 1656-1964: three centuries of Friends in Boston and Cambridge.

Subjects: Cadbury, Henry J. (Henry Joel), 1883-1974; Newman, Daisy, 1904-; Selleck, George A.

Shackleton family papers, 1707-1785
Ms. Coll. 859

(1 box). Papers include letters between Carleton family in Ireland and Carleton family members in Philadelphia and Kennett, PA and other relatives, giving news of family and friends.

Subjects: Carleton, Thomas, 1699-1792; Leadbeater, Mary Shackleton, 1758-1826; Neale, Mary Peisley, 1717-1757; Shackleton, Elizabeth Carleton, 1726-1804; Watson, Jane, 1739?-1812?; Carleton family; Shackleton family

Edith Forsythe Sharpless papers, 1910-1952
Ms. Coll. 950

(2 folders). Edith Sharpless' letters from the perspective of a Quaker missionary in Japan, birthday album for Lydia Sharpless, certificates, two photgraphs and artbook.

Subjects: Arishima, Takeo, 1878-1923; Ayusawa, Iwao Frederick, 1894-; Binford, Gurney, 1865-1951; Bowles, Gilbert, 1869-1960; Bowles, Minnie, 1868-1958; Hartshorne, Anna C. (Anna Cope), 1860-1957; Hirakawa, Seiju, B., 1874-; Nitobe, Inazo, 1862-1933; Rhoads, Esther Biddle, 1896-1979; Rich, Edward Percy; Sharpless, Edith Forsythe, 1883-1956; Sharpless, Frederick Cope, 1880-1971; Sharpless, Louise Sangree, 1886-; Sharpless, Lydia Trimble Cope, 1857-1952; Simkin, Robert, 1897-1958; Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Japan

Isaac Sharpless papers, 1884-1950s
Ms. Coll. 906

(1 box). Addition to Isaac Sharpless papers, 1876-1987.

Subjects: Haverford College -- History; Sharpless, Isaac, 1848-1920

Sharpless - Kite family papers, circa 1748-1875
Ms. Coll. 1111

(4 boxes). Letters, accounts, diaries, journals of members of the inter-related Sharpless and Kite families, including the papers of Joshua Sharpless (1746/7-1826) and letters of Mary Kite (1792-1861) as well as the papers of Edward G. Smedley, ca. 1836-1908, dealing with his experiences as a conscientious objector during the Civil War, 1863-1866.

Subjects: Kite, Mary, 1793?-1861; Sharpless, Joshua, 1747-1826; Smedley, Edward G. (Edward Garrett), 1835-1908; Kite family; Sharpless family; Conscientious objection; Travel -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865; Correspondence; Diaries

Sheppard family papers, 1656-1887
Ms. Coll. 858

(3 boxes). The collection particularly provides connections between the Irish and Philadelphia Friends in the 18th century, especially by the Sheppard and Wansborough families who intermarried. Included are letters of John Wilbur, central in the Gurney-Wilbur controversy.

Subjects: Wilbur, John, 1774-1856; Church work -- Society of Friends; Irish-American Quakers; Lay ministry -- Society of Friends; Quakers -- Ireland; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy

Quaker Portraits, silhouettes
Ms. Coll. 988B

Subjects: Society of Friends; Portraits

Andrew Silk '76 papers, 1976-1981
Ms. Coll. 841

(2 boxes). Papers dating 1976-1981 relate to Andrew Silk's interests and writings, especially about South Africa, but also about employment of underemployed youth in America. They begin while Silk was a student at Haverford College and conclude with the Silk journalism internship, estabilished after Silk's death in 1981.

Subjects: Haverford College; South Africa -- History; Silk, Mark; Interviews -- South Africa; Silk, Andrew

Henry Simmons journals, 1796-1800
Ms. Coll. 975B

(1 box). Five journals describe Henry Simmons' (1768-1807) journey to the Indian reservation at Oneida, 1796-97, with John Pierce, James Cooper, Joseph Sanson, Isaiah Rowlen [i.e. Rowland] and Enoch Walker; a sojourn among the Indians, 1799; and a Western journey of exploration, 1800. There is also one journal with fair copies of his letters and his commonplace book.

Subjects: Cooper, James; Pierce, John, fl. 1798-99; Rowland Isaiah; Sansom, Joseph, 1765 or 6-1826; Simmons, Henry, 1768-1807; Walker, Enoch; Indians of North America -- History; Oneida Indians; Society of Friends -- Indian affairs; Diaries

Carroll T. Sinclair papers, 1962-1964
Ms. Coll. 1117

(2 boxes). Research relating to Quaker Meetings in Maryland by Carroll T. Sinclair, including manuscript material and photographs prepared in the mid-20th century.

Subjects: Taylor, Thomas; Taylor family; Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Quaker church buildings -- Pictorial works; Sinclair, Carroll T.

Smiley family papers, 1776-1898
Ms. Coll. 1113

(106 boxes, 7 packages). In 1883, Quakers Albert Keith Smiley and his brother Daniel Smiley organized the first annual conference to discuss assistance to Native Americans at their estate at Lake Mohonk in New York State. These conferences were widely attended by specialists in various fields, as well as important officials. Only later were Native Americans represented, but they did come. The concern to "uplift" was also directed at Filipino, Hawaiian, African American and Puerto Rican peoples, though attention at the conferences was primarily focused on Native Americans.

