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Recent Alumni Publications

Below is a listing of recent Alumni publications that are currently on display in Magill Library's Morley Alcove.

Alumni AuthorTitlePublisher & Year
Lewis, Michael J. ('80) City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning Princeton University Press, 2016
Levitan, Dave ('03) Not a Scientist: How Politicians Mistake, Misrepresent, and Utterly Mangle Science W.W. Norton, 2017
Stone, S.T. ('72) Stepping Out: A New Believer's Guide Westbow Press, 2015
Morris, Richard ('65) Masjid Morning; A Novel Square Deal Books, 2016
Dermansky, Marcy ('91) The Red Car: A Novel Liveright Publishing, 2016
Zegans, Marc ('83) The Underwater Typewriter Pelekinesis, 2015
Alexander, Stephon ('93) The Jazz of Physics: The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe Basic Books, 2016
Kabat, Geoffrey C. ('67) Getting Risk Right: Understanding the Science of Elusive Health Risks Columbia University Press, 2017
Crawford, Dan D. ('63) A Thirst for Souls: The Life of Evangelist Percy B. Crawford (1902-1960) Susquehanna University Press, 2010
Kelley, Joyce E. ('98) Excursions into Modernism: Women Writers, Travel, and the Body Ashgate, 2015
Anderson, George L. ('54) Looking Up at the Great Depression: Funny Things Happen on the Way to Decorum Elderberry Press, 2015
Kurlantzick, Joshua ('98) Democracy in Retreat: The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Worldwide Decline of Representative Government Yale University Press, 2013
Paxson, Heather ('90) The Life of Cheese: Crafting Food and Value in America University of California Press, 2013
Copeland, Cyrus ('86) Off the Radar: A Father's Secret, a Mother's Heroism, and a Son's Quest Blue Rider Press, 2015
Lehfeldt, Martin C. ('61) Notes from a Non-Profitable Life: Reflections on My Journey across America's Charitable Landscape the author, c2008
Black Belt Fitness for Life: A 7-Week Plan to Achieve Lifelong Wellness Tae Sun Kang with a foreword by Michael Imperioli; edited by Andrew Federici ('94) Tuttle Publishing, 2015
Darling, Seth B. ('97) & Douglas L. Sisterson How to Change Minds about Our Changing Climate Experiment, 2014
Smith, Alena ('02) & Kate Harmer Tween Hobo: Off the Rails Gallery Books, 2014
Kent, Christopher ('74) Staying off the Wheel of Misfortune: How to Remain Passionate, Effective, Adaptable, and Caring -- No Matter What Life Throws at You the author, c2013
Klubock, Thomas Miller ('86) La Frontera: Forests and Ecological Conflict in Chile's Frontier Territory Duke University Press, 2014
Forman, Richard T.T. ('57) Urban Ecology: Science of Cities Cambridge University Press, 2014
Miller, Timothy S. ('67) & John W. Nesbitt Walking Corpses: Leprosy in Byzantium and the Medieval West Cornell University Press, 2014
Hartmann, Thomas E. ('88) Broken Mind, Persistent Hope: A Memoir of Recovery from Brain Damage and Manic Depression Tate Publishing, 2014
Kimmich, F. Scott ('51) The Apostles of Satan the author, c2014
Lyman, Frank ('59) ThinkTrix: Tools to Teach 7 Essential Thinking Skills Kagan, 2016
Hough Jr., John ('68) Little Bighorn: A Novel Arcade Publishing, 2014
Kritzer, Herbert M. ('69) Lawyers at Work Quid Pro Books, 2015
Kritzer, Herbert M. ('69) Justices on the Ballot: Continuity and Change in State Supreme Court Elections Cambridge University Press, 2015
Casper, Monica J. & Eric Wertheimer ('86) Critical Trauma Studies: Understanding Violence, Conflict, and memory in Everyday Life New York University Press, 2016
Davidson, James West ('68) A Little History of the United States Yale University Press, 2015
Guiton, Chris ('96) A Shot at Happy: A Novel NextGen Press, 2014
Boynton, Robert S. ('85) The Invitation-Only Zone: The True Story of North Korea's Abduction Project Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2016
Povolny, Joyce W. ('58) The Voice of Silence: Votive Poems the author, c2015
Lark, Lolita ('57) (ed.) The Vivisection Mambo: 125 Poems of the New Neo-Realist School Mho & Mho Works, 2015
Lark, Lolita ('57) (ed.) The Noisiest Book Review in the Known World: The Best of the Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities (2-vol. set) Mho & Mho Works, 2013
Delany, Gray & Zach Werrell ('13) How to Bag a Rino: The Whiz Kids Who Brought Down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Calamo Press, 2015
Christensen, Thomas J. ('84) Useful Adversaries: Grand Strategy, Domestic Mobilization, and Sino-American Conflict, 1947-1958 Princeton University Press, 1996
Christensen, Thomas J. ('84) Worse than a Monolith: Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia Princeton University Press, 2011