Subjects: Smiley, Albert K. (Albert Keith), 1828-1912; Smiley, Daniel, 1855-1930; African Americans -- History; Filipinos; Hawaiians; Indians of North America -- Congresses; Indians of North America -- History; Lake Mohonk Conference on the Indian and Other Dependent Peoples; Puerto Ricans; United States -- Board of Indian Commissioners; Lake Mohonk Conference on the Negro Question; Lake Mohonk Conference of Friends of the Indian and Other Dependent Peoples

Smith family papers, 1821-1893
Ms. Coll. 1149

(2 boxes, 2 packages). The papers of two 19th century Smith family members, Seth Smith and Edward Smith, the former a teacher and astronomer, the latter a medical doctor. Seth Smith was likely a Quaker.

Subjects: Smith, Edward; Smith, Seth; Astronomy; Mechanical Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.); Medicine

Edward Wanton Smith papers, circa 1673-1967
Ms. Coll. 955

(37 boxes). This collection includes letters, biographical accounts of Friends, genealogical material, legal and financial papers, business accounts, minutes, accounts of dreams and visions of Friends, essays, notebooks, epistles of Friends' Meetings, marriage certificates, maps, pictures, deeds, and other material of the Smith and Atwater families.

Subjects: Quakers -- Genealogy; Smith family; Atwater family; Smith, Edward Wanton

Hannah Whitall Smith letters, 1899-1911
Ms. Coll. 950

(4 folders). Letters of Quaker Hannah Whitall Smith to her friend, Kate, in the period 1899-1911, which cover topics of religion, family, Quaker Meeting and life style, health and old age.

Subjects: Berenson, Mary Smith, 1864-1945; Russell, Alys Whitall Pearsall Smith; Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970; Smith, Logan Pearsall, 1865-1947; Quaker women -- 19th century; Smith, Hannah Whitall, 1832-1911

John Jay Smith papers, 1683-1859
Ms. Coll. 900

(1 box). Primarily papers are those received by his forebears and collected by John Jay Smith, an entrepreneur who was a founder of the Pennsylvania Gazette. Among them are some manuscripts of Robert Proud, a treatise by Dr. F. Daniel Lobstein and a document in the hand of James Dickinson.

Subjects: Dickinson, James, 1658-1741; Lobstein, J. F. Daniel, 1777-1840; Proud, Robert, 1728-1813; Smith, J. Jay (John Jay), 1798-1881

Reed Smith papers, 1940-1947
Ms. Coll. 882

(1 box). This collection contains the letters of Reed Smith during his time in a Civilian Public Serice camps as a Conscientious Objector during World War II and his relief work in France, Germany, and Poland after the war with the American Friends Service Committee.

Subjects: Smith, Reed; Civilian Public Service -- History; World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious Objectors -- United States; American Friends Service Committee

Records of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science, 1948-1976
Ms. Coll. 837

(14 boxes). Correspondence, including letters from Albert Einstein, minutes, reports, leaflets, public statements and newsletters of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science established in 1949 with the assistance of Otto Theodor Benfy, Franklin Miller and Victor Paschkis to promote free inquiry concerning science and society, and especially concern that science not to be used for destructive ends.

Subjects: Benfey, O. Theodor, 1925-; Bethe, Hans A., 1906-2005; Born, Max, 1882-1970; Carlson, Anton; Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955; Miller, Franklin, 1912-; Muste, Abraham John, 1885-1967; Paschkis, V. (Victor); Science -- Moral and ethical aspects; Technology -- Moral and ethical aspects; Society for Social Responsibility in Science

Spence Etchings of the Life of George Fox
Ms. Coll. 988G-R

Subjects: Fox, George, 1624-1691; Spence, Robert

Spencer family papers, 1728-1905
Ms. Coll. 963

(1 box). The 19th century correspondence and commonplace books of members of the Quaker Spencer family.

Subjects: Spencer family; Commonplace books; Diaries; Letters

Anna Spencer diary, 1855-1905
Ms. Coll. 975C

(2 boxes). Diary furnishes a record of the home life of a Quaker spinster, 1855-1905. Complete, except for the year 1875, which is missing.

Subjects: Spencer, Anna, 1832-1905; Diaries; Quakers -- Conduct of life

Douglas V. Steere and Dorothy M. Steere papers, 1896-2003
Ms. Coll. 1174

(257 boxes, 2 packages, 2 rolled items). This is a collection of the personal and professional papers of Douglas Steere. Materials include: correspondence; lectures and notes; sermons and addresses; drafts of books, articles, and reviews; calendars, resumes, and honors; notebooks, diaries and journals; subject files; and photographs.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality; Haverford College; Pendle Hill (School: Wallingford, Pa.); Society of Friends; Autobiographies; Correspondence; Diaries; Lecture notes; Sermons; Cripps, Arthur Shearly, 1869-1952; Hügel, Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1852-1925; Steere, Dorothy; Steere, Douglas V. (Douglas Van), 1901-1995; Philosophy -- Study and teaching; Quaker women; Quakers; Quakers -- Education; Religion -- Study and teaching; Rhodes Scholarships; Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965 : Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano); World War, 1939-1945; Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; International relief -- Africa

Isaac Stephenson papers, 1823-1825
Ms. Coll. 908

(1 box). The letters of an English Quaker minister, Isaac Stephenson, written to his wife, Hannah M. Stephenson, while traveling in America in 1823-1825.

Subjects: Stephenson, Isaac, 1765-1830; Travel -- Religious aspects; Society of Friends -- Clergy

Stokes - Evans - Cope family papers, 1713-1981
Ms. Coll. 1169

(8 boxes, 2 packages). Correspondence, diaries, legal and business papers, artifacts, printed volumes, scrapbook, account books, marriage certificates, deeds, photographs and photo-album, computer disks, typed transcripts and various misc. papers. Papers are chiefly of the related Quaker families of Stokes, Evans, Cope and Wistar of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Subjects: Stokes family; Evans family; Cope family; Wistar family; Evans, Thomas, 1798-1868; Evans, Hannah; Stokes, Francis; Stokes, John; Letters; Scrapbooks; Photographs

Letters to Stephen Straight, 1962-1974
Ms. Coll. 950

(2 folders). This collection of letters resulted from queries that Stephn Straight put to members of various historical societies, Quaker Meetings, Quaker colleges, universities, libraries and Quaker committees in an effort to understand Quaker Meetings and regional Quaker issues in America, Canada and Ireland.

Subjects: Society of Friends; Straight, Stephen

Strawbridge family papers, 1776-1898
Ms. Coll. 1114

(1 box). A window into the lives of two 19th century Quaker families, the Hackers and Morrises, in part recording a journey in the ministry as well as events of the Civil War.

Subjects: Hacker, Jeremiah, 1801-1895; Morris, Beulah; Morris, Deborah, 1724-1793; Hacker family; Morris family; Family -- Religious life -- Society of Friends; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865; Diaries

Donald Swann papers, 1969-1984
Ms. Coll. 950

(2.5 document boxes). Primarily relating to the opera Perelandra written by Donald Swann (1923-) and correspondence with Prof. Robert Butman relating to its staging at Haverford College

Subjects: Swann, Donald, 1923-; Butman, Robert Hawes; Perelandra; Haverford College -- History; Opera

Letters to Albert Syze, 1888-1894
Ms. Coll. 950

(9 items). Collection consists primarily of letters directed to Albert Syze, a Quaker who attended Haverford College in the late 19th century. Of interest are geographic areas for placement of missionaries by various yearly meetings.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- Missions; Syze, Albert

Tallcot family papers, 1724-1857
Ms. Coll. 1015

(5 boxes). Primarily the correspondence of Joseph Tallcot (ca. 1768-1853) and other Quakers on topics relating to religious education, the Hicksite-Orthodox schism of 1827-28 and the Wilburite separation, slavery and the African American colony at Wilberforce, Canada.

Subjects: Tallcot, Joseph, 1768-1853; Wilberforce Colony; Society of Friends -- Education; Society of Friends -- Schisms and seperations

Taylor family papers, 1799-1881
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). The collection consists primarily of letters to George Washington Taylor (1803-1891), a Quaker, who was a leader in the Free Produce movement in Philadelphia. Other materials include diaries and account books of members of the Taylor family in the 19th century.

Subjects: Taylor family; Cornell, Esther Thompson; Taylor, George Washington, 1803-1891; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Philadelphia Free Produce Association of Friends

Taylor family papers, 1737-1999
Ms. Coll. 1233

(19 boxes). This collection traces several generations of the Quaker Taylor family, but centers on Francis R. Taylor (1884-1947) and George Washington Taylor (1803-1891). The former was an attorney and collector of information about his own and related families as well as local historical information. The latter who ran a free produce store in Philadelphia in the period before the American Civil War was connected through his interests in free labor to many correspondents.

Subjects: Bronner, Anne Taylor, 1918-; Gurney, Joseph John, 1788-1847; Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Church controversies -- Society of Friends; Slave labor; Society of Friends -- Doctrines; Taylor, Francis R., 1884-1947; Taylor, George Washington, 1803-1891; Haverford College -- History; Taylor, Elizabeth Richie, 1883-1970; Taylor family

Taylor family papers, 1755-1930
Ms. Coll. 962

(16 boxes). Papers realted to the 19th-century Quaker Shoemaker and Taylor families of Burlington, NJ and Philadelphia and their westward movement to begin a business in Ohio. They deal also with such varied topics as surveying, sheep raising, the Contraband Relief Commission, the establishment of Bryn Mawr College and the mental hospital Friends' Asylum. Prominent correspondents are Abraham Merritt Taylor, Joseph Wright Taylor, Isaac Shoemaker, Charles Shoemaker and Thomas Wistar Jr.

Subjects: Bryn Mawr College -- History; Friends Hospital (Philadelphia, Pa.); Quaker businesspeople; Taylor family

Taylor family papers, 1846-1929
Ms. Coll. 1179

(3 boxes). Correspondence, papers and photographs, records. Includes letters of Elihu Burritt (1810-1879) and others on Quakers and African Americans and slavery; also papers of Francis R. Taylor (1884-1947) on Quakers and African Americans and peace; and George Washington Taylor (1803-1891) papers and Free Produce Association records relating to Taylor's work for free produce labor.