Christensen, Thomas J. ('84) The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power W.W. Norton, 2015
Gray, Henry H. ('44) A Few Poems for Alice (2nd ed.) AuthorHouse, 2013
Botelho, Eugene G.E. ('41) Beyond Redemption and Other Small Items Infinity, 2005
Wriggins, Sally Hovey ('46) The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang Westview Press, 2004
Shanks, Hersel ('52) Freeing the Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Adventures of an Archaeology Outsider Continuum, 2010
Grambs, Alison ('92) The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting Even Citadel Press, 2007
Lederer, Richard ('59) Presidential Trivia Gibbs Smith, 2007
Henne, Earl ('52) Mining Your Mind! Do You Mind? the author, 1997
Copeland, Cyrus M. ('86) A Wonderful Life: 50 Eulogies to Lift the Spirit Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2006
Whitehead, John C. ('43) A Life in Leadership: From D-Day to Ground Zero Basic Books, 2005
Barber, Lucy G. ('86) Marching on Washington: The Forging of an American Political Tradition University of California Press, 2002
Ogden, Hugh ('59) Bringing a Fir Straight Down: Poems Higganum Hill Books, 2004
Kritzer, Herbert M. ('69) Lawyers at Work Quid Pro Books, 2015
Rich, Edward P. ('53) Life of Michaela Quinn: Colorado's Medicine Woman the author, 1997
Reisman, Lisa ('88) 5 Months 10 years 2 Hours the author, 2015
Potter, Dawn ('86) Same Old Story CavanKerry Press, 2014
Edgar, Christopher R. ('98) Inner Productivity: A Mindful Path to Efficiency and Enjoyment in Your Work the author, 2009
Belcastro, Sarah-Marie ('91) and Carolyn Yackel Crafting by Concepts: Fiber Arts and Mathematics A.K. Peters, 2011
Freeman, Thomas P. ('65) The Case of Hans Henny Jahnn: Criticism and the Literary Outsider Camden House, 2001
Nicholson, David ('72) Flying Home: Seven Stories of the Secret City Paycock Press, 2015
Bonapfel, Elizabeth M. ('04) Punctuating Presences: Expressing Modernism's Linguistic Voice (dissertation) New York University, Department of English, 2014
Larson, John W. ('48) The German Friend: War and Postwar Letters from German Anti-Nazi Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein to American Hans Christian, 1942-1947 Ramsey County Historical Society, 2014
Larson, John W. ('48) The Jesus Prayer: An Orthodox Tradition CreateSpace, 2014
Harper, John Lamberton ('72) American Machiavelli: Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy Cambridge University Press, 2004
Brewster, Gurdon ('59) No Turning Back: My Summer with Daddy King Orbis Books, 2007
Saint-Gelais, Mellin de; Stone Jr., Donald ('59) Oeuvres Poetiques Francaises Societe des Textes Francais Modernes, 1993-1995
Johnson, Christopher M. ('74) How Your Child Heals: An Inside Look at Common Childhood Ailments Rowman and Littlefield, 2010
Johnson, Christopher M. ('74) Keeping Your Kids Out of the Emergency Room: A Guide to Childhood Injuries and Illnesses Rowman and Littlefield, 2014
Comanor, William S. ('59) and Thomas A. Wilson Advertising and Market Power Harvard University Press, 1974
Comanor, William S. ('59), et al. Competition Policy in Europe and North America: Economic Issues and Institutions Harwood Academic Publishers, 1990
Waverman, Leonard, William S. Comanor ('59), and Akira Goto (eds.) Competition Policy in the Global Economy: Modalities for Cooperation Routledge, 1997
Comanor, William S. ('59) (ed.) The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments Edward Elgar, 2004
Lengel, Lawrence ('54) You're Going to Buy the Place, Aren't You? A House with a Long Forgotten Past Outskirts Press, 2012
Goodman, Oscar ('61) Being Oscar: From Mob Lawyer to Mayor of Las Vegas, Only in America Weinstein Books, 2013
Gerson, Stéphane ('88) Nostradamus: How an Obscure Renaissance Astrologer Became the Modern Prophet of Doom St. Martin's Press, 2012
Shapiro, Ronald M. ('64) Perfecting Your Pitch: How to Succeed in Business and in Life by Finding Words That Work Hudson Street Press, 2013
Rosenfeld, Jake ('00) What Unions No Longer Do Harvard University Press, 2014
Copulsky, Jonathan R. ('76) Brand Resilience: Managing Rsk and Recovery in a High-Speed World Palgrave Macmillan, 2011
Marsden, George M. ('59) The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: the 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief Basic Books, 2013
Lambert, R. Brigham ('98) The Scarlet Letter: Advanced Placement Classroom Prufrock Press, 2013
Lesy, Michael & Stoffer, Lisa ('87) Repast: Dining Out at the Dawn of the New American Century, 1900-1910 W.W. Norton, 2013