Subjects: Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879; Taylor, George W., 1803-1891; Taylor, Francis Richards; Philadelphia Free Produce Association of Friends; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislavery movements -- United States; Society of Friends

Taylor and Nicholson family papers, 1810-1999
Ms. Coll. 1215

(21 boxes, 2 rolled items). The two focal points of this collection are William Nicholson Taylor (1882-1945), and his mother, Rebecca Morgan Nicholson Taylor (1857-1944). Included within the collection are correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Subjects: American Chamber of Commerce in France; E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company; Field Artillery School (Fort Still, Okla.); Fort George G. Meade (Md.); Fort Riley (Kan.); Harvard University; Old Fort Niagara (N.Y.); Society of Friends; United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps; Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (France); Cartoons; Correspondence; Memorabilia; Notebooks; Photographs; Scrapbooks; Sketches; Taylor, Frank Hendrickson, 1855-1934; Taylor, Gertrude Christine de Brie, b. 1897; Taylor, Rebecca Nicholson, 1857-1944; Taylor, William Nicholson, 1882-1945; Architecture; Art; Authors; Cricket; Painting; Quaker women; Quakers; World War, 1914-1919

Text Book Association of Friends records, 1866-1896
Ms. Coll. 1028

(1 box). The 19th century records of a Philadelphia-based Quaker organization whose aim was to provide textbooks which were aligned with Friends' principles, including not glorifying war.

Subjects: Text Book Association of Friends

Thompson family papers, 1751-1876
Ms. Coll. 855

(1 box). Correspondency, genealogy, silhouette, printed material, certificate, testimony, accounts. Includes letters from Jonah Thompson (1756-1758) and son John Thompson to family in England (1773-1805). Letters (1840-1874) of John's grandson, John James Thompson, to cousin John Thompson (Hitchin, England) discuss family news, national and political questions, slavery, business and financial conditions.

Subjects: Thompson, Jonah, 1702-1780; Thompson, John, 1744-1819; Slavery

Khalil A. Totah and Eva Marshall Totah papers, 1896-1955
Ms. Coll. 1210

(2 boxes). The papers revolve around three principals and provide a picture of Quakers in Palestine in the 20th century: Khalil Totah, his second wife, Eva Marshall Totah and his first wife, Ermina Totah. Khalil Totah discusses the situation in Palestine, primarily in the 1930s, speaks of his own life and aspirations, as when he became a Quaker minister. His diaries expand the picture, adding information about Friends Boys School in Ramallah (Palestine) and his understanding of the political situation, again primarily in the 1930s. The photographs add the dimension of geography, placing Totah at Oak Grove Seminary, Clark College and at the Institute of Arab American Affairs. Eva Marshall Totah has the largest quantity of correspondence, primarily 1920s and 1930s, which provides great detail to the life and work at the Friends School in Ramallah, the character and growing relationship with Khalil Totah and domestic issues. The papers of Ermina Jones Totah portray an earnest and dedicated teacher and wife, but carry little detail.

Subjects: Mada_ris al-Frindz (Ra_m Alla_h); Correspondence; Diaries; Photographs; Palestine -- History -- 1917-1948; Palestine -- Politics and government -- 1917-1948; Jones, Rufus M. (Rufus Matthew), 1863-1948; Oliver, Daniel, 1870-1952; Quakers -- Middle East; Society of Friends -- Education -- West Bank -- Ra_m Alla_h; Society of Friends -- Missions -- Palestine; Totah, Eva Rae Marshall, 1895-1990; Totah, Khalil, 1886-1955; Totah, Ermina Jones , 1892-1928

Traveling Friends (Ministers) papers, 1656-1866
Ms. Coll. 975C

(1 box). Various accounts of Friends traveling in the ministry, 17th - 19th centuries.

Subjects: Quaker ministers; Society of Friends -- Clergy

Updegraff family papers, 1810-1929
Ms. Coll. 1031

(2 boxes). Letters, diaries, genealogical material, land grants signed by Presidents John Tyler and Martin Van Buren and other papers of the Updegraff family, mainly those of David B. Updegraff (1830-1894) which give a picture of Quakerism in 19th-century Ohio.

Subjects: Tyler, John, 1790-1862; Updegraff, Ann Taylor; Updegraff, David B; Updegraff, Rebecca Taylor; Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862; Dinsmore family; Newlin family; Taylor family; Updegraff family; Diaries -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Haverford College -- History; Quakers -- Diaries; Quakers -- Ohio; Ohio -- Description and travel; Baptists

Vaux family papers, 1708-1995
Ms. Coll. 1217

(24 boxes, 2 rolled documents). Both George Vaux, Jr. and his sister Mary Morris Vaux Walcott served as commissioners for the U.S. board of Indian Commissioners. Within the collection are letters, reports, photographs, land surveys, and administrative records. Of note in the collection are original Department of Interior documents, first-hand written accounts, and letters. Also, of great note are the land surveys, which provide valuable information from the early 1920s regarding the health, education, population, and land ownership of Native Americans.

Subjects: American Friends Service Committee; Friends' Historical Association; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Indian Committee; Society of Friends; United States. Board of Indian Commissioners; Correspondence; Financial records; Photographs; Reports; Philadelphia (Pa.); West (U.S.); Vaux, George, III, 1909-1996; Vaux, George, Jr., 1863-1927; Vaux George, Sr., 1832-1915; Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940; Indians of North America -- Government relations; Native Americans; Quaker women; Quakers

Vaux collection of correspondence, documents and graphics, 1657-1978
Ms. Coll. 1167

(28 document boxes, 2 albums). The collection provides insights into several issues important within the history of Quakerism, such as the abolition of slavery, education and Native American rights as examined by a number of well-known Quakers, as well as graphics depicting American travel views, Native American sites, Haverford College, Quaker individuals and places associated with Quakers.

Subjects: Vaux, George, 1832-1915; Vaux, George, 1863-1927; Vaux, George, 1908-1996; Society of Friends; Photography; Haverford College -- History; Indians of North America

Elizabeth Gray Vining papers, 1897-1985
Ms. Coll. 1141

(39 boxes, 3 packages, 1 volume). The correspondence and other papers of a Quaker and author Elizabeth Gray Vining who devoted four years in the mid-20th century to tutoring the Crown Prince of Japan, which led to a lifetime connection to Japan and the Japanese Imperial Family.

Subjects: Akihito, Emperor of Japan, 1933-; Hirohito, Emperor of Japan, 1901-1989; Koizumi, Shinzō, 1888-1966; MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964; Pickett, Clarence, 1884-1965; Sarton, May, 1912-1995; Takahashi, Tane, 1929-; Vining, Elizabeth Gray, 1902-199; Japan -- Social life and customs; Education -- Japan -- History -- 1945-; Society of Friends -- Education; Society of Friends -- Japan

Walking Purchase of Pennsylvania, 1735-1738
Ms. Coll. 950

(circa 15 items). Primarily requests for payment by walkers involved in the 1737 Walking Purchas of Pennsylvania project, a land purchase treaty made with the Delaware Indians.

Subjects: Chapman, John, fl. 1735; Doan, Joseph, fl. 1735; Penn, Thomas, 1702-1775; Smith, Timothy, fl. 1735-1737; Steel, James, fl. 1735; Weiser, Conrad, 1696-1760; Delaware Indians -- Land tenure; Indian land transfers -- Pennsylvania; Indians of North America -- Delaware

Nicholas Waln family papers, 1690-1895, bulk 1783-1819
Ms. Coll. 966

(3 boxes). Correspondence, portraits, photographs, poetry, genealogy and misc. papers related to Nicholas Waln and the Waln family. Bulk of the material consists of correpsondence related to Nicholas Waln's journeys as a Quaker minister in England and Ireland. Topics discussed include news of family, Friends activities, travel, friendship, spiritual matters, ministry, and slave conditions in the West Indies (1784 letter from William B. Clark). Chart of Waln family genealogy.

Subjects: Waln, Nicholas, 1742-1813; Society of Friends -- England; Society of Friends -- Ireland; Society of Friends -- Missions

Walton - Kite family papers, 1789-1937
Ms. Coll. 1178

(3 boxes). The collection consists predominantly of the papers of the Walton family, but also contains Kite family and Fawcett family papers.

Subjects: Walton family; Kite family; Fawcett family; Correspondence; Diaries

Ann Warder letters, 1787-1794
Ms. Coll. 950

(2 folders). This collection contains typescript copies of letters written by Ann Warder to her husband John Warder during her visit to England while he remained in Philadelphia, 1787-1788, and during his vist to England while she remained in Philadelphia, 1794.

Subjects: Correspondence; Cadbury, Warder H.; Marriage -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; Quakers -- Travel; Warder, Ann; Letters

Webb and Price family papers
Ms. Coll. 950

(1 box). The collection consists of photographs and genealogical history of the Webb & Price families. It also includes a copy of Barclay's Apology, 1703, with ownership inscriptions and records of birth of the Price family.

Subjects: Price family; Quakers -- Pennsylvania; Swarthmore College Preparatory School; Webb family

Paul Weiss papers, 1968-1970
Ms. Coll. 846

(3 boxes). The collection consists of a typed manuscript, with corrections, of Volume 6 of Philosophy in Process by Paul Weiss.

Subjects: Philosophy; Weiss, Paul

Welsh Society of Philadelphia records, 1798-1978
Ms. Coll. 1186

(9 boxes, 11 volumes). Records of the Welsh Society of Philadelphia, a benevolent society founded in 1729 to guide and assist people of Welsh descent.

Subjects: Mt. Moriah cemetery -- Philadelphia (Pa.); William Mann Co.; Welsh Society of Philadelphia; Charity organization -- Philadelphia (Pa.); Immigration and emigration -- Wales; Welsh Americans; Jones, Horatio Gates, 1822-1893

Wheeler - Smith family papers, 1814-1936
Ms. Coll. 817

(2 boxes). The collection consists primarily of letters to and from Woodbury C. Smith, his father, Samuel Smith, and his wife, Helen Wheeler Smith and principally relates to the Civil War, discussing issues such as war news, contrabands, politics, both local to Massachusetts and national. There is a letter from Dorothea Dix as Superintdendent of Women Nurses. There are slavery documents, field inspection and narrative reports from battle fronts in South Carolina and Florida, a map of Charleston Harbor, a photograph of the Raymonds and Helen Wheeler Smith and a gold $1 coin from 1874.

Subjects: United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865; Politics & government -- United States; Smith, Woodbury C.; Smith, Samuel; Smith, Helen Wheeler

Whitall family papers, 1836-1912
Ms. Coll. 1119

(3 boxes). Legal and business papers of members of the 19th century Quaker Whitall family in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Subjects: Smith, Hannah Whitall, 1832-1911; Whitall, Israel Franklin, ca. 1795-1873; Whitall, John Mickle, 1800-1877; Whitall, James, 1834-1896; Whitall, John M., 1858-1926; Whitall, Mary Tatum, 1803-1880; Whitall, Mary Cope, ca. 1836-1897; House construction; Architecture, Domestic; Gloucester County (N.J.)