Grant, Jennie P. ('87) City Goats: The Goat Justice League's Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping Skipstone, 2012
Quirk, Katie ('98) A Girl Called Problem Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2013
Spatz, Gregory ('86) Half as Happy: Stories Engine Books, 2013
Baker, Nicholson ('79) Traveling Sprinkler Blue Rider Press, 2013
Chatterjee, Anjan ('80) The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art Oxford University Press, 2014
Lederer, Richard ('59) Amazing Words: An Alphabetical Anthology of Alluring, Astonishing, Astounding, Bedazzling, Beguiling, Bewitching, Enchanting, Enthralling, Entrancing, Magical, Mesmerizing, Miraculous, Tantalizing, Tempting, and Transfixing Words Marion Street Press, 2012
Weibezahl, Robert ('81) The Dead Don't Forget Oak Tree Press, 2013
Souders, Thomas B. ('61) The Reading Symphony Orchestra: a history 1913-2013 Reading Eagle Press, 2013
Newfont, Kathryn ('87) Blue Ridge commons: environmental activism and forest history in western North Carolina University of Georgia Press, 2012
Gross, Jonathan David ('85) The life of Anne Damer: portrait of a Regency artist Lexington Books, 2013
Crist, Despina Lala; translated by Robert L. Crist ('58) Emily Dickinson, goddess of the volcano: a biographical novel c2013
Zarembka, Joy M. ('94) The pigment of your imagination: mixes race in a global society Madera Press, 2007
Shapiro, Ronald M. ('64) with Gregory Jordan Dare to prepare: how to win before you begin Crown Business, 2008
Marshall II, J. Howard ('26) Done in oil: an autobiography Texas A&M University Press, 1994
Mock, William B.T. ('73) & Demuro, Gianmario (eds.) Human rights in Europe: commentary on the charter of funadamental rights of the European Union Carolina Academic Press, 2010
Alexandrou, Aris; translated by Robert Crist ('58) Mission box Kedros, 1996
Snow, Nicholas; translated by Robert Crist ('58) Assassins AuthorHouse, 2007
Crist, Ray H. & Crist, Robert ('58) Listening to nature: my century in science Seaburn, 2004
Geragos, Mark ('79) & Pay Harris Mistrial: An inside look at how the criminal justice system works ... and sometimes doesn't Gotham, 2013
Freedman, Colette ('90) & Michael Scott The thirteen hallows TOR, 2011
Helde, John ('87) Made in China: home is where you least expect it [DVD] Try This Films, 2008
Kim, Tae ('92) War with pigeons: a novel aStoryTelling, 2010
Landé, Peter Wolfgang ('52) Tales of a diplomat: witness to unwritten history 2011
Pritchard, Stanford ('65) Restaurant: a novel Springside Books, 2011
Pritchard, Stanford ('65) Three sexes in search of the creddlebones: a novel Springside Books, 2011
Wertime, John ('63) Improbable love: my secret affairs in the 1950s Printemps Press, 2011
Wessel, David ('75) Red ink: inside the high-stakes politics of the federal budget Crown Business, 2012
Sherman, Anne ('88) Building nonprofit capacity: a guide to managing change through organizational lifecycles Jossey-Bass, 2012
Lingeman, Richard ('53) The noir forties: the American people from victory to Cold War Nation Books, 2012
Christie, Ron ('91) Blackwards: how black leadership is returning America to the days of separate but equal St. Martin's Press, 2012
Rawlings III, Hunter R. ('66) The mind of Thucydides Cornell University Press, 2012
Baker, Nicholson ('79) The way the world works Simon & Schuster, 2012
Wallace, James M. ('53) Twins in a two-room schoolhouse Soleil Press, 2012
Culleton, Terence ('78) A communion of saints: poems Anaphora Literary Press, 2011
Thiermann, Stephen ('39) Always loving: a life in five worlds unknown S. Thiermann, 2012
Whitehill, Robert Blake ('85) Deadrise: a Ben Blackshaw novel Telemachus Press, 2012
Piola, Erika ('93) Philadelphia on stone: commercial lithography in Philadelphia, 1828-1878 Library Company of Philadelphia, 2012
Gibbs, Christopher ('80) The Oxford history of Western music Oxford University Press, 2013
Roth, Andy Lee ('90) & Mickey Huff Censored 2013: Dispatches from the Media Revolution Seven Stories Press, 2012
Dermansky, Marcy ('91) Twins: A Novel William Morrow, 2005
Hansen, Christian M. ('54) In the name of the Children: The Life Story of a Pediatrician to the Poor Roger Warner, 2005
Stowe, David M. ('83) How Sweet the Sound: Music in the Spiritual Lives of Americans Harvard University Press, 2004
Tien, H. Yuan ('53) You Just Never Know: Tales from Contemporary China PublichAmerica, 2012
Jones, Evan (49) Alonso and the Drug Baron Macmillan Caribbean, 2006
Bookman, George B. ('36) Dear Ines, Dear Janet: 50 Years of Transatlantic Letters Between Two Friends iUniverse, 2007

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