Gilbert Fowler White papers, 1947-1957
Ms. Coll. 816

(3 boxes). Some papers of Gilbert F. White (1911-2006), a geographer and president of Haverford College, relating to some of his experiences serving the American Friends Service Committee during World War II and letters received while president of the college.

Subjects: Barnes, Albert C. (1872-1951); Bohr, Niels (1885-1962); Bourke-White, Margaret (1904-1971); Copland, Aaron (1900-1990); Douglas, William O. (1898-1980); Hu, Shi (1891-1962); Lindbergh, Anne Morrow (1906-2001); Marshall, Thurgood (1908-1993); Michener, James A. (1907-1997); Mumfor, Lewis (1895-1990); Murrow, Edward R.; Oppenheimer, J. Robert (1904-1967); Padin, Jose; Wright, Frank Lloyd (1867-1959); American Friends Service Committee; Haverford College -- History; White, Gilbert F.

Josiah White papers, 1796-1906
Ms. Coll. 1166

(12 boxes, 7 packages). Josiah White, the 19th-century engineer and inventor of a method to bring coal down the Lehigh River, a tributary of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, was also heavily involved in the education of many among America's less privileged, establishing a number of manual labor schools in the mid-west. The collection includes White's business and personal papers, but also the papers of his daughters, Hannah White Richardson and Rebecca White whose interests extended to religious and community affairs.

Subjects: White, Josiah, 1781-1850; Schuylkill Navigation Company; Canals; Lehigh Navigation Coal Company; While, Elizabeth; Richardson, Hannah; White, Rebecca

John Wilbur papers, 1831-1873
Ms. Coll. 856

(1 box). Primarily letters of John Wilbur giving in great detail his position relative to the views of Joseph John Gurney and rhe separation of New England Yearly Meeting. His trip to Great Britain in 1853-54 is documented as well.

Subjects: Wilbur, John, 1774-1856; Gurney, Joseph John, 1788-1847; Society of Friends -- Wilburite controversy

Julia Wilbur papers, 1843-1908
Ms. Coll. 1158

(4 boxes). Civil War era diaries of Julia Wilbur, a teacher and Contraband relief worker.

Subjects: Wilbur, Julia, 1815-1895; Van Buskirk, Mary L.; African Americans -- Education; African Americans -- Virginia -- Alexandria; Women -- Sufferage -- United States; Abolitionists -- United States -- 19th century; Antislaver movements -- United States; Women in education; Women's rights -- United States

William Penn Charter School archives
Ms. Coll. 1115

(25 boxes, 1 oversized drawer, 150+ books, 24 reels microfilm, 1 box of 3-dimensional objects). The William Penn Charter School collection contains the financial, historical, business, and social records of the school, dating back as far as 1685. Documents signed by William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and former Philadelphia mayors, William Hudson and Wdward Shippen, are included as well as a variety of school texts and memorabilia, which illuminate the traditions and history of the William Penn Charter School. More current information pertaining to the William Penn Charter School can be found in the Haverford College Special Collections Pamphlet Group (PG 2 William Penn Charter School).

Subjects: William Penn Charter School; Society of Friends -- Education

William Penn Charter School (oversized)
Ms. Coll. 990B-R

Deeds and legal papers.

Subjects: William Penn Charter School

Willits Trust records, 1883-1915
Ms. Coll. 1243

(3 boxes). The Willits Trust was a Quaker organization dating from the late 19th and early 20th century based in Philadelphia, PA dedicated to providing religious tracts such as the journal The Africans' Friend to Blacks in the Southern United States and in Liberia. These records consist of correspondence, minutes, financial records, missionary materials, the will of Charles L. Willits, and miscellaneous items.

Subjects: Liberia -- Church history; Willits, Charles L. (Charles Leeds, 1814-1883); Willits, Samuel A. (Samuel Abbot), 1843-1919; Quaker missionaries; Willits Trust

Wills family papers, circa 1720-1926
Ms. Coll. 1112

(2 boxes). Papers relate to the first settlement of Burlington, NJ at the end of the 17th century, and include deeds, wills, marriage certificates and other papers, particularly of Wills family members.

Subjects: Wills, Aaron, 1734-1805; Wills, Daniel, 1803-1878; Wills, Samuel, 1765-1852; Wills family; Quakers -- New Jersey -- Burlington; New Jersey -- History

Winston-Clark family papers, 1814-1900
Ms. Coll. 1165

(5 boxes). Approximately 500 letters (also a few clippings, poems and other items) of the related Clark and Winston families of Virginia and Indiana. Letters discuss family and friends, the small schools that many members of these families began in the mid-west, as well as comments on politics, slavery, religion, education, etc.

Subjects: Clark family; Winston family

Edward Morris Wistar papers, 1894-1914
Ms. Coll. 1137

(2 boxes). Documents relating to Quaker Edward M. Wistar's relief mission under the auspices of the American Red Cross to Armenians living in Turkey in 1896.

Subjects: Armenians -- Turkey -- History; American Red Cross; South Carolina -- History -- 1865-; Gates, Caleb Frank, 1857-1946; Hubbell, Julian B. (Julian Bertine), 1847-1929; Shattuck, Corinna; Wing, Asa S. (Asa Shove), 1850-1931; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941; Wistar, Margaret, 1853-1937; Barton, Clara, 1821-1912; Nihon Sekijūjisha

Thomas Wistar and family papers, 1691-1936
Ms. Coll. 1188

(2 boxes, 2 volumes). Papers of the Wistar family, especially concentrating on the work among Native Americans in the Central and Northern Superintendency of Indian Commissioner Thomas Wistar (1798-1876) in the mid-19th century.

Subjects: Beede, Cyrus, 1828-1908; Cox, John, ca. 1754-1847; Garrett, John Biddle; Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875; Pemberton, James, 1723-1809; Richard, Jonathan, ca. 1812-1882; Waln, Richard, 1737-; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941; Wistar, Thomas, 1764-1851; Wistar, Thomas, 1798-1876; Wistar, Thomas, 1826-1862; Wistar, Thomas, 1877-1960; Wright, Asher, 1803-1875; Comanche Nation, Oklahoma; Indians of North America -- Missions; Kiowa Indian Tribe of Oklahoma; Osage Indians; Society of Friends -- Missions; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency

Thomas Wistar and family papers, addition, 1691-1890
Ms. Coll. 1188

(2 boxes). Primarily the correspondence of Quaker Edward Morris Wistar (1852-1941), there is also correspondence of Indian Commissioner Thomas Wistar (1798-1876), as well as the journal of Commissioner Wistar "Journal of a tour through the western and southern states: the Spanish possessions and the adjacent Indian nations," 1820, and photographs of Native American and Wistar family members.

Subjects: Wistar, Caspar, 1801-1867; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941; Wistar, Mary Waln, 1766-1844; Wistar, Thomas, 1798-1876; Wistar, Thomas, 1826-1862; Cope family; Wistar family; Indians of North America; Society of Friends -- Indian Affairs; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency

Thomas Wistar and family papers, addition, 1705-1936
Ms. Coll. 1188

(2 boxes, 2 volumes). Papers of the Wistar family, especially concentrating on the work among Native Americans in the Central and Northern Superintendency of Indian Commissioner Thomas Wistar (1798-1876) in the mid-19th century.

Subjects: Wistar, Caspar, 1801-1867; Wistar, Edward Morris, 1852-1941; Wistar, Mary Waln, 1766-1844; Wistar, Thomas, 1798-1876; Wistar, Thomas, 1826-1862; Cope family; Wistar family; Indians of North America; Society of Friends -- Indian Affairs; United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency

Anna Wharton Wood papers, 1741-1853
Ms. Coll. 958

(1 box). The collection of Quaker Anna Wharton Wood includes letters of several 18th century Friends, a petition by English Friends, epistles, testimonies, and other miscellaneous items.

Subjects: Wood, Anna Wharton Smith, 1864-; Allinson, William, 1766-1841; Emlen, Samuel; Fothergill, Samuel, 1715-1772; Logan, William, 1718-1776; Pemberton, John, 1727-1795

James Wood papers, 1865-1964
Ms. Coll. 1218

(21 boxes). This collection contains many materials, including correspondence, photographs, record books, awards, and printed material such as newspapers and pamphlets. There is also a series covering Wood's work in female prison reform, which includes several official reports and newspaper stories in this area.

Subjects: American Bible Society; Bedford Farmers' Club (Bedford (Westchester County, N.Y.)); Bryn Mawr College; Five Years Meeting (Society of Friends: U.S.); Haverford College; New York State Reformatory for Women (Bedford Hills, N.Y.); New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Society of Friends; Westchester County Bible Society (Westchester County, N.Y.); Autobiographies; Business records; Correspondence; Diaries; Financial records; Lecture notes; Manuscripts; Pamphlets; Photographs; Commercial catalogs; Travel photography; Bedford (Westchester County, N.Y.); Haverford (Pa.); Mount Kisco (N.Y.) Barbour, Hugh; Fox, George, 1624-1691; Wood, Carolena Morris, 1871-1936; Wood, James, 1839-1925; Agriculture; Prison reformers; Quakers; Religion; Travel; Sheep

L. Hollingsworth Wood papers, 1903-1953
Ms. Coll. 1175

(81 boxes). Primarily correspondence related to Wood's activities in areas of peace, civil rights, black and Quaker education. Wood was founding member of American Civil Liberties Union, American Friends Service Committee and National Urban League. He was president of the Urban League for 26 years; elected in 1917 to Fisk University Board of Trustees; member of Haverford College Board of Managers. Correspondents include Jane Addams, Roger N. Baldwin, W. E. B. DuBois, Rufus M. Jones, Thomas Elsa Jones, Oswald Garrison Villard, Booker T. Washington and many others.

Subjects: Wood, L. Hollingsworth (Levi Hollingsworth), 1874-1956; American Civil Liberties Union; American Friends Service Committee; National Urban League; Haverford College; Fisk University; American Commission on Conditions in Ireland; Society of Friends; Friends Ambulance Unit; Friends World Conference; Happy Grove School (Hectors River, Jamaica); New York Colored Mission; Peace; African Americans -- Education; Society of Friends -- Education; Philadelphia Young Friends' Association

Morris Wistar Wood papers, 1716-1979
Ms. Coll. 1140

(36 boxes, 1 package). Correspondence, diaries, photographs, genealogy, deeds, financial, legal and business papers, clippings, maps, facsimiles and other misc. papers. Primarily correspondence of the related Quaker familys of Collins, Cresson, Emlen, Morris, Wistar and Wood with friends and family.

Subjects: Wood, M. Wistar (Morris Wistar), 1899-1980; Cresson, Charles Caleb, 1816-1902; Cresson, Caleb, 1775-1821; Wood, Horatio C. (Horatio Curtis), 1803-1879; Cresson, Joshua, 1744-1793; Wood, Annabella Cresson Wistar, 1872-1967; Wood, Annabella Bonnyman, 1902-1926; Wood, Evelyn Byrd Page; Wistar, Bartholomew, 1790-1841

Richard R. Wood papers, circa 1958-1976
Ms. Coll. 1151

(2 boxes). Quakers Richard R. Wood (1897-1982) and William Morris Maier (1909-1982) correspond on issues relating to their alma mater, Haverford College and education, on Quaker topics and foreign policy.

Subjects: Maier, William Morris, 1909-1982; Wood, Richard R. (Richard Reeve), 1897-1982; Haverford College -- History

Richard Reeve Wood and Nancy Morris Wood family papers, 1820-1988
Ms. Coll. 1254

(6 boxes) This collection contains the materials of several generations of American Quaker families. Prominently featured are Richard Reeve Wood and his wife, Nancy Morris; Richard's father, Edward S. Wood; and Richard's grandfather and grandmother, Alexander Cooper and Mary Emma Stokes Wood. Richard attended several sessions of the League of Nations and participated in meetings leading to the formation of the United Nations in 1945.

Subjects: Courtship -- Religious aspects -- Society of Friends; League of Nations. Assembly; Quakers – Family relationships; Quakers--New Jersey; World War, 1939-1945--Prisoners and prisons--Germany; Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company; Gimbel Brothers ; John Wanamaker (Firm); Wood, Alexander Cooper, 1841-1919; Wood, Edward S., b. 1868; Wood, Mary Emma Stokes, 1842-1920; Wood, Richard R. (Richard Reeve), 1897-1982

William H. S. Wood papers, 1860-1887
Ms. Coll. 1026

(2 boxes). The collection is a compilation of materials by William H.S. Wood (1840-1907) toward the writing of a book on Quakers and the Civil War, including information from John B. Crenshaw (1820-1889) and Francis T. King (1819-1891).

Subjects: Crenshaw, John Bacon, 1820-1889; King, Francis T., 1817-1891; Wood, William Henry S., 1840-1907; Society of Friends -- Civil War, 1861-1865

Papers related to Woodbourne Orchards, 1862-1928
Ms. Coll. 1230 B

(16 items). Letters written to Francis R. Cope by Laura Towne and Ellen Murray relating to the Penn School On St. Helena, S.C. and to Francis R. Cope Jr. from others, but also about the school.

Subjects: Penn School (Saint Helena Island, S.C.)

Woodbourne Orchards and Family of Francis R. Cope Jr., 1848-1997
Ms. Coll. 1230

(26 boxes). Papers of the Cope family whose members descended from or were forebears of Francis R. Cope Jr. (1878-1962). The bulk of the papers was created by Francis R. Cope Jr., his daughter, Theodora Morris Cope and her first husband, John Frederick Stanwell-Fletcher. Other principal writers in the collection are Alexis T. Cope, Agnes Cope, Anna S. Cope, Caroline Cope, Clementine Cope, Elizabeth S. Cope, and Evelyn Cope, all from the 19th and 20th century. The earlier Copes were Quakers, but some joined other Protestant denominations.

Subjects: Cope family; Evans family; Foote family; Morris family; Scull family; Cope, Francis R. Jr., 1878-1962; Stanwell-Fletcher, Theodora C. (Theodora Cope), 1906-; Stanwell-Fletcher, John, 1903-

World War I Reconstruction and Conscientious Objectors files, 1918-1923
Ms. Coll. 1249

(3 boxes) Card files on World War I conscientious objectors (of all faiths) and on workers and applicants to the Reconstruction Unit program overseen by the Society of Friends in Europe after World War I.

Subjects: Society of Friends -- War relief and reconstruction; World War, 1914-1918 -- Conscientious objectors -- United States

Jay Worrall's Research Notes for the Friendly Virginians, 1990-1994
Ms. Coll. 1224

(13 boxes). These are hand-written index cards contained in 13 boxes comprising information gained through research by Jay Worrall Jr. on Quaker families and individuals and Quaker Meetings in Virginia, as well as a bibliography, exhaustively researched by Worrall toward his 1994 book The Friendly Virginians: America's First Quakers and a companion volume he was working on relating to Quaker families in Virginia. There is an interconnected arrangement of alphabetical and numerical cards.

Subjects: Worrall, Jay, 1943-; Society of Friends -- Virginia -- History -- Sources; Quakers -- Virginia

Howard Yarnall essays
Ms. Coll. 950

(12 essays). Essays written by Howard Yarnall (1899-1945), a Quaker, during a trip to Germany in 1933-34 where he visited and attended Germany Yearly Meeting.

Subjects: Fuchs, Emil, 1874-1971; Yarnall, Howard Edward 1899-1945; Society of Friends -- Germany

Collection of Yearly Meeting epistles and extracts, 1698-1842
Ms. Coll. 971

(1 box). Contemporary copies of epistles and extracts of Yearly Meeting minutes, and of Women Friends, of London, Dublin, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Virginia, Rhode Island from 1698-1842.

Subjects: London Yearly Meeting (Society of Friends); Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Virginia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Rhode Island Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; Dublin Yearly Meeting (Society of Friends